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Montague Keen’s message for March 22nd, 2015

This is the most important information you are ever going to read. It explains why there is so much unrest in your world and why nothing makes sense to you. I ask that you read this over and over again,

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Hilarion’s message – March 22 – 29, 2015

March 22-29, 2015 Beloved Ones, There is a sense of accomplishment on the inner planes as the cosmic alignments and human activities are taking place upon your planet. Your loving energies have been given and applied where it is needed

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KRYON 2015 – Loading the Dice – Lee Carroll

Originally posted on Higher Density Blog:
Melania Anghel KRYON’s message through LEE CARROLL “Loading the Dice” dated Saturday March 14, 2015 Sydney, Australia

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Solar Eclipse 20 March: Synchronising Hearts

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Originally posted on The Rising Way:
This total solar eclipse occurs at 9:47 a.m. GMT on 20th March in the final degree of the zodiac. An eclipse here speaks of completion on a grand scale. Things within reach that we…

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Sirian Archangel Hermes

Greetings fellow beings of light! I come to you now with a series of astrological, solar, lunar, geomagnetic and equinoctial events all taking place now within your linear time space. All of these events happening at the same moment within

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What Do You Mean The 3rd Dimension Is Going Away?

Posted on March 12, 2015 by Nancy B. Detweiler NOTE BY NANCY: This is the best explanation of the “Dimensions” I have seen. I highly recommend that all read it, especially if you have been resisting learning what is meant

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Lemurian / Telos Codes of Entry – by Adama

From those of you who have become aware of our existence beneath Mount Shasta, we feel your great longing to come to Telos and meet us face to face. We feel your great desire to experience the wonders and magic

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