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The Future of DNA ~ Kryon via Lee Carroll ~ November 6, 2015

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. My partner steps aside, as he must for a channel like this to be given. He knows what this is like and has done it many times. He’s in a place,

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Everything is Opening: DNA, Time, Ancient Cultures … and It’s All Flowing In, Through & As You

Infinite Being of Love, Within you is everything you need to soar to new frequencies of expression. Your DNA has been opened and is now reactivating a fuller expression of your human template. This will appear to you in new

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The effects of Sound creations-at the Heart of it all.

The Power of Sound Our whole Universe is Conscious and is consisted of various Vibrations. Everything and everybody vibrates with a certain frequency. Every vibration has its sound, (the majority of them are not in the range of human hearing) and

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Irma Kaye – Spring Equinox On 20 March 2013 – The Gateway & The Love Signal (528HZ)

The Equinox Message: Beloveds, we understand that it has been a challenging winter for many light-bearers, both literally and metaphorically. We invite you to set your burdens down when you step through this Gateway. Do not allow Mind to take you

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K’anchaq sonqo – Heart of Light ~ March 13, 2013

We are related to the Star-People. We carry stardust in our DNA. At night sometimes we look up into the sky with deep longing. But this is Tayripipacha, the new world.  This means it is time to fully know that

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The Truth About Body/DNA Activations & Ascension

Originally posted on love2ascend:
By Jacob Michael It is disappointing to me when I see people charging these astronomical amounts to do Starseed/DNA Activations when in fact, it is only YOU -Your Higher Self that has this control and power.…

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A new paradigm activation – Message #2 ~ Aluna Joy

Aluna: We are connected by our hearts now, and the Star Elders say we have returned. They said, “We have emerged out of the jungle.” (In fact, we just did come out of the jungle.) I felt a big shift

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