Are you a spiritual brat?

temper tamtrum

“I am sure that all of you who have children, have had the unpleasant experience of being witness to one of their temper tantrums. A lashing out of extremely negative emotions such as anger, frustration and even resentment usually brought on from not being given what they desire or having something taken away that they truly hold dear. These outbursts usually always include symbolic actions such as slamming of doors and stomping of feet. Now we as parents know something that our children have not yet come to realize, that this negative backlash is only making the situation more explosive and causing potentially more confrontation. You see as parents we have been given the job of deciding what is best for our children, what they should and shouldn’t have and what kind of punishment should be given out to teach them the lesson that we want them to learn and that their negative behavior towards your judgements and decisions only makes you want to punish them more. Now I am sure that if everyone would be completely honest with themselves we would all admit that as children we too acted out in just the same way, believing that our parents were at times unfair, unreasonable and clueless, but as we grow older we now know that they did what they had to do for our own benefit.

The problem is, in my opinion, that internal brat that used to surface whenever things didn’t go our way when we were children still resides inside most of us as adults. Think about the last time that you had a negative outburst, a time that you felt something unfair happened to you or a time that you didn’t get what you truly desired. Was it really that different than the way your child acted? Far too many people in this world are still choosing to throw temper tantrums. They slam the doors of reason and purpose, and they walk through life stomping their feet on contentment and gratitude. They are the unknowing children who refuse to see and accept that their Universal guardian knows what is truly best for them and is molding and guiding their lives in the direction that they need to go in. They would much rather throw themselves down smack dead in the middle of life flailing their arms and legs screaming that life is so unfair and cruel. Don’t be a spiritual brat. Learn to accept the life you had helped create, have faith in the universe and be grateful for what you have been given. If you can accomplish these things, life will be far more Peaceful and much more joyous.

Blessings and Love to you all. Namaste _/|\_ ~ Guru Bubba McLovin (aka Christopher Wons)

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