Sacred Sound

Sacred Sound
Sacred sound is the medicine for now, and for the future – for our complete healing, and also for raising our consciousness and frequency so that together we can create a new Golden Age of Enlightenment (to help us prepare for the new Golden Age which is being birthed right now.
Knowledge of how to work with sound (information on sacred sound) is being returned to us now – at this crucial time in our evolution – so that we can receive complete healing and rejuvenation on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, and reclaim perfect health and vitality.

Sacred sound can heal – uplift – and expand consciousness.
Love, Joy, Inspiration, Higher Consciousness, Oneness, Healing, Wisdom, Harmony and Divine Light are the frequencies of Sacred Sound.

Rose Artwork - cosmic heart of sound

Healing with the Sacred Sound of our Voice
We are Divine instruments and can create an extraordinary range of sounds – which are healing frequencies – simply through toning, humming or singing.
Our sounds (healing frequencies) can alter the vibrations in every molecule and cell in our body – restoring health, vitality, balance and harmony.
Sacred sound has the ability to bring deep healing on all levels – it has the potential to heal every cell, system and organ within our physical body, and every aspect of who we are – our emotions, our thought patterns, and can bring about a deep cleansing on the many layers of our aura and spiritual bodies – freeing us from past events and karma.

Sound uplifts as it tunes us in to higher levels of lightness and joy.
Sacred sound expands our consciousness, allowing us experience a deeper awareness of everything in creation, our oneness with each other and Source (while linking us to higher wisdom and cosmic knowledge). And as we expand our consciousness, we gain access to higher wisdom and cosmic knowledge.
Many people are opening up and remembering aspects of previous lives in the golden years of Atlantis, where healing with sound and colour was the norm.

One comment on “Sacred Sound
  1. vision5d2012 says:

    Hello Valerie — Today I posted a piece about Sacred Language. Your post is such a lovely companion to that message. “In the beginning was the Word (sound).” Says John 1:1 in the Bible. Even before words is the Sound that makes up the words. As you say, this Sound can be such a force for GOOD in this world and we are remembering its sacred uses, even as we remember to speak with intention and awareness. Many Blessings, Alia

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