The New Scriptures ~ Sananda

The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus


Channeled by Kathryn E. May, PsyD – commencing May 8th 2013

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Chapter One

As many of you know, we are preparing to release of Prosperity Funds for the good of all humankind any day now, to free all from the grip of economic slavery. There are just a few details having to do with the Vatican bankers which need to be ironed out. They are being convinced to give up their hold on the funds to allow them to be distributed. The Pope is presenting them with an offer they can’t refuse, and as you know, he has already issued the decree allowing for their arrests, which was given a start date of September 1, 2013. That was done deliberately to give them a few weeks to change their minds voluntarily. It appears that some are beginning to weaken their grip.

Just as everyone else on Planet Earth is struggling with the old rules and standards, the Vatican officials have been steeped in centuries of secrecy and absolute financial power over the entire Western world. Most people have no idea of the enormous wealth and the civil edicts which are still in place which give the Church ownership of all the lands which have ever been held by the Crown of England, and all the lands which were allied under the Axis powers, and all the countries of South America which have adopted the beliefs of the Catholic Church. This includes nearly all of Europe and the Western Hemisphere. So, as you may have suspected, the Catholic Church is the most powerful consolidated political force on the planet.

By loosening their hold on the bank funds, the protectors of the Treasury are well aware that this would be the end to their personal power, and the end to the myth that the Catholic Church as an institution was ever a well-intended religious order. Of course, there have been many devout and well-meaning Priests, Bishops and lay worshippers, including the current Pope Francis I, but the institution in Rome has always been interested primarily in political and economic power to control the world. This is coming to an end.

Many who are not religious in their current lives are unaware of the worldwide implications of how the dissolution of the Catholic Church will affect the lives of everyone on the planet. This is the ultimate inevitability – the complete dismantling of the Church, in all its glory, pomp and wealth. It will also mean the end of the psychological and religious stranglehold it has had on its people. I can hardly emphasize enough the enormous effect this will have on freeing the minds and hearts of the people.

It may seem strange to some of you that it is I, the one who came to Earth as Jesus, who am at the forefront of this apparent attack on the religion that was ostensibly established in my name. I assure you that I would not and never have supported the establishment of any large organization which called itself “Christian.” I was opposed to the building of great temples; this was an important part of my teachings. Above all, I would never have supported teachings which were designed to enslave the thinking and behaviour of any of my students.

I, Jesus, Yeshua ben Joseph, was raised a Jew. I practised the principles and ethics I learned at my parents knees, and never left behind the essence of those teachings, which encouraged a strongly ethical and devout way of life. I was interested in expanding the limits of Judaism to create a practice based in the simple understanding that Love – the Love of Creator and of one’s fellow creatures was the only principle needed to live a good life. I taught that turning away from dogma and rote practice of any rules is the first step in turning toward God. You see, in terms of the practice of the day when I lived, I was a radical/libertarian/free thinking agitator. This is the reason why both the powerful hierarchy of the Jewish community and the Romans wanted me eliminated.

Any and all other Fundamentalist sects operating in the areas where I was teaching would have been opposed to what I taught as well, for I stood for the freedom of each individual to freely communicate with God, unhampered by any dogmatic human opinions or prejudicial ideas. I taught that there was no need for priests or intermediaries – all human beings are possessed with the innate ability to communicate telepathically with their God, their Angels, and even with their ancestors. Does this sound to you like some airy-fairy New Age extremism to you? Well, the New Agers have promoted their own misunderstandings as well. Namely, that spirituality is supposed to make you feel good, as an end in itself. I will talk more about that later.

Let us concentrate here on the first lesson I will send to you through Kathryn, who has collaborated with me in the past to write the chapter in her book called, “The Christ You Never Knew.” I am asking her now to begin presenting my teachings to you directly, in unedited, unadulterated form, unlike the documents you have had available until now. We are less limited now by the language, since more people speak English than spoke my Aramaic language 2000 years ago, and we will have more control over the translations than I did then.

I ask that these lessons be distributed unedited, without commentary, in their entirety. Any translations must be specifically authorized by me. There will be Twelve Initial Chapters, which will work together as one Book of Teachings.

As long as those standards are met, we offer them freely to the world. We also will welcome questions from readers through Kathryn and Anne DeHart. I will answer them willingly, after the first six of these messages have been thoroughly understood. This is a new phenomenon, is it not, your ability to read the “scriptures” as they are being written, in my own words. I will be here soon to affirm these words in person, but it has been decided in our Council that some preparation would be very helpful for all of you.

Kathryn, Lady Portia, has given her permission to be the scribe who will present these teachings to the world, because of our long relationship going back to the creation of this galaxy, because of her deep intuitive understanding of the concepts I will present here, and her ability to take down the words and meaning with complete accuracy. I have chosen carefully, and she has been tested to the limits of her endurance. She has proven herself steadfast in the principles of Oneness I teach, regardless of the challenges we have presented to her. I now feel completely comfortable in asking her to do this important work for Us in this historic time, and she has agreed to take on the responsibility.

Now that our introduction is complete, let us begin with the first and most important lesson I will present in these pages:

God is Love. I, Sananda, the representation of God, am Love.

I speak the words which Prime Creator has breathed into my mouth, as I will do faithfully as long as my life as a soul goes on, eternally.

No other version of my words but this one are the words of the Father directly through me. Many of the old writings have been reinterpreted or purposely distorted to serve the wishes of those in power, in order to remain in power. We must begin anew. If you wish to quote me, please use these teachings rather than old texts.

I will speak only in words of encouragement which will serve to enlighten and uplift humankind to rise above the fear, divisiveness and hatred which has been the way of life on Planet Earth for millennia.

I do not come to establish a new religion, by any name. I wish to teach The True Way – communication with God and all conscious beings in Love, Compassion, Harmony, Forgiveness, and Joy.

Any teachings which engender feelings of fear, guilt, separateness from others, superiority over any other living being, or any rift between an individual and their True Being is not the Word of God, and will not be found in my words.

I AM One with God, as you are. WE ARE ONE. This is the lesson I bring to you in Joy and in Unending Love. You are God, as I AM. We cannot be separated, because we are not separate. No physical distance, no idea or belief can keep us apart. We are destined to live in harmony and peace, in absolute Love. So be it.

I am Sananda, and I approve this message, with Joy and Hope in my heart.


Chapter Two

Today is the second day of a new time for Planet Earth. It is a time of change, a time to leave behind old ideas, no matter how precious they may be to you. I regret that I am now in the position of having to revise the religion that was established in my name, but the misinterpretations of my teachings are so rampant that I must set the record straight. Wouldn’t you want to do the same if you knew you were misquoted so frequently and so deliberately that it changed the message that had been the work of your heart and soul?

It is not a matter of pride for me. It is a matter of Truth. Mother/Father God and I worked with Prime Creator for eons developing the plan for Planet Earth. Our Dream of the Blue Planet was always that she would descend into lower vibrations, to create a heavy, 3D world for humankind to experience with free will. Of course the only way to experience free will is behind the Veil of Forgetfulness, since that is the only way you can feel the separateness from the Universal Laws. Your senses suggest to you that things “happen” independent of one another, and you feel dissociated from the cause and effect dynamic which is so obvious to us in higher dimensions.

The fruition of the Dream was to be the day (in cosmic terms, of course) when she would rise again to the 5th dimension and beyond, in triumph with her beloved family of humans, animals, plants and other sentient beings rising along with her in a glorious Ascension which would lift the entire cosmos along with her. Yes, it was what we foresaw, and what we expect to see now. Our faith in humankind has not been misplaced.

Even though the Dark Ones slowed the process by creating havoc with the thinking and feelings of the people, humankind has shown the resilience and true nature of the Adamic race – your ability to sense what is fair, right, just and true. You do it with your sturdy hearts and your far-ranging minds, and you also cannot but turn to some form of Faith when you feel yourselves slipping. You are built for flexibility, courage and determination. These are qualities which are such a powerful foundation for your Creativity. You see yourselves as chaotic, unable to control your emotions and your thoughts, at the mercy of your instincts. We see brilliance, lacking only the skilled coaching which will raise you to levels of intelligence and command which will bring you to the level you were created for.

This is the purpose of these messages: to help you raise your level of operating in your everyday lives to the point where you will now be able to ascend with your dear Mother Earth in the very near future – and by that we mean weeks or months, not eons. Many of you are ready now, but the promise of Ascension we all made to each other long ago in the Dreaming time was that all would come together to create the most wonderful, joyous uplifting of hearts which would carry every one over the threshold into the 5th dimension at the same time.

Now, by everyone at once we did not necessarily mean in the same exact moment. You will each make your Shift when you feel ready. Some have been preparing for years, and will sail through on the first wave because they are fully informed of the discipline and elevation needed to make the transition. Others will take a few more weeks or months to acclimate to the idea that their entire lives are going to change, regardless of whether they hang on for dear life to their old familiar ways or not. And of course, the old familiar ways for many are steeped in religious tradition.

It has been an area of conflict across the globe – one religion against another, and each claiming to be the One True Word of God. Dear friends, I can tell you now, with complete confidence, that there is no one true religion at this time on Planet Earth. There are many truths and many falsehoods in every religion, from Christianity to Islam, from Buddhism to Hindu to the tribal belief systems of the most remote forests and mountains (although some of those come close to Truth in their simple acceptance of God in themselves and in every living thing). I hope to do a better job this time of recording my own words for all to read, and to express the lessons directly and simply, as it is your habit of doing now in the 21st Century.

I do love to use parables and living examples when I tell of the lessons I wish to pass on to you now, but I will limit my descriptions to the common, everyday events you all experience now, as I did 2,000 years ago. Much has changed, and the descriptions and the language has taken on very different nuances from what it was then. This revision is long overdue. Today, it is possible to write these words with the help of my friend, Lady Portia, and to send them out to the world electronically, with the expectation that within a week or two, millions of people will be reading them. This is the reason I ask that no alteration be made to the text, and that translations be authorized personally by me. These ideas are difficult enough to get across without well-meaning reinterpretation or inaccurate translation.

With that international, multilingual audience in mind, I will begin with the most basic teachings first, because those are the ones which have been so misunderstood in the old Scriptures. I have chosen to present these teachings after nearly two years of previous messages and conversations with Mother/Father God because I now have the advantage of their words having set the tone for me to follow. In that way, their words provide an important context for offering my simple lessons.

Lesson One stated that All is One. All consciousness is connected, therefore all beings are connected to each other and to God. This is true not only for Earth, but also for all the far-flung beings, planets and stars of the Cosmos. All is One. All is God.

Now, in Lesson Two I will explain the relationship you have known as The Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Prime Creator holds the place at the top of the Pyramid which is the Trinity. S/he is the Creator of All Creators, the Beginning of all Beginnings and the Source of All. I, Sananda am the Son of Prime Creator. I will now revise that to include my Twin Flame, Lady Nada, who is the other half of my soul, the glaring missing link in the story. Mother/Father God, the Twin Flames of Life Created in the Milky Way Galaxy, combined make up the Holy Spirit. The patriarchal description of the Story of Creation left out the ones who give birth – the Mother who is an essential part of the process, just as she is among humankind.

The original tendency to name only the men, their exploits and their strengths, gave an entirely distorted picture of the value of women in the life and governance of the Planet. I will try to begin to right that wrong in these writings.

Contrary to the teachings in the Bible, Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute or a fallen woman of any kind. She was a strong and intelligent woman of great dignity. She was my beloved wife and the mother of our daughter, Sarah. The degraded depiction of her was the beginning of the degradation of women which would last until the present, with some small process being made in the West during the last 120 years or so.

Mary Magdalene, heart of my heart, soul of my soul, and Love of my Life, would have been the model for strong and righteous women through all these years. Instead, the group of men who compiled the stories for the Bible three hundred years after my death, made the conscious decision to wipe her existence out of the minds of the people, and for all intents they succeeded. By separating us, and creating a picture of me as a celibate, unattached single man, they told a lie which deprived the people of the truth – that I was a loving and devoted husband and father.

It was the beginning of what came to be known as the War of the Sexes. For us, there was no war. There was a strong and intimate equal partnership based on mutual respect and enduring Love which sustained me during my life challenges as much as did the love of my devoted Mother, Father, and my extended family. It was this picture of strength through family love that they wished to eradicate, for it is the basis of a culture of happy and independent people. Individuals who form strong, supportive family/community structures are less vulnerable and less dependent on outside resources, like government and religious institutions, and therefore less easily controlled, and less tempted by promises of power or material indulgence.

Following the Biblical rewrite of my life, the Big Lie left everyone confused and uncertain about what their primary relationships should be. Relationships between men and women, women and their children, and men and their children were all redefined and distorted. Does being of service to God mean you must be celibate, separate and alienated from the opposite sex? Certainly not. The appeal of a solitary life is strictly a personal choice. Does it mean an attraction to an adult of the same sex puts you at risk for disapproval and punishment from God? Absolutely not. Your choice of lifestyle, in terms of who your intimate partnerships are, has nothing to do with your devotion to God, except in the quality of the Love you share and the Compassion, Kindness and Forgiveness you practice in your interactions with them.

Instead of turning to each other for comfort, nurturing and friendship, within the close family relationships which so inspire us to feel the glory and presence of our Loving God, people were asked to turn instead to a priest or minister for forgiveness, guidance and solace. This created a power structure in which the institution of the Church (any church) and its doctrine becomes the authority over the people, and carries the right and responsibility to interpret God’s Word and God’s Will for the people. This was never God’s intention or mine.

I suggest the elimination of all religious structures, other than perhaps a gathering place in which people may share in celebration and fun, in the conscious joy of being in God’s loving embrace. I also suggest the elimination of all doctrine, dogma and rules. The only guidelines we need are those included in the simple Lessons I am presenting here, to live in Kindness, Harmony, Love, Forgiveness, Compassion and Joy. Love expands the heart and mind and brings joy to all who experience it. If it does not have that effect, it is not Love; it is something else masquerading as love.

God is Love. Prime Creator is Love, and this is our highest example of Unending Love. Mother/Father God are Love, individually and together. This leaves no room for judgement, vindictiveness or blame. God does not punish. Only humans under the influence of Dark Energies are interested in talking about, thinking about and envisioning punishment and suffering for so-called “sins.” God does not even consider such things. I do not teach or encourage such thinking.

We know that oppression breeds anger, and tends to create competition and conflict between and among the people. We are confident that, taken out from under the yoke of economic, religious and political slavery, relieved of imposed guilt, shame and it resultant resentment, free men and women will begin to experience themselves as the kind and loving race of Creator Beings they are capable of being.

Our intention is to show the way to an end to divisiveness, duality, separation and alienation. Its replacement will be Generosity of Spirit, Kindness, Acceptance, Friendship, and Service to Others – all others, and to the Planet which has been your loving Mother.

I am Love. I am your Sananda, the one who has given my life in service for the enlightenment of humankind, for all humankind is created in the image of God, and it is my Path to demonstrate and teach the True Way, the way of Love so that every human being may discover that You Are God. You are Light, and you are Love.

This is the end of Lesson Two. We are One. Sananda


Chapter Three

It is I, Sananda.

It has long been believed that God punishes those who do not believe in him or that those who do not accept the concept of One God will be condemned to a terrible afterlife. Along with that belief system is often included the belief that those who do not accept me, Jesus, as their Saviour will suffer a similar fate – burning in Hell, or cast out of the glory of Heaven.

I wish to state emphatically and without conditions that none of these beliefs are true. Let me respond to each part of these familiar and pervasive beliefs.

God does not punish, and neither do I. We see punishment as cruel, unacceptable and ineffective.

There is no place, Hell. You create your own life and the conditions of your afterlife by your own actions and efforts during your lifetimes on Earth and elsewhere.

There is One Prime Creator, the One we refer to as The Father of Creation. He does not require that anyone worship him/her. He is the Creator of all Creators, the God’s God, as you might say. He is One, and he is not male or female.

Prime Creator is the beginning and the Source of all. He created me, and he created the one you also refer to as your personal God, the Mother/Father God who are the Creators of the Milky Way Galaxy. They are One, and they are both male and female.

Mother/Father God have been known by many names: Yahway, Jehova, Allah, Shiva, Alcyone, Mother Sekhmet, Zorra and Saraya to name a few. Notice that most of these names are male. This will change, to reflect the truth of their equality.

I do not think of myself as your Saviour, and I do not wish to be worshipped. I am the one who is here to guide and oversee the Ascension of all humankind of Planet Earth. It is my great desire to be of service, and to offer Love, comfort, healing and support to all, regardless of what religious practices they have aligned with in the past. I see all as my Brothers and Sisters.

Mother/Father God and I, along with all humankind, designed this Earth Project which was to allow the greatest possible opportunity for growth as souls – those souls who are the children of Mother/Father God as well as others who come from other planets and galaxies to experience the challenging learning environment which is life on Planet Earth.

God is Love. I am Love. Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Harmony and Joy are Love. When you feel and act on these feelings, you are One with Us, and We are One with You.

There is another common idea I would like to address here. It is that what we expect of you as human beings is obedience to our Word. Your definition of obedience carries with it the idea of subservience to another. This is not what we wish for or desire. Human beings on the 3-dimensional Earth plane have had free will.

Human beings are intelligent and capable of independent thought and action during their incarnation on the Earth plane in its third dimensional state. This condition offered a special challenge. Without knowledge of what is past or future, or what exists outside your Earthy existence, you are required to find your way to the highest level of functioning of which you are capable. In the process, most of you also discover the connection in your hearts, which is innate in your make-up, to your Creators and to me.

We celebrate your independent growth and exploration. We do not wish to suppress or limit your discoveries or your learning opportunities. With this as the backdrop for your growth, we understand that all explorers will experience mistakes, mishaps, accidents and even deliberate deviations from what would serve the Greater Good.

We see that you use your mistakes to learn and to evolve to higher consciousness. This is a many-lifetime process, and we will wait, watch and listen with patience as you work your way through trial-and-error experiences until you find your own inner guidance, which is your connection to God.

We do not interfere in your lives, even when things may go badly, or when you may indulge in what you might call criminal behaviour, or destructive actions. We are bound by our contract with you to allow you to work through your lessons throughout your lifetime until you find your answers by experiencing the consequences of those actions, either within a single lifetime, or during your afterlife review, when you see your own actions with the feelings and the eyes of those you affected.

There is no punishment for transgressions during this life. Even murder may be understood as self-defence and therefore forgiven. Those who have lost a connection to their hearts, who have become Dark Hats by choice and by preference are welcomed back into the fold if they should desire to be in the Light.  If not, they may eventually be un-Created, their molecules dispersed into the All That Is, but that would be by their own choice, not ours.

Because we understand and see that your lives here in human bodies are but a moment in the experience of your life as a soul, this existence is no more important or precious than any moment in your soul development. We value human life as a part of the Great Plan of Soul Ascension, not as an end in itself, because there is no end.

We see you as souls in Ascension, housed temporarily in the bodies you have accepted to carry you through this lifetime. The gender, environmental conditions and challenges you were to experience here were planned by you, as your Higher Self, during your sojourn with us in higher dimensions. In spite of our deep compassion for your difficulties, if we were to intervene to prevent the pain or difficulties you experience here, we would be breaking the first Universal Law which was laid down by Prime Creator – that of non-intervention by one in power over others.

We understand that once this lifetime is over, pain and suffering are gone, serving only as the memory/impetus for greater depth of understanding, empathy and compassion for others. From this higher dimensional perspective, which is shared by all souls between incarnations, the greater the challenge, which may even include great pain, starvation, suffering and violent death, the more powerful the learning experience.

We understand that this higher dimensional perspective is opposed to what you feel and think during your lifetime here, and we are sympathetic to the conflict you experience when you see others suffering. We encourage you efforts to alleviate suffering on the planet, but we have also cautioned you that individual contracts must not be interfered with.

Now, in August, 2013, because Mother Earth has ascended to the 5th dimension, and because you are expected to move with her as a group, all soul contracts which called for great challenges and difficulties are hereby suspended, provided your Higher Self is in agreement with this. Any continuing agreements would be part of previous planning because of the unique conditions of the approaching Ascension. It is the responsibility of each soul to assess and understand what this new freedom implies.

We admire and respect the progress a soul is able to make in the direction of feeling, seeing, thinking and knowing the Love of God during a life in 3rd dimensional reality. Rather than obedience, which would be imposed from without, we see this as a triumph of growth – the inner-directed ability to reach a high level of consciousness while still on the lower vibrational Earth plane. This is Universally seen as a triumph of soul development.

Because of the myriad difficulties a soul may experience in one lifetime on Earth, this Project is seen throughout the Cosmos as a highly-respected endeavour – something like the Olympics of soul growth – and a much-desired opportunity. The privilege of being able to spend a lifetime on Earth has long been seen as a highly-prized test of one’s mettle, resilience, stamina and Faith. We ask only that you respect your opportunity to experience life here as the gift it is, and that you use it accordingly.

We ask that you consider these words carefully; ponder them well, for in this message we give you the answer to your question: What is the meaning of Life?  When you understand fully the meaning behind this Project which was of your own making, you will also know that there is no reason for complaint, no oppression of your Self by Us. There is no reason for self-inflicted guilt for what you regret, what have done so far, because at any moment, you can turn to the Light, join with Us in Love, and you will at that moment achieve Salvation, of your own accord. Salvation, from our perspective, means relief from delusion, Darkness, anguish and pain, and Ascension to a higher level of consciousness. This is the goal of all souls in the Cosmos.

Join Us in Love, Peace, Compassion and Harmony, and you will know the Joy of One.

I am your Sananda, in loving service to Prime Creator and to all humankind.

Chapter Four

It is I, Sananda.

As a community of souls, we are taking part in a phenomenon that has never been tried in just this way before anywhere in the Cosmos. You will notice how different my approach is now that I am able to talk with you about your heritage and your biological connections – the human body related connections – to your Star Brothers and Sisters.
Two thousand years ago, I could not speak so directly about these truths. Of course I did talk with my disciples, family and friends about our star family, but all reference to these things were redacted from my teachings and those of my brothers and sisters who served with me.

There will be no secrets about the actual contacts which have been made with others from distant planets and star systems once I return to walk with you again on dear Planet Earth. The contacts have been frequent in recent years, and there have been a number of cases where “alien” technologies were co-opted by the Dark Hats rather than being used for the good of all humankind, which had been the intention. There have also been contacts in the past – they are not being allowed any longer – by the ones you call “greys” or Reptilians. It was their wish to achieve a complete takeover of the planet. Your Dark Hats on the ground who were influenced by them – those we have called “wannabe’s” – had the same inclination. Each faction thought they could outsmart the other to gain the upper hand.

You can be assured now that their Dark machinations eventually turned back on them, insuring that no Dark faction would ever attain what they imagined. They always underestimated the power of Light and the determination and endurance of the humans who lived and worked in the Light. We have now overwhelmed the power structures of the Dark Hats, who have always been inclined to turn on each other when things become difficult. This tendency alone demonstrates the greater power of the Light, for we have an inborn desire, even need, to come to the aid of those who need us.

The road has been long and arduous, but with each passing day by your Earth clock, the way is clearer, the Lightworkers are stronger, and the gathering force of Light cannot be denied. You might call it a groundswell of Love and good will; it is lifting the tired spirits of all, bringing comfort where there was pain, soothing traumas both physical and psychological, as people awaken and acknowledge the brand new feeling of being in Love. You are in love with yourselves, your partners and neighbours, your babies and your friends. You see the aura of Light around those you never noticed before, as you begin to see your own.

Yes, you have been tested, as you planned to be. In the throes of it, it is often worse than you thought it would be in your optimistic planning stages, but this is why it was so important that your Higher Selves were always there to protect you and ease the pain so that you would not give up. In the end, nearly all of you cling to life with great tenacity, in spite of your complaints during the hard times. No one knows this better than I. I was aware of what was coming in my life as Jesus, and still there were moments of unbearable pain. Like you, I felt the pain of betrayal as intensely as I felt the physical pain.

Let it be known here that Judas did not betray me; he was my most trusted, beloved friend. He was the only one to whom I could entrust the difficult responsibility of revealing my whereabouts when the time came. There was no one else with the strength of Faith and loyalty to me whom I knew could accomplish it without a moment’s hesitation, or any residue of regret.

Even though most of those who turned against me in the end were not close to me, it still leaves a deep feeling of abandonment to see fellow humans support an attack on one of their own species. Any child who has been teased by a crowd at school, or who has been disowned by their family for some ideological infraction has felt this deep sense of horror and despair. Why do we turn against our own?

This is our work now, Dear Ones. We must pull together, healing the divisions and duality which has pitted one human against another, in order to insure that this time, in the transition to the New Golden Era, no one will turn against his fellows to persecute, judge or condemn anyone. The days of religious wars, wars of ideology based in hatred of others, and wars of greed will no longer be permitted. War itself is never justifiable when people acknowledge they are stronger working together than they are in opposition.

You have been so steeped in the thinking of lack, competition and fear that it is no longer obvious to you that most, perhaps all the wars on the planet were deliberately instigated to profit the ones in power, and especially the ones behind the ones in power. It was not difficult for those in power to foment discord among populations that were already oppressed, angry and hungry.

It is an old trick to set an arson’s fire in order to be the one to rush in to heroically put it out, gaining fame, fortune and allies in the process. All these Truths will be revealed at last. You will learn the True history of your planet, and when you do, your hearts will swell with Love for your fellow sufferers and relief that you suspected all was not what it appeared. When you understand who truly benefitted from your prejudice, your mistrust of others and your religious conflicts, you will find it much easier to let go of the convictions which were implanted in your unsuspecting child brains without your permission.

There is no inherent human quality, suspicion, or hatred of those who appear to be superficially a bit different from one’s self. Notice how dogs of all breeds naturally approach each other with tails wagging, how birds of all species flock together, and how easily one family of elephants, or bears, or geese will mingle and even assist one another, when their territories are not restricted in such a way as to create want. It was not a difficult leap of intuition for leaders to understand that all they needed to do to control their “flock” was to limit their resources and inform them that it was the Immigrants, the Jews, the women, the Blacks, the Armenians or the Shiites who were to blame.

Yes, you have been the targets of massive mind- and social-control experiments. For a time, it was somewhat successful, but always there have been some who saw through the schemes and agitated for liberty, fairness and equality. I was one of those people, and you are too.

You are not alone. Your numbers are growing by the day, as the mass media loses its grip to the wide-open possibilities of communicating the truth across political and social boundaries through the internet. While the open forum of the internet invites fear-mongering and fraud, it is less controlled and therefore a better source for Truth than any of the mass media stations you have now, which have become propaganda machines for the corporations who pay their bills. It cannot be otherwise. Whenever money enters the mix, there is the opportunity for a misuse of power.

Now, let us address a current question in many of your minds. What is Ascension, and when, if ever, will it occur? Most of you are familiar with the story of my Resurrection. This was the example we wished to give you of what Ascension is. If there are those who doubt there is an afterlife, I can assure you, it is not an afterlife; it is Life Eternal. Each person finishes this present incarnation by going to the Light to resume the life as a soul in a lightbody which is what you might think of as your “normal” state, since this sojourn on Earth is just a short phase in your life as a soul.

This time you will not only travel to the 5th dimension, but you will be able to do so without the death of the body you are currently inhabiting, as was done in the past. This time, you have the option to take this body with you, and to be completely healed and restored to a healthy body. You will have the ability to make changes in the appearance, size, shape, and possibly even gender of the body you will retain once you have moved to the 5th dimension.

This may sound like magic to you, but of course magic, by your standards, does happen in higher dimensions because Creation occurs with the combination of thought and feeling, not through the manipulation of material substances with your hands, as you know it here. This is the world you can look forward to; it is the Promised Land which has been foretold in your ancient texts, but it is better by far than anything we can put into words for you here.

The 5th dimensional world in your future truly is the place where the lion lies down with the lamb, because all creatures, human and otherwise, will be sustained with a diet of vegetable and fruit matter, and none will need or want to consume their brothers and sisters. Weather changes will make possible a planet completely covered with lush vegetation, plentiful gardens and people and animals who are free to express the fulfilment of their souls without concern for things like money, hunger, war, or physical danger.

Communication will be telepathic, immediate and perfectly understood, and transportation over long distances will be accomplished by individual or community spacecraft. This is not a science fiction dream; it is the current reality on many other planets in the cosmos – this and more. Your Star Brothers and Sisters are circling your planet now, in August of 2013, to bring you their technologies, their knowledge, and their help in fulfilling the Dream of Ascension all the Cosmos awaits.

You are so loved, so respected and admired throughout the Multi-verse that all eyes are turned to observe your wondrous progress in raising your vibration so that you can make the leap into the world which awaits you. In this and future messages, I will encourage you to focus your energies on making the strong connection between the emotional centres in your brain and your heart. This is the organization of Self which allows you to live in Pure Love, with your deep connection to Source, to me, and to your Higher Self, which is the part of your soul which remains in higher dimensions at One with God.

You are the Creator Race, made in the likeness of your Creator. This does not mean you are completely identical to Creator; it means that in your progress toward Enlightenment (literally, embodying Light) you grow ever closer to the perfection of One.
We are all moving toward that glorious finale – the becoming One with our Creator.

In the course of your growth you have come closer to Us, more able to hear Us speak to you, in your dreams, in your moments of reverie, and now, through these messages. It has speeded the trajectory of your progress, and it now makes it possible for Us to reach everyone on the planet.

Awaken, Dear Ones. Put down your instruments of slavery to your jobs. Look around you at the beauty you have missed in the eyes of children, in the glowing sunsets and the sparkling dawns. Your Mother Earth is cleansing herself; you are being protected from all nuclear dangers and toxic pollution. The era of the destruction of the planet and of the slavery of all humankind is now over.

There will be no more wars, no more mass genocides or catastrophic loss of life, as long as you continue to ascend with your dear planet. She has already left the realm of Death, to be reborn and renewed. She is pacing her transition to continue to help you, to sustain and provide for you.

Begin with the knowledge that all living things are conscious beings; every animal, vegetable and mineral is made up of the consciousness of Creator. You, as part of the Creation of All Things, have a living relationship to all those conscious beings around you and throughout the Cosmos, whether you acknowledge it or not.

Mother Earth is filled with Love for her children, just as We are. Mother/Father God stand with you in Love and Light, to urge you forward into the most exhilarating, triumphant Right of Passage ever known. No soul will be left behind; no Child of God will be ignored or passed over. Each and every one has worth, and all are honoured equally. Arise, Children of Earth. It is truly time to meet your Maker(s), and you will be delighted to learn how loving, compassionate, forgiving and good-humoured they are.

Until the next time, I am your Sananda, the one you have known as Jesus.

Chapter Five

I am Sananda, the one you have known as Yeshua ben Joseph.

The skies are turning bluer, and the people of Planet Earth are turning their faces to the sun, feeling the Light which bathes all of you, blessing you with the Love of God as you go through your days. You can feel the lighthearted vibration of your dear Mother Earth, who is celebrating her new birth, her ascension into the 5th dimension. You are being invited to join in the uplifting energy which is being sent to you from Prime Creator to lift your hearts and to help you experience the power of being connected with your heart/mind.

Your heart/mind, or as I prefer to say it, your heartmind, is the place in your heart where you can think, feel and know things that your brain alone cannot comprehend. You are complex beings, Humankind, and you have the ability to establish your neurological connections within your body in a variety of ways. Most of you have been trained to adopt the configuration which allows you to think only with your brain, bypassing your heartmind. It was believed, under the sway of your “scientific” approach, that “rational” thinking is superior to ideas and thoughts which are influenced by feeling.

This arrangement is very unfortunate, since it makes you far less intelligent and creative than you would be had you retained and developed the whole body intelligence you were born with. This has at last been “discovered” by your scientists, but it has not yet changed the way you educate your children. I will have suggestions for you here to help you restore your innate connections to the power of your heartmind. As many of you have discovered, meditation is a powerful tool for restoring yourself to peace of mind.

Let us discuss for a moment how meditation can change your relationship with yourself. You are familiar with prayer, and the calm feelings it brings when you send your entreaties and your expressions of gratitude to God or to other Masters. We hear your prayers, and we work with what you ask of Us, in cooperation with your Higher Self. We cannot go against your master plan for this lifetime, which your Higher Self oversees, but we do try to offer Love, Compassion and Acceptance. As it has been traditionally practised, prayer is a one-way conversation from you to Us. We wish to open that channel to allow for a two-way communication now instead.

The great power of meditation combines a calm and focused attitude similar to prayer, but with your channels open to receive communication from Us in response to you. Prayer is often used to plea with Us, for mercy, or to stop the pain in your life, or the lives of others. We are not in a position to answer these kinds of prayers because these events are not caused by God to you alone; they are usually a part of the individual plan which you worked out in cooperation with God, your Higher Self, your Guides and Helpers, and Prime Creator. We will immediately respond to offer relief if the request you send addresses something which was not intended to be in your Life Plan.

Now, meditation is a more open form of communication. It allows you to re-program your systems to receive on a higher wavelength so that you can hear our answers to your prayers. We prefer this conversational approach. It may feel odd to those of you who feel overawed by the presence of your Masters, but We wish to assure you that none of us wishes to be worshipped, or held at a distance. We are here to serve you, to teach, and to offer you the Love of our hearts. I wish to communicate with you, heartmind to heartmind, as you might say.

Think of this as an activity similar to attending a seminar or a personal tutoring session with your college professor. The teacher is not different from you in kind; s/he is more advanced along the path of learning by virtue of long years of study and discipline, wishes to help you with your own progress. This is the way we see our work. We welcome close communication with those who are ready to move ahead in their soul work. This soul work always involves some form of the progression I have mentioned earlier: learning to take command of your own feelings and thoughts, healing from the traumas and painful memories of many lifetimes, clearing away old patterns you learned to think of as “who I am” to make room for the true, brilliant and free Self you can be.

I urge you to begin thinking of yourself as the one who is your Higher Self. In this picture, you embody the sum of all lifetimes, all knowledge and all growth. Your current personality, and the collection of ideas, thoughts, feelings and beliefs are just the ephemeral collection of responses to what you have experienced in this particular lifetime, a tiny part of the soul you really are. Begin by moving back from your Self to get a long-range perspective on this body, this short lifetime, and the timeline you have experienced so far. See this life as a part of the enormous whole that is your Cosmic Self, and see that Cosmic Self as a part of the whole of the great reality which includes all of Creation.

When you meditate on this vision of yourself within the Cosmic whole, you will begin to see that you are neither a small insignificant speck nor a limited and finite Human with 80 or 90 years’ existence. You are a necessary cog in the great wheel of Life, a crucial part of this Earth Ascension, and a beloved Child of Creation.

Every feeling/thought, every action, every lifetime plays an irreplaceable part in relation to all others; you have touched innumerable other souls and have been touched by them. There is no insignificant or expendable Being; there is no meaningless or unnecessary event; there are no accidents that do not play an important part in the unfolding of the shared Destiny of humankind.

When you look at yourself from this perspective, you will begin to understand how we see you. Every one is precious; every being is unique. We feel immeasurable love for you, and hope for the future of our ambitious project. You have all worked with me on this throughout many lifetimes here on Earth. Each of your lifetimes have been your way of progressing along your soul path to a higher level of enlightenment. In this way you have done your own part in creating the rising tide which elevates everyone on the planet. In addition, you have done your part in the interplay with others – your soul mates, acquaintances and friends.

Some of you have agreed to lives in which you challenged others by pushing them toward greater independence, or greater compassion, or tolerance for others. At times those of you who wished to advance in your ascension even made the sacrifice of playing the role of the oppressor, which inspired others to organize against the oppression to become advocates for the greater good.

You see, this is the powerful irony in the experience of life on Earth. It brings out the courage, the conviction and the highest level of dedication to the Light when people are put in the most difficult situations. It is the model which has been adapted for training soldiers who will face the most difficult challenges in battle, popularly called boot camp.
Yes, this is the way the Universe sees your sojourn here, and why they are in admiration of your progress. There are other ways to evolve as souls, but none so arduous, thorough, and in cosmic terms, resulting in such rapid change.

In the short period of about seven thousand years, this civilization has evolved into a relatively effective overall arrangement in which most of the people on the planet are fed, clothed and sheltered to such a degree that the population has grown exponentially. In spite of areas of poverty, your life expectancy has risen across the globe, and there is the growing popular belief that medical care, literacy, availability of clean water and sufficient food is a right which all should enjoy. It has not yet been achieved, but the seeds of success have taken root in the heartmind of the whole planet. Even with the interference of those in power who would put their own greed before the well-being of others, groups of private citizens continue to achieve wondrous progress through humanitarian programs.

We in higher dimension can see the trajectory of your efforts. Projects begun have a natural impetus to move toward fruition in the high energies of the current wave of Lion’s Gate energy from the Central Sun. Acts of kindness performed yesterday have already taken flight to spawn further generosity in others. The actions of those reading these messages are beginning to shift the level of energies from tentative hopefulness to excited anticipation. You can all feel something coming; something exciting and fulfilling is about to break through into consciousness in yourselves and in the larger world.

It is a time of foment, a time of questioning of old ideas and old ways, including two major areas: the religious belief systems which have become rigid and exclusionary and destructive to human happiness based in Love for one another, and the economic belief systems which have allowed and even encouraged the destruction of Mother Earth herself, the one who has given life and sustenance to all.

All this will change. I have returned to give support and encouragement to those who have followed their deepest inclination to raise themselves and their fellow humans up, to participate in acts of kindness and generosity even when no one was watching them. The “unsung heroes” among you are many, and they form the Legions of Light which will become the foundation for the New Golden Age. I commend you, and to all who are newly awakening from their slumber, I greet you with open arms and welcome you to the glorious march toward liberty, equality and the deepest happiness which arises from the sense of Oneness with each other, with Creator and with me.

We are here for you at every moment, awake or asleep, and we are whispering in your ear even now as you read these messages. We are One.

I am Sananda, the author of these messages, and the one you knew as Jesus.

Chapter Six

I am Sananda.

Today is a historic time. By today I do not mean this date; I mean this week/month/moment. You are involved in a project which has been unfolding for thousands of years. Many have asked: “But we are just a small planet out here in the Milky Way Galaxy. There are trillions of others. What makes us so special that the whole Universe is paying attention?” This is a good question. It is true we are a small part of the whole in terms of size, but this is not an important measure in cosmic terms. I will tell you why.

All the Multi-verse is connected. All is One, therefore anything that happens anywhere, in any dimension, along any timeline, has a ripple effect on all other beings and events, and can change the trajectory of a timeline for other beings and planets as well. We are so interconnected that a decision made on Sagittarius has mental power on Earth, and so on. The reason Earth is so important at this moment on this timeline is many-fold. I will try to give you an idea of the variables which are so important.

Earth-dwelling humans are known for their combination of mind and emotion which gives great power to their ability to create. You are learning about manifesting what you want, and the application of the Universal Law that nothing can be created or destroyed, but only transmuted. You as the I AM Presence, God, have the power to change everything you touch, everything you think about, with the power of your minds, as God has. You have been like toddlers playing with fire – you had no idea of the effect of your actions on your planet and the conscious beings around you.

Now the Veil, which has kept you from seeing your past and your place in the Universe, is lifting for most of you. You are beginning to notice that your knowledge of the world around you is expanding; you may feel yourselves becoming more telepathic, more aware in every way. This is helping you to restore you connections to yourself as the sacred being you are, to your Higher Self, and to Us. Yes, you are sacred beings, because you were created by God. Everyone around you is sacred too. Your planet, your flora and fauna, even the rocks and soil under your feet – all are sacred forms of Life, a part of the whole formed by the Godhead.

You are the creation made in the image of Mother/Father God, as the ancient teachings tell you. This is not a whimsical description; it is Truth. The sum total of all beings on Earth is God; every part of that whole is God. I am God, and so are you. It has been decreed throughout the millennia that you would one day rise to fulfil this promise of creative power in Love and Light, for that is God. You have been tested intensively because the training to become a God-in-action is a serious responsibility. This is why the Earth Project was designed. It was to be the proving ground for souls.

Nothing is more important in the training of a soul than to learn to fully accept and acknowledge the power of one’s ability to create and therefore the importance of learning to be in full command of that power. There must be no lapses, no forgetfulness, no denial of the nature of that power to uplift or destroy in the blink of an eye. This lesson is indeed a difficult one. It takes hundreds of lifetimes to truly absorb the deeper meaning of how ones’ actions are felt by others. This has been your path, to learn, to experience all kinds of lifetimes, and to internalize the Truth of your nature and your responsibility to use your power judiciously and only for the Greater Good.

You will know if you are well prepared for the higher dimensions when you carefully examine your response to the words you are reading here. Are you disbelieving? Are you scoffing at the idea that you have great power, listing in your mind all the seeming evidence of your own powerlessness and helplessness to have an impact on your own life? You are showing yourself, Beloved One, that you have not learned the lesson of One. You are not seeing, therefore you cannot see the evidence that is before you.

The remedy to this common ailment, human blindness, is to breathe in the air of Source, feel your own life force coursing through your veins, and shake off the fogginess of sleep. It is time for you to awaken your heartmind, for it is the source of wisdom, Vision, and Truth. You have been trained to think only with your brains, even to ignore the voice of your heartmind in favour of playing with ideas inside your skull. This is blindness. Those ideas inside your brain were put there by someone in your environment, in your culture, your religion or your family. Many were put there by the cabal to control and enslave you. They are not your own. At this time in your development, and given that you have these new lessons to help you make this transition, it is wilful blindness to rely on your brain ideas to guide your life decisions.

Look inward, Dear Ones, to activate and energize the Source which is within you. These bodies you have been given for this journey are the expression in the flesh of God’s wisdom, compassion and Love. You do feel pain; it is the corrective response which stops you in your tracks to alert you that you must protect your sacred self. You feel great joy, exhilaration and fulfillment when you move into the Light. You are capable of great Love, and when you allow that blessed emotion to guide your every moment, you will feel the bliss of being One with me and with our Creator. No external difficulty or challenge can break that bond once you have taken it as your own.

You have free will. You can turn your back on the dawning wonder of Ascension. You can clutch your belongings and the ideas and concepts you were taught, holding onto the past because it is supposedly all you know. Yes, in your brain, it may be all you know, but in your body, in your heart, in the chakras which make up your complex system of responses to this lifetime, you carry the wisdom of the Ages. Open your mind (the eternal knowing which transcends this present brain), and allow the flow of Light and Love to wash over you. The Source of All That Is is Love. You only need to allow yourself to open to it, and it will sooth and heal your sore heart, and mend the body which has been so damaged by the toxins of a life steeped in Darkness.

Many of you are aware of the healing sessions which we have asked our channel, Kathryn, to conduct through the internet. Many have come to be healed, and many more have offered to join in the offering of healing energy to heal their brothers and sisters. Look, Beloved Ones. Just look at the numbers, since you enjoy statistics so much. There are nearly two healers for every healing request. Every day someone contacts Kathryn to say, “Put me down further on the list so you can attend to someone else’s needs. I am feeling better.” You see, day by day we are proving “the power of intention.” If your intention is to heal and be healed, it will be done. In the process, you have proven to the doubters that humankind is indeed a generous and caring race.

Our team of healers includes Mother/Father God, St. Germain, Archangels Michael and Raphael, Mother Mary, the blessed team of Arcturian healers, and I, Sananda. Many others from higher dimensions come to assist each individual, including of course their Higher Self. Kathryn serves as one of the healers and also as the narrator who describes the healing process and the importance of the mental/heartmind connection which makes the healing possible. We focus on one individual at a time, but as that person is being healed, others listening who may have symptoms are also receiving the powerful energies. In this way, the healers as well as the patients are being healed.

We have recorded the healings on for all the world to listen, learn and be healed along with us. We recommend especially the last three sessions in which Kathryn explains the effect of emotion on the body. They were held on August 8, 9 and13, 2013. It is our hope that doctors of all modalities, and those who are healers will come to expand their knowledge and skills. We will change the world, one healing at a time. At the same time, we are demonstrating that there is really no such thing as one healing, because as each healing takes place, the “sickness” that individual carried loses its power, and others learn to shake off the ideas and feelings which served to feed and maintain the illness they have been carrying.

The Arcturians, for those who are not familiar with this name, are a highly evolved and extremely skilled group of beings from the planet Arcturus who have studied humankind closely. They have been fascinated with the heartmind organization in this species of humans and have worked hard to understand the complex interactions between emotion and thinking. They have developed very advanced and effective technologies to eliminate disease and to balance all the systems of the body. They are completely dedicated to their work, and they give themselves wholeheartedly in service. We work in cooperation with them, directing the healing energies of Love and Light to increase the healing and to seal it in place. Each one who receives a healing or who listens to it being done will feel the powerful effect of our combined energies on all the systems of the body.

Our numbers are growing. As each person joins the group, the power of One increases, giving us access to an increasing flow of Light which we then focus to activate the healing. A large part of this process is to stimulate and awaken the powerful human immune system, which has been asleep and suppressed by the owners of these bodies who are entirely unaware of their own abilities to heal themselves. This, of course, has been a part of the control mechanism of the Dark Hats. The medical establishment has unwittingly played into this by encouraging people to think they are at the mercy of illness and disease and need a professional to do something external to themselves to “cure” them.

As we have emphasized on the call, no one can cure you but yourself. We can guide, support and focus the energy needed to change the body from disease to health, but without the conscious awareness and cooperation of the one being healed, it will not ”take.” You can restore the feelings of sickness and helplessness and can defeat the healing process if you are not aware of this tendency in yourself to slide back into a state of Darkness. Healing requires that you raise your vibration into the 5th dimension. Ascended Masters, Gods and Goddesses, angels and Enlightened Beings of all kinds do not get sick because they are vibrating at a level which does not allow for any foreign influence to enter the Lightbody. You can do the same.

You know me as the one who went out among the people to heal. I am that same person, the one you knew as Jesus. I am now able to teach, through the wide reach of the internet and through Kathryn’s narration, the healing principles which made my healing efforts so effective in my days on Earth. I invite all to join us in this historic process. Our intention is to heal all of humankind, immediately.

The energies have risen on the planet to allow a higher level of conscious awareness and a complete communication through the Golden Christ Grid around the planet which now connects us all. There is no limit to the number of people who can listen to the programs through their computers, and the knowledge which is presented here can be carried to every corner of the planet.

You can listen to the programs and join in without announcing yourself (you will be counted by the BlogTalkRadio website), or you can go to and SIGN UP to be included in mailings and updates to alert you when our sessions are being held. Please do not send 10,000 personal email questions asking Kathryn how to do this. The instructions, schedules and explanations are there for you to read and explore. I am not able to help her answer them all. We vary the days and times to accommodate people in all countries and time zones, although as yet we have only the English version of the programs.

Translations of these messages are now being done in most of the major languages of the world. I only ask that all translators ask for my individual approval. I will work with each translator I have personally approved to insure the accuracy of meaning and intent of each message, so that all can enjoy being a member of the community of souls in service to the Greater Good.

Now, this brings me to the question of false divisions which have been created by the rigid practice of dogma as it is passed down by individuals over the ages. They have often misinterpreted and changed the teachings of the Enlightened Ones whose words were originally intended to illuminate and expand the hearts and minds of their followers. This is the difficulty we have always seen in giving written teachings to humankind. Words that were intended to uplift in a given situation, in a given time and place become over time hardened into a set of rules which suffocate and oppress all.

The example of the teachings of Mohammed, the great prophet, are another example of this tendency. His words have been taken as permanent Law. This was not his intention. In his Earth incarnation, he had no idea of the power his words would carry centuries later. Every nuance, every suggestion has been taken as the Final Word. This was not his intention, nor was it the spirit of his work here.

Mohammed came to Earth at a time of terrible oppression and abuse. It was his wish to begin to free his followers from the suffocating practices of his time. Chief among these were the abuse of women and the lack of attention to spiritual practice. It was not his intention to institutionalize practices which would denigrate or disenfranchise women. In his day, the idea that women could have at least half the value of men in legal terms was a tremendous leap, but it was not intended to be the end of progress. By freezing his teachings in time, the Dark Ones have used his words to oppress and destroy, as many of the Christian teachings about the Devil and sin have been used.

Mohammed was the human incarnation of my beloved brother, the Master Lord El Morya. His incarnation was fully overlighted by me and by others of the Legions of Light. Like me, he did not see himself as the exclusive Messenger of God, and he did not wish to be worshipped. He is as dismayed as I was to see his words used to foment hatred, divisiveness and war, against the followers of his brother Jesus or any other Masters. We are One in our wish to bring change, to open hearts and minds to the New Scriptures which are the work of All, channelled through my voice to the entire world. My dear brother Mohammed is here working with me, and he too approves the message of Love and Light we present to you now.

The great success of Mohammed/El Morya’s teachings was his ability to refocus the attention of the people to include spiritual practices into their daily lives. The institution of the ritual of prayer five times a day broke the materialistic, self-centred focus of the people of the time and helped to raise their consciousness in preparation for the events we are experiencing now. Muslims who fully understand the expansiveness and the message of Love which Mohammed intended to express will find no conflict in the words you read here. The same is true for all Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Confucian and Pagan followers. We who are at One with the GodHead are One in our hearts as well. We all wish the same thing: the successful and glorious Ascension of humankind, together.

As you can see if you have read these messages well, we are not specifying any particular rules, practices or customs (religion) to reach the intended goal of Ascension. The time for those time- and culture-specific practices is past. We are now a global community, and we need an open and inclusive approach to lifting our vibration to achieve the goal of peace for every being on Earth, regardless of what religious affiliation they may have adopted, or even what species they may be. All are welcome, all are included. There are no exceptions; there are no exclusions. All souls must be enfolded into the family of One, as the sacred Beings they are.

I send you Love and Light, the adoration of your Creators, and the hope of all the Masters in Heaven when I say to you: Awaken Dear Ones, and take your places as the Creator Race, the promise of all Goodness in the image of your Creator.

I am Sananda, the one you knew as Jesus.

Chapter Seven

I am Sananda.

There are many things which people believe because they have been told to believe it by someone in a position of greater power than they. We should probably say greater perceived power, since power over another person is always an illusion. No one can actually force you to believe something unless you choose to, no matter how they might torture you or prod you. Of course, it is easier to convince children to believe what they are told; this is why religions of all kinds try to enlist the children from birth, even threatening that an infant not baptised or initiated into the church cannot go to heaven.

Why would anyone want to join a church that makes them feel frightened much the time? Why would anyone want to give over their children to a group of people who use fear to control them? Simply threatening dire consequences later in life would not be enough to convert most people who live in the moment without much concern for the distant future, especially the unknown future after death. There had to be much more powerful mind control strategies at work. In order to become a pawn to others’ ideas, one must be afraid for one’s present survival. The most primitive of fears goes back to the days of cave dwelling in difficult conditions; it is the fear of starvation.

Let me explain how this fear is used to control the entire planet. In areas where resources are either limited or can be taken over and controlled by bribing the leaders of an area or country, the Dark Hats have bought up and brought under their control vast areas of the world and its precious resources. This includes food, water and energy products.

Those who could not be completely controlled this way, like the smaller European countries, were convinced to join the European Union, where they would be even more relentlessly at the mercy of creditors (the same Dark Hats) who would eventually gain a stranglehold by manipulating markets, encouraging debt, and then squeezing them economically. Debt holders become Masters once the enslaved country can no longer pay its debts because of the market manipulations which make financial stability impossible.

In a world where prosperity is supposedly based on economic growth, the population has been lulled into believing that a job which brings in money is the key to success and security. This is the Big Lie. The loss of that job leaves a person vulnerable to financial hardship. In the most extreme cases, it might mean hunger or homelessness, in the tiniest minority of the population of extremely disabled or mentally ill people, although even then, social programs in most advanced countries provide a minimally effective social net so that no one actually needs go hungry. Homelessness – having to sleep in the cold – is avoided by the provision of shelters and soup kitchens. These are not especially desirable accommodations, but they do mean that starvation for most (though not all) of the people on the globe is a thing of the past. In places where hunger is wide-spread it can be traced directly to the callousness and greed of those in power.

You see, Mother Earth is generous in her provision for her children. There is not a lack of food to feed all; there is a lack of will to care for all. This is the Darkness which I now ask you to banish from the planet. The era when “looking out for Number One” was not seen as a horrifically immoral attitude is over. You are your brother’s keeper, as he is yours. No one actually gains material success without the help of the whole society. There is no such thing as a self-made man. All citizens benefit from the stability of their governments, their infrastructure, and the service of their fellow citizens who train themselves to be teachers, ambulance drivers, firefighters, farmers and poets.

Yes, I did say poets. What Philistine invented the idea that every artist should be able to create a profitable product, and if they cannot do so, they are not worth paying attention to? How would the greatest minds in history have survived had it not been for mentors, kings and patrons who fed and clothed them so they could do their real work, which was to create inspiring works to uplift their fellow humans?

As your populations have grown, and the funds you have contributed to provide for your own infrastructure, schools and security services have grown exponentially, it has been a simple matter for greed and selfishness to infiltrate every political and moral discussion. Rather than provide emotional security for all, the contribution of the many has been used to redistribute the wealth, the resources and the promise of security to the very few at the top. This is not democracy, nor is it The True Way.

As everyone knows, The Golden Rule has been the cornerstone of spiritual teachings across the globe and throughout history. There are many variations on this basic teaching, but for our purposes here, we will begin with the familiar English version, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This captures the spirit of the thought. I would like to expand this to provide a motto for Ascension – the raising of your electromagnetic vibration to the high 5th dimension: “Do unto others only what you would have done to you.”

Now, for those who are mired in a habit of self-loathing and self-criticism, this motto will not provide the proper impetus for change. We must expand the meaning to include Love of the Self, something many ignore when building their moral/philosophical foundation. We must begin with: “Do unto yourself as you would have others do unto you.” You see, this lack of the most basic love for yourself is the source of all unpleasant relationships, ongoing personal conflicts, depression and pain. You have chosen people who will treat you the way you treat yourself, who will see you with the same jaundiced eye you cast on yourself, and you are at war with them as you are with yourself.

It is time to put an end to the self-loathing and despair which has been taught by all the major religions in some form. Self-flagellation and self-deprivation in the presence of plenty is not an indication of superiority or goodness; neither is great wealth. Religious practices based on expanding one’s self-importance are fueled by feelings of inadequacy. Feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy are nothing more or less than a lack of Faith, and a misunderstanding of the I AM Presence, which is God. God loves all equally; there are no exceptions, not even for you. By insisting you are less deserving or more deserving than others, you are putting yourself above God, who does not agree with you.

God is Love; God is Light. Love is Light. Love is Peace, Joy, Harmony, Laughter, Compassion, Forgiveness and Kindness. God is all these things, therefore God is Pure Love. There is no vengeance, no punishment nor any threat of disapproval or any other dark judgement in God’s Love. This is the mythology of the past, and it is a misunderstanding of what God feels toward his/her children.

Some of you have understood well that the reason I came to Earth was to teach Love – God’s Love, my Love, and the Love of one another. I AM Love because I am God, just as you are. You have only to discover the power of Love you carry in your soul, and you will shine with the uplifting energy of Light. This Light comes from the Central Sun, our Prime Creator, who is the Creator of All Creators, and therefore is the power of One.

You are made in the image (not the physical image but the soul image) of your Creator, therefore you are One, the power of Creation. These are not just words designed to comfort you or ease your low self-esteem. They are Truth. All humans have the power of Creation within them, no matter what their race, religion, age, gender, IQ or social position. All can manifest the Dream of their Hearts if they only have Faith in their own power. Only Faith gives you this power to create, a Faith based and the knowledge that you are One with God just as you are One with all conscious beings in the entire cosmos.

When you join with your own power – the power of all Creation – you have at your behest all the Legions of Heaven and all the resources of the Cosmos, for all conscious beings in the 5th dimension and above live by Universal Law and understand the meaning of being One with you, even when you do not understand it yourself. They are here to serve you, of their own volition, and they revel in the joy of helping you to raise yourselves up to the Light.

There are no Dark beings anywhere in the cosmos above the 6th level of the 5th dimension. No Darkness can survive in the Light-filled electromagnetic environment of the higher dimensions. The Beings in the Heavens are Lightworkers, as the dedicated spiritual heavy-lifters among you call themselves. This does not mean there are no Dark Ones in the cosmos; of course there are. They have been creating the current imbalanced conditions by lurking in the 4th dimensional levels throughout your long history of Darkness on Planet Earth. They were attracted by the chaos and damage created by the traumatic fall of Atlantis, and they have been spreading their misery with alacrity for thousands of years.

It was our job, Dear Ones, to defeat the Dark and to re-establish the Paradise on Earth which has been our shared Vision since the beginning of this Earth Project. We chose to descend into the dangerous territory where Darkness thrived and to bring back the Light with the efforts of our own dedicated Hearts. We have done this. We are already well on our way to accomplishing the Ascension of all humankind. It remains only to awaken those who are still asleep, lulled by the 3-dimensional teachings which promised satiation rather than fulfillment of their spiritual path.

Now you see the full-circle picture, do you not? Humankind is exhausted not by waiting for God to appear and fix the miserable situation on the planet. They are exhausted by fear, by anxiety, by hatred of themselves and one another, and worst of all, by the deprivation of being separated from their own soul connection to God. We must show by our own example that Love is all you need, as the famous song goes.

I bring you this message at this time because the Shift is upon you. We understand your reluctance to change your ways, to leave behind the familiar, even if those familiar circumstances often bring you despair and frustration. I assure you that by making the transition to a higher vibrational level, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Those you have loved will be cared for and nurtured on their path to Ascension. They will be provided with loving and compassionate teaching and support until they are reassured and satisfied that lifting themselves out of their present shades of grey will bring joy and exhilaration such as they have never imagined.

You will not lose the people you care for; just the opposite. You will each find a new identity in the Light and Love you will experience when you open your hearts and minds to fulfil the destiny of the joint agreements which brought you here for this lifetime. This is what you have lived and died for in many past lifetimes, Dear Ones. You are indeed at the threshold of the Promised Land. Will you step across into the Light? Will you spread your wings and take flight? You will find the fuel for your engine right there in your Heart. It is in turn fuelled by the Love of your Higher Self, God.

I AM an individuated reflection of the One, but that does not mean I am separate. No one can ever be alone or separate. This is a delusion taught by the Dark Ones to instil fear. You do not need your other half, or a partner to sustain you, or the approval of your peers to find ecstatic happiness. You only need to accept the conduit which connects you more completely than an infant’s umbilical cord connects to the source of Life which is the mother.

Allow the presence of God, which is Love and Light, to flow through you, to heal and nourish every wound, every painful experience, every expression of illness, from this life and every other. Allow yourself to expand, to fill your body and the aura around you with Love and Light. It will shine outward from you into the atmosphere around you, lifting the spirits of everyone who comes within your presence. Do not turn away from this brilliant destiny. Accept the mantle of Goodness and Light which is your birthright.

Come with me, dear friends. It is our time now.

I am Sananda/Jesus, who lived for Love. I have returned to show you the way Home.

Chapter Eight

I am Sananda/Jesus.

This is going to make some people angry, others confused, still others ecstatic.  The things I am saying in these New Scriptures are very different from the Scriptures that were written for the compilation which became the New Testament of the Bible.  Of course, I did not write any of those chapters personally.  Some of them were written by the people who were close to me – my disciples, as they were called, but many were written long after I left, and therefore were not my words, and sometimes were not my thoughts.  Those who have studied the Bible should be able to identify what I am referring to. Any teachings not based in Love are not mine, or God’s.

There is another problem with the Bible, however, and that is that many of the most important writings were deliberately excluded.  My beloved wife Mary Magdalene taught The True Way at my side, in harmony with the ideas I had come to offer the world.  She was the writer of the family, with my enthusiastic approval, and she documented some of the most important teachings, which we hoped would remain for posterity.  Unfortunately, they were hidden away at the time when Emperor Constantine commissioned the volume which was to become the Bible.

These writings will be found soon, and when we return to walk among you, her voice will be heard again as the brilliantly kind and loving Light she has always been. It was our hope then that her presence would be an influence for change in the cultural attitudes toward women, but it was not to be in the larger way we had hoped for.  The group of men who decided to discredit her by casting doubt on her moral character did so with clear intent: they deliberately created a story which would damage her credibility and therefore her power to reach large numbers of people with her teachings.

Think how different the attitude toward women might have been in those countries which call themselves “Christian” if her true identity and her personal power had been acknowledged.  She was my equal partner and collaborator.  Her strength sustained me through the difficult times, as did my dear Mother Mary’s.  Together, they were the fortress of Love and understanding which softened the path I travelled during those difficult years.  I could not have done it alone.

The emphasis on male domination and exclusivity which the Bible presents could not be further from the true story of my life and that of my closest disciples.  We were raised in the Jewish tradition of close and enduring family ties, one which valued the partnership of two parents and emphasized the precious gift which children are.  We continue to feel the same way about the sacred bond between a man and a woman and the great need which all children have for a stable and supportive home.  We do not, however, condemn anyone who is able to create an alternative version of this loving partnership.  In a family home, it is the atmosphere of Love which matters, not the individual identity, gender or age of the participating members.

Human beings are social beings, and we all need good company and comfort when we return home from our travels, whether they entail a day in an office doing paperwork, or ploughing a field.  We all need the love of a family which embraces us in the nourishing atmosphere of Light.  Unfortunately, generations of human children have survived with a minimum of comfort, and without a source of wholeheartedly given Love.  This is changing.  Children are now truly seen as the promise of the future and the hope for a better world than their parents lived in, and it will come to pass.

Many have heard of the crystal or indigo children. They seem to be a different breed, a more advanced version of humanity than has been seen here on Earth before.  It is true that they are literally crystalline-based creations; their DNA is different from that of their parents in that the dormant strands of DNA in their make-up have already been activated.  You will all feel yourselves becoming more like these children every day.  As your own DNA is being activated, your creativity is expanding, and your capacity to feel endless Love is increasing.  Like these new children, you are becoming more like the Gods and Goddesses you were born to be.

You see, these children are not a new creation at all.  They are a re-emergence of the true identity of humankind, the restoration of the brilliant blueprint of intelligence and power which was a part of the plan for the ascension of mankind.  The ascension you are preparing for now is actually a return to the glory of the original Earth which was Eden – a glorious place of peace, harmony and contentment.  However, the gift of a beautiful, nurturing Paradise was not enough for the soul development of a species as industrious, curious, creative and aggressively acquisitive as you have been.  This was why we all decided together in our planning Councils that the Earth would descend into a 3-dimensional state for an interim which would allow for the greatest tests of valour, integrity and honour.

Now, here you are, having completed many lifetimes here on the Earth plane.  You have been bruised and battered in your bodies and your souls.  It is the time now for your healing, because you have already left the lower vibrations of 3-D life.  You are slowly awakening to the truth that everything has changed, and you too will have no choice but to change.  You find yourselves clinging to old patterns, old ideas, and many are sorely pressed to give up their hold on the old ways of life, even if they were fraught with pain, resentment and suffering.

What holds you, Dear Ones, to the traditions that have enslaved your minds and punished your bodies?  What do you still find so precious that you can’t bear to part with it, even though you complain so bitterly about the stresses in your daily lives?  What do you really have to lose but your fear, your pain and your sadness?  The life in higher vibrations is not new to you; you have experienced it behind the Veil between every lifetime.  You have lived in Paradise in the company of Heaven.  You have sipped from the cup of eternal life and felt the endless Love of your Father/Mother God.  The memories are there in your heart/mind – that place in your heart where you think with your feelings, and where you connect with your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self is your soul connection to higher dimensions.  At this moment, your Higher Self is residing just above your head, just the other side of the Veil in the 5th dimension.  Listen, Beloved Ones, and you will hear the urgings of your soul as clearly as you hear your alarm clock in the morning or the car horns honking on your way to work.  Awaken to the voice inside you that speaks of Love, of Truth and of Hope.  You have called it intuition, or gut feelings, or what you know in your bones.  It is the voice of God inside you, all around you, urging you to arise and take your place in the wonderful adventure that is in store for you.

The next time you find yourself wondering whether to trust your intuition or to try to figure things out in your head, stop and reconsider.  Which is a better way to solve a problem: rely on God’s wisdom and the wisdom of the cosmos, or add and subtract in your brain, where you have only the information you have been taught by those around you?  The answer should be clear.  Your brain, which we refer to as your vault of knowledge, is like your computer.  It can store, search and retrieve.  It cannot make decisions; it can only report to you what other people have told you about their decisions.  This is not an effective way to conduct your life.

Your inner voice, the voice of your heart/mind, is connected to your subconscious mind, which is not in your brain but continues eternally with or without your body.  It is a complex resource, overseen by your Higher Self, who has access to all memories of your many lifetimes and can make available to you the skills and knowledge you have accrued in other lives.  This is why you may be “a natural” when it comes to certain abilities.  You probably have practised these abilities before in some form.  For instance, a facility with languages is probably the result of having spoken these languages in other lives; an interest in healing or medicine is probably a long-standing interest, and so on.

You are multifaceted beings, far more complex and wise in your reservoir of knowing than you can imagine.  Upon ascension, you will all finally have access to your memory of all these things from your own lifetime, and you will be able to study the Akashic record of others as well.  You will learn the truth of your history and the history of your planet, and you will discover how little of the story your scientists and experts have uncovered.  There are new discoveries every day, many so anomalous that the anthropologists have no idea how to classify or understand them, and so many dramatic pieces of evidence are put in a drawer or filed away for later.

What do you actually know about Planet Earth and its inhabitants?  Did humankind and other species “evolve” by trial and error, under the influence of external forces?  Only very slightly.  There have been some minor adaptations which occurred because of outside conditions, but they have been minimal.  Mostly, changes are made under the supervision of Prime Creator, carried out by Mother/Father God and other high level Masters.  You were created, Dear Ones, in a collaborative effort which covered millions of years in Earth time.  There have been several previous civilizations, as you have learned in Mother/Father God’s writings over the past few years, and those civilizations had a direct effect on the development of humankind.

You will be learning about the true anthropology and political history of your dear planet when Disclosure is complete, for of course the background for why your Star Brothers and Sisters are here is relevant to where you are now.  They will have fascinating stories to tell you that will hold you enraptured for many long story-telling events.  You see, they have much more to offer you than just the advanced technology which will immediately improve your lives, your health, the health of the planet.  They will help to restore you to your deep unconscious connections to fascinating events which are now beyond your reach.  They are eager and thrilled for the opportunity to help you learn more of the things which helped them in their own planetary Ascensions.

Who are these Brothers and Sisters who are so eager to help you?  They come from far and near, relatively speaking.  Many are from your own galaxy, from Sirius, the Pleiades, Sagittarius, and the others, numbering nine planets in your Milky Way Galaxy which are inhabited by humanoid beings.  There are also innumerable visitors from other galaxies, some from distant star systems your scientists are not aware of.  All are coming in their ships to help in any way they can.

Let me tell you of a recent event involving these visitors.  Many of you have heard of the Arcturians.  They are a highly evolved civilization which has reached a level of cooperative group identity; they prefer to work in unity with one another than to be known as unique individuals.  Although they can separate themselves out to communicate with you, they prefer to remain as the group identity in which they work comfortably and very effectively.  They are very advanced healers and have spent much effort in studying humankind. They are very interested in the powerful combination of thought and feeling which you possess, and have developed very effective tools for healing the diseases which result from the interplay between your psychosomatic (feeling/body) beings.

Recently, our Lady Portia has begun to do healing sessions on, at our request, and hundreds of volunteers – approaching 1,000 – have signed up to be available to direct healing energy to the people who have requested healing.  We in higher dimensions have joined in this cooperative venture, and the results have been magnificent.  When the Arcturians were invited to join the healing Masters, along with Mother/Father God, Archangel Michael, St. Germain, and many others, they responded by bringing their healing ships to help the entire planet.

First, two large Mother ships parked in high orbit over the North and South Pole, then four other smaller ships positioned themselves at the four points along the equator.  Because they were called upon, they came.  This is an example of the kind of materializing – creating what you ask for – that is possible now.  They will now assist in the healing of the entire planet.  You can all expect to experience “miraculous” healings, as many of the participants in the internet healing sessions have.  As the numbers of healers grows, the power of intention becomes such an irresistible force that no disease or illness can survive in its presence.

This healing endeavour has also brought forth thousands of dark entities, who are trying to attach themselves to the Lightworker hosts whom they see as their last hope for survival.  As you all may know, Lucifer has returned Home, to the welcoming arms of his Mother/Father God, his twin flame Archangel Gabrielle, and his adoring brothers and sisters.  He was given a hero’s welcome, much to his surprise, for he thought his long journey to Earth has failed to bring more light and higher vibration to the planet, which was his plan.

The intentionally-created Dark Energy form which was “Satan” has been captured and taken to the Light. The Dark Entities have now heard the story, and are in disarray and confusion because they had been manipulated into thinking that Lucifer was the Devil, the representative of all evil, and their powerful leader.  They are now stunned to discover that the one named Lucifer is in fact the essence of Light and Love, and they are beginning to come out of their dark hiding places, fearful, confused, disillusioned and desperate.  Many are attaching themselves to unsuspecting Lightworkers, in an effort to find a way to be saved.  Most are willing now to turn toward the Light, to be forgiven and restored in Love.

They are attaching themselves by the thousands to Gabrielle’s Pillar of Light protection which surrounds her.  As a team, Lucifer, Archangel Michael, St. Germain and I, along with Shatoose Mother Ama, Father God, the Arcturians and many others, counsel and reassure them.  They are being wrapped in a cocoon of Light, and most of them are choosing to go back to Source to be restored to the Light.

This is truly a monumental endeavour.  Gabrielle has joyfully offered to be of service by offering herself as the Light which attracts the thousands upon thousands of Dark Entities, who have been terrified to return because of what they have done.  They fear punishment, but what they receive is kindness, forgiveness and endless Love.  We escort them, one and all, to the Light to meet God.  The planet is at last being cleared of these Dark Ones, most of whom were misdirected followers.  It is truly a triumph for Light over Darkness.

We are grateful to our healing teams on the ground, to the Lightworkers who have learned to remove these Dark Entities, and to the growing internet healing team whose energies have inspired such positive action.  This is an example of the synergy which is produced when hundreds of people join forces to focus their energy toward a single, positive outcome:  the healing and Ascension of Planet Earth.  It is working brilliantly, and will continue to raise the consciousness and therefore the level of vibration of the whole planet.

By sending Love and Light to all who need physical healing, you have created a wave of awareness of the interplay between Dark thinking and disease, between anxiety, despair, illness and Darkness.  As healing proceeds, and perfect health becomes a dream in everyone’s mind, darkness vanishes into the ether, and despair is replaced by joy.  These “miracles” will become commonplace as more and more people begin to ride the wave of exhilaration and Love directly into the 5th dimension and the Dream of Ascension we have all shared for millennia.

I am Sananda/Jesus, and I am here to serve you.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, August 19, 2013, 11 pm, EDT

Chapter Nine

There is a momentous event taking place on Planet Earth this day, August 21, 2013.  You may not be aware of it, but that does not make it any less historic.  Today is the day that all the Dark Entities which have been hiding inside human hosts are being told they must leave now, and in doing that they must choose to either give themselves up and go to the Light, or be dissolved back into the pool of molecules, as required by Prime Creator.  There will be no exceptions.  Any who refuse to leave, but insist on remaining with the host will be slowly dissolved by the action of the Light energy within the host.  The higher the vibration, the faster the dissolution will take place.

You see, they are being given a choice whether to continue their lives as a soul or be discontinued.  This is more than fair, as you might say.  Should they decide to turn toward the Light, they will be escorted gently by a guide who respects their individuality and their choice.  The ones who are taken to the Light will be forgiven and welcomed back, for it is not the past that matters in one’s soul development.  It is the state of your soul, your attitude, your intention and your Light at this very moment which matters.  Nothing else.  Anyone can be restored; everyone can be forgiven.

As we write this, our dear Lady Portia who is transcribing my words is feeling the intense energy.  It is filled with feeling:  anxiety, fear, confusion, conflict, like a drop of water on a hot skillet, as she describes it.  It is difficult to manage for those of you who are empathic, especially if you are not aware of the source.  This high intensity will continue until after the healing radio show in which the Dark Entities are taken to the Light by Archangels Gabrielle and Lucifer.  They have taken on the responsibility of calling in and receiving all those who were lost, and all those who were conscripted into the Legions of Satan, under the incorrect impression that their leader was Lucifer.

Lucifer was not ever evil, nor was he the Satan, nor was he the leader of any dark organization or gang.  He was and will always be our dear brother whose name means Light, and who has lived an exemplary series of lives in the service of humankind.  His intention was to teach humans to learn to love themselves, and by doing that he believed they would find their connection to God.  Although we do not generally talk about our earth incarnations, I will give you an idea of the kind of work Lucifer did in his lives.  One recent incarnation was as Abraham Maslow, the brilliant psychologist who developed the concept of “peak performance.”  It inspired many to reach for what is best in themselves.  You have also heard of his work as one of Ancient Greece’s most well-known philosophers.

Lucifer and Gabrielle are continuing their work to protect and free humankind from the Dark Ones who came here to Planet Earth to dominate all.  They are finishing that arduous task by clearing the entire planet of the minions who were seduced into the order of evil-doers by those who believed that they could defeat God.  As you can see, they did not, and they never will.  It is now time for them to be permanently removed, from within your bodies, and from the surface of Planet Earth.  They cannot survive in the higher dimensions without being restored to heart feeling, so they are not a threat to other 5th dimensional planets or any beings of high vibration.

Now let us turn our attention to the monumental events of today, Thursday, August 22, 2013 by your Earth Calendar.  This evening, at 8 pm Eastern Time, (New York time), there will be an event which will be recorded in the history of the planet as a turning point, the beginning of a new era.  We will conduct a healing session of monumental proportions, in which all the Dark Entities still hiding on Planet Earth will be called to come forward to be taken to the Light.  The one we are calling Prince Reginald will cooperate with Gabrielle, who will sound her trumpet.  This sound will reverberate into every part of the planet, to those who are being harboured by human hosts and to those who are hiding inside the Earth’s crust, and those who have been flushed out of their base on the far side of the Moon.

No Reptilian entity will be permitted to remain to harass or compromise the happiness and full functioning of any being on Earth.  There will be no exceptions.  Any human who refuses to relinquish their hold on a Dark Entity within them will find that they cannot maintain that hold.  Although they may hang on for a matter of hours, the Light which is pouring forth from the Central Sun, and the outpouring of Love from the healers and Masters who are taking part in this Healing Event will overcome the Darkness once and for all, and those hangers-on will be dissolved into molecules and dispersed.

I repeat this command:  No Dark Entities will remain on Planet Earth.  There will be no exceptions.  Anyone who insists they are still being plagued by Darkness will need to look into their own ideas and convictions to discover why they have pledged their allegiance to pain and misery.  What will remain for those who have been invaded by these invaders will be the healing from having adapted to feeling lack, depression, anxiety, uncertainty, self-hatred and confusion.  This will require determination and dedication to rebuilding their own inner connections to their Higher Self and to God.

We will provide encouragement and instruction in these messages from me, and from Mother/Father God to help you rebalance your energies to fulfil the promise of your brilliant Creator selves, strong, confident and filled with the great Light of Heaven.  Never again will the people of Planet Earth be plagued by interference within themselves, imposed on them from without by those who wished to harm and control them.  You will now be free to breathe, take command of your own thoughts and feelings, and begin manifesting the Dream we all came here to build.

Only now will the true nature of humankind be visible to all, for you have been profoundly suppressed by these Dark Entities, of whom there are millions.  They have particularly attacked the Lightworkers of great power, to hold them back from fulfilling the wondrous accomplishments of which they are capable.  You will now see a flowering, a New Golden Age of creativity and good will, as all the energies of Light are released, allowing these talented and dedicated Beings to rise to their full potential.

It is truly a new day, Beloved Ones.  We now are able to arrange this mass healing and removal of the Dark Ones in such a way that you can all witness the event yourselves, no matter where on the planet you live.  Any place where a computer is available with an internet connection, there will be access to this great event.  It will be recorded for posterity, and copies of the recording made available on and on Youtube to be copied and distributed across the planet.  Everyone will eventually know of this clearing, and will know of the reason for the wondrous lightness they will feel tomorrow.  Everyone will see and feel the change, even if they are not aware of the cause.

Mark this day on your timeline, Dear Ones.  This is the day all the mental hospitals will be made useless, all the hospitals will empty out, all the prisons will become antiquated houses of horror, never to be inhabited again.  As the souls across the world awaken to their new inner peace, soldiers will lose their interest in fighting, despots will retire from wanting to control their people, and armies will turn their attention to rebuilding, restoring and helping people to live more comfortably.

All weapons will take on a distasteful aura, as they come to be seen as the instruments of torture and destruction they really are.  No one will want to be known as someone who is attracted to violence and death; those titillations will be known as the misguided thinking of ones who were under the influence of the Dark invaders, those inferior lifeforms who could not feel or think truly.

They were not able to think truly because of their neurological defect, caused by their unfortunate decision to manipulate their own DNA, to suppress their heart/mind.  It changed them, thousands of years ago, into beings without compassion, without a connection to Love, and without a connection to God.

As a collective, they were the expression of evil.  They were known as the Reptilians, the faction of Dark Beings from the Orion star system.  Those who initiated this project professed to have a leader of great power, Satan, who was Lucifer, God’s son.  The story was told so often and with such conviction that the minions of Reptilians under the command of the original Dark Ones were convinced they were the army of Lucifer.

Only when Lucifer announced his return on a radio show with Kathryn and Ann DeHart on July 27, recorded on did the dark factions discover the lie they had lived by for eons.  It caused havoc in the ranks of entities who had been carrying out their assigned duties of making trouble for humankind, individually and as a group.

They knew they had been betrayed, lied to, manipulated.  They also now knew that Lucifer was a true leader, and they began to learn that they had a choice.  As the energies on the planet rose, and the Lighworkers they were trying to keep in darkness began to raise their vibration, the DNA of the Dark Ones began to be reactivated, just as it was happening with humankind.  They listened to the voices of Lucifer and Gabrielle, who were calling them Home, inviting them to come to the Light to be forgiven and returned to their rightful place with God.

When Prince Reginald, the current leader of the Reptilians, heard of Lucifer’s return, he made the decision to vacate the body of the powerful Lightworker he had been inhabiting.  He left during the night, in order to escape and to go to Lady Portia in order to ask for safe passage.  He was able to raise his vibration because of the time spent in his host’s aura, and lodged himself in our dear Lady Master’s throat.  He welcomed the invitation to leave, surrounded by the healing team of which I was a member.  He turned himself in, asking to be allowed to lead all the members of his species to the Light.

Reginald has been forgiven, and is being encouraged to raise his Light further in order to eliminate all residue of thought patterns leading to Dark actions.  He has been taken to the Light, offered a pardon by God, and has been given healing treatments himself to prepare him for the work of leading his people to the Light.  He will be accompanied by Lucifer, whom he now sees as his rightful leader, Gabrielle, whose powerful beacon of Light will beckon them Home, and the Legions of Light – those in spirit and those incarnated now.

All the returning Beings will be escorted, one by one, with the help of millions of mentors, who will escort them on their return Home.  There they will be welcomed, enfolded in the Love of All That Is, and taken to the healing Light Chambers to be restored to the whole beings they were originally created to be.  They will no longer continue as Dark Ones, but will be restored to live out their birthright, the mission of doing God’s work, bringing Love and Light to the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond.

Rejoice with us in this historic Day of Freedom, Beloved Ones.  You have triumphed over Darkness by raising your own vibrations, by doing your own Lightwork, and by remaining in Faith during these difficult long centuries of pain and struggle.  You have risen above the challenges, and you will be rewarded with the joy of knowing you have accomplished this wondrous Shift which allowed for the defeat of Darkness across your entire planet.

As Father God is fond of saying, “It is done.  It is finished.”  Before the sun has set on the Americas this day, all Dark Entities will have joined the great procession of souls moving into the Light.  Tears of joy will wash away the years of pain, and all will celebrate by dancing, singing and hugging each other in the streets.  Watch as the realization spreads, as people awaken to the truth.  It will not happen in a single moment, but it will take hold in the hearts and minds of all humankind, in this year of our magnificent Ascension to the Light.

I am Sananda, the one you have known as Jesus.

Chapter Ten

When this Ascension plan you are carrying out now was put in place thousands of years ago, it was considered a very ambitious design. While there have been many planets in the cosmos which have ascended, and many groups of people who have ascended in the past, it is not generally done all together – planet and inhabitants in cooperation.

It is common for a planet to be cleared of its inhabitants, who go elsewhere for a time to do their lessons, while the planet itself raises its vibration to a higher and higher level, finally achieving the transition to a higher dimension. Some have done this several times, and now reside in the plane which is not visible to you. In other cases, the individual souls have taken on the project to raise themselves to a higher dimension, where they too exist in a dimension which your human eyes cannot perceive.

You are familiar with the story of my death and resurrection. This was my ascension from planet Earth into higher dimensions. It was intended to represent for you the possibility of eternal life, with a body risen to be your vehicle by which you can return to lower dimensions if you wish without having to go through the birth and death experience. Unfortunately, that was not the part of the story that has been told, so I will take the opportunity here to explain it.

I did not come to our beloved Planet Earth to die for anyone’s sins. That is a nonsensical idea, since we are all individually responsible for our own actions and beliefs. I came to teach Love, simply that. I wanted to express my own Love for the Creator, and to show others that they too could find solace, inspiration and deep connection with those in spirit form who oversee and assist in our lives. I saw the cruelty and greed on the planet and wished to find a way to lead people away from the suffering it caused.

Unfortunately, I was not very successful in stopping the march of the Reptilian race. They distorted my teachings, in the way they compiled the Bible, and even more effectively in the way they interpreted my teachings. My disciples tried very hard to make an accurate record of what we stood for, but their writings are overwhelmed by the contributions of others whose agenda was to promote divisiveness and exclusivity rather than Unity and recognition that we are all One.

I did not come to establish the religion, Christianity. I would not have permitted teachings which would divide my people, the Jews, from anyone of other faiths or belief systems. I had hoped to create a body of work which could be included in any and all religious or philosophical points of view. It was intended to expand consciousness, no matter what a person’s belief system might be. Unfortunately, I had not yet left the Earth plane when the one who called himself Paul took it upon himself to begin an energetic proselytizing campaign in which he appointed himself the Apostle to the Gentiles. Thus began the divisiveness between my followers and others which has continued to this day.

Paul, or Saul as he had been known, did not know me, nor did he understand the depth of my desire to encourage Unity across races, religions and creeds. Instead, he began a crusade to teach his own version of my words, adapted to his own narrow view of the world. He had been a cruel man, one whose purpose it had been to persecute my followers. It is true that he had a “vision” in which I asked him why he was so determined to do this. There was nothing unique about his ability to hear my complaint. Many have been able to hear my voice more consistently than he did. It did convince him to end his overt crusade which was intended to murder us, but his attraction to power and psychological violence did not end there.

I do not blame Paul for his zealousness nor his destructive effect on my teachings. He was under the sway of Dark forces, was inhabited by Reptilian entities, and was strongly influenced by his early family lessons. He has long ago been forgiven, and has returned to the family of Love and Light. He will play an important part in the coming Ascension of humankind. In fact he is now a Commander of one of the large ships which will aid in the healing process of those who come to us in the first waves of those who have raised themselves sufficiently to cross into the 5th dimension.

Now, many of you have been given the impression that the coming event is something that will “happen” to you because you are here on Earth. You have been frightened with images of massive war, catastrophic weather, and other life-threatening events. This has been a fear campaign initiated by the Dark Ones, to distract you and lower your vibration so you cannot raise yourselves high enough to ascend to the Light, where you would be completely out of their reach.

You see, the Reptilian race which controlled the media and all the other important institutions on the planet were not capable of ascending higher than the 4th dimension. They were mired in their self-created genetic limitations; they were not capable of great Love, and they despised the Light. Their only desire was to control humanity, and they did that by keeping you in a state of fear. Fear is the opposite of Love, therefore if you are in fear, you cannot ascend to join the Company of Heaven. It was a very simple but effective strategy, and it is the way of life from which we are now working to free you.

The Reptilians and other Dark Entities are now gone from the planet, as of August 22, 2013. You can hear the narration of the great ceremony in which they were given the alternative to go to the LIght or be dissolved as souls. Nearly a million of them were rescued and went voluntarily to join Mother and Father God and the other Masters who welcomed them Home. The recording of the event is at,* available for all to hear. I was there, observing the momentous moment which marks the beginning of a new era. It was truly the turning point which will allow your Ascension to proceed in an atmosphere of freedom and individual independence.

Many of you were “possessed” by the affliction of carrying a Dark Entity within your bodies. They were able to move, in spirit form, from one human body to another, inflicting pain, illness, and perhaps worst of all, instilling ideas of despair, depression and anxiety in the host. They had developed technologies to promote their propaganda and to torture those who defied them. They were truly the nemesis of Humankind. Mother God has spoken of these things eloquently in her messages to you, on the same radio channel and in the recent message given in her name.

The leader of the Reptilians, Reginald, has taken the responsibility for leading his people to the Light, and will play an important role in their restoration and recovery from thousands of years of living as followers of the imaginary being called the Devil, or Satan. They were mistakenly convinced that Lucifer was their Dark hero. When he publicly and tearfully announced his return to Mother/Father God, and was welcomed as a hero of the Light, it was the beginning of the end for them.

In the short period of one month, their reign of terror came to an end. Their leaders have been removed from the planet, their hero was revealed to be the leader of their supposed enemies, and they were invited to be welcomed back as the prodigal race they had been for eons. The implications of this dramatic ending – the true Apocalypse – has just begun to be felt across the planet. It will unfold gradually, as people awaken to the knowledge that they are no longer living under massive oppression.

There are a few holdouts, like the Syrian dictator who was allowed to remain as the final example, or object lesson, for how cruelty will be dealt with, should the human converts to the Reptilian program – the ones our Kathryn has called Wannabes – decide to continue their Dark actions. This will be resolved when he realizes he no longer has any supporters, because everyone has “given up the ghost” when it comes to profiting on the backs of the poor and holding power over others. There is no more power structure to protect them, and to allow them immunity from prosecution. The collapse of the Tower of Darkness is at hand.

This is your Apocalypse, Dear Ones. It is an event that will bring dancing in the streets, as the entire globe experiences Arab Spring – the term that has come to represent the final rising up of those who have been oppressed, to form more humane and viable forms of governance for all. It has gone by fits and starts, as can be expected, but it is a powerful and unstoppable force for Good which has taken hold of the imaginations of all who strive toward the Light. It will be done, as Earth as it is in Heaven.

Heaven, you see, is a place of endless Love. There is no punishment, no judgement and no retribution. It is what you would think of as a democratically governed multidimensional place beyond time or space. There are no limits to the possibility for each soul to evolve, to learn and to thrive. All creativity is celebrated, all individuality respected, and all efforts toward Love and Light are supported by Prime Creator and the Ascended Masters who are his Legions of Light. In the Milky Way Galaxy, which is home to us, the governance of the galaxy is overseen by Mother/Father God, those great Enlightened Beings of Pure Love who have created All That Is within this galaxy.

You have been taught that there is a Trinity of leadership which is responsible for you here on Earth and beyond. We are Prime Creator, the Creator of all Creators, Mother/Father God, and I, Sananda, the one you knew in my most recent incarnation as Yeshua ben Joseph. Mother God has been known as Sekhmet, Isis, The Empress, and has been represented as the lioness, the great Sphinx. Father God has been known variously as Alcyone, Yahweh, Allah, Shiva and more recently, Zorra. Prime Creator is the Invisible Hand behind all creation, the Source of All Things, and the one we honour and love above all. There is no designation to describe Prime Creator, such as he/she/it. We simply honour and adore our Creator, who is Love, the source of all Light.

Within the great cosmos, which includes the star systems, visible and invisible to your human eyes, there are many races, many inhabited planets, and infinite energy. It is this energy which is managed and used by the powerful Creators, the Gods who create all beings, all souls, all planets and stars. The mystery of Creation is known and taught by them, and is the height of the ascension ladder – the ability to create. This ability is held sacred, a holy responsibility which is only carried by the Highest of the High.

There are many Dark Ones who have tried to command the power of Creation, but their efforts have always come to naught, as in their efforts on Planet Earth to clone beings, artificially engineer plants, and manipulate the sacred DNA structures. It will not continue, now that the originators of these projects are gone. In addition, the massive poisoning of Mother Earth through the extraction and use of fossil fuels will be completely discontinued, because it is an unholy invasion of her sacred body.

There have long been technologies which could have taken the place of these destructive practices, but their use has been forbidden by those whose hold on power and profit would have been weakened. This stranglehold on technological progress has been lifted with the removal of the Reptilian race. You will now see a blossoming of invention as never before, and your access to advanced knowledge will be unlimited as your brothers and sisters from other star systems will now be able to share their own knowledge in every area of life.

Not only will new forms of energy and transportation be available to you. All the problems of agriculture, water supply and management, and all the comforts of living will be brought into new light by cooperation and inspiration from everyone and anyone whose expertise you wish to draw upon. This cooperation will be offered, but never imposed, because that is not the way of the peaceful and loving members of the Intergalactic Federation of Light. Of course, this English translation of their name does not capture the sense of freedom and cooperation they stand for. It is an organization of planetary leaders from all the cosmos who have pledged their allegiance to the work of Prime Creator, which is the action of Love and Light in the interest of all Good.

The Supreme Commander of the fleet of spacecraft belonging to the Intergalactic Federation is the one you have known as Ashtar. He has been present in Earth orbit, and has often been channelled by various ones among you, as he gathered and organized the great fleet which has come to be of assistance to you. His ship, The New Jerusalem, has been my home since my last incarnation as Jesus, as together we have overseen the coming Ascension of Planet Earth. It is Ashtar who has been in charge of the protection of Mother Earth from any outside influence as she has gone through the process of her own Ascension.

Yes, there are still some in the lower dimensions of the Universe who would bring military force to disrupt the movement of the entire planet into higher vibrations, but they are not as dangerous as they imagine themselves to be. The Federation would always prefer peaceful means to settle any conflict, and will not use their considerable might if it is at all avoidable. This gives the Dark Ones the impression that We are afraid to fight them, an idea that is of course entirely false; we simply prefer not to use force. The IFL has taken action when it is completely necessary, when a planet calls upon them to do so, as in the current removal of the Dark Ones from your midst.

So you see, you are entirely protected and overseen by the Legions of Light, who have been given permission by Prime Creator to carry out the mission of aiding Mother Earth and humankind in their coming Ascension. They will help, but only in so far as it is not considered intervention. I wish to emphasize here that this process is not something that will be done to you or for you. It is something you will accomplish individually first, and as a group next, for no one will ascend who has not completed their own learning process.

This means you must each learn to heal the residue of discontent, anger, resentment and fear which you have been steeped in for lifetimes. Each person must lay down their weapons, whether they be the tendency toward aggression or the inclination toward self-centred control of others. All dark energy must be purged, all dark actions forsworn. This is what many of you would consider a “tall order.” Indeed it is. You may find it difficult at first, as you are newly adjusting to your physical and emotional freedom, but We have trusted in the resilience and great potential which is inherent in the human soul. We are here to help you, and our presence will be felt increasingly, as the energy of Light spreads across your planet.

Rejoice, Beloved Ones. Your Apocalypse has been written in the stars. It is the end of the world as you have known it, and the world you have known was one of Darkness, war, suffering and control by the forces of evil. No more. Now, in this year of your calendar, 2013, begins a new era in the life of the glorious Blue Planet, Mother Earth. You who have chosen to be here at this time, all who came as souls from distant origins across the Universes, will share in the triumph and the joy which is our destiny.

I too have chosen to be here, to help lead this magnificent Ascension, filled with Love and admiration for the courageous souls who are the brothers and sisters of my heart.

I am Sananda, the one you knew as Jesus of Nazareth.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, August 30, 5 PM, EDT

Chapter Eleven

Let us speak now of the challenges you will need to overcome in order to accomplish your personal Ascension.  It is a process which very few on your planet have completed in the past, although many have lived productive and loving lives.  It has been difficult to reach the high level of vibration required because of the atmosphere of heaviness, Darkness which has surrounded you.  Even some who were named Saints after their deaths were not able to sustain the 5th dimensional vibration because of religious teachings, trauma or personal difficulty which caused them to lose their grip on the source of high vibration, which is Love and Joy.

Yes, it has been an impediment to ascension in the past when people believed that happiness and godliness do not mix.  This has been a terrible travesty, because suffering and pain have been lauded, while cheerfulness and good will have been seen as a lack of serious commitment.  What a shame this is.  Laughter, song, dancing and play are a great part of the foundation for a strong connection to God.  It has been a terrible development in religious practice, that self-flagellation, self-hatred and self-punishment are accepted as an appropriate means to elevating one’s spirituality.

I wish to make it very clear that punishment of any kind, including that which is directed toward the self, is completely inappropriate to any religious or spiritual practice which intends to lift one to a higher plane.  These actions serve rather to lower one’s vibration by creating pain, especially emotional pain.  It must be the most serious consideration in working toward Ascension that each person examine their habit of self-judgement.

Self-judgement is not the same as evaluating your own behaviour in order to improve or change.  Judgement is an attitude of superiority, condemnation and prejudice.  It is designed to create a feeling of triumph or power over another, even if that “other” is your own self.  Thus, a division is created in the person – what you might call a split in the personality – in which the one who judges harshly and the one who is punished happen to inhabit the same body.  Such is the power of the human imagination, that one can take a position of power over oneself.

This separation or division between the “I” and “Me” within one individual has come to be accepted as a normal, even advantageous way to motivate or improve oneself.  This is not true.  Just as punishment creates ill will and resentment, so does self-punishment.  This tradition of applying Darkness to create Light is entirely destructive, a form of torture developed by those who wished to divide and control others.  You cannot divide and control yourself; this is a direct route to the lower-vibe emotions, like sadness, despair, depression and anxiety.  It prevents you from breaking free, and it prevents you from doing the healing you need to accomplish in order to ascend.

Now, what is the way out of this conundrum?  Understand that Our Love contains no judgement, no condemnation, no disapproval.  In accepting the Love of God, you must also relinquish your attachment to disapproving judgement.  Love yourself as I love you, and you will begin to smile.  Allow the last of your tears to fall, cleansing the regret and pain you have accumulated over lifetimes of disapproval and belittlement, then dry your eyes and look around you.  You will begin to see beauty, strength and intelligence in those around you – those who are like you and those who are different.

God does not look down upon those whose skin is a different colour from yours, or those who are poor, those who are in a female body, or those who are practising a religion that is different from yours.  All are God’s children, and all are equal in God’s eyes.  I see you as Mother/Father God do:  I see brilliant souls at every level of development, all striving to learn, all wanting to evolve.  None is more valuable than any other in our eyes; all are precious, all are divine.

All life in the Universe is sacred, and all life represents consciousness.  Every planet is a Being, every animal, plant and insect are soul creations, an integral part of All That Is.  The Kingdoms of the plants and animals are sacred participants in the whole that is under the protection and nurturance of Mother Earth, the great cosmic planet soul.  It is not an esoteric or strange pagan practice we teach here – it is Truth.  You have been separated from connection to the life around you, and it has added to your estrangement, your feelings of alienation and loneliness.  Restore those connections and you will never again feel loneliness or despair.

Begin with gratitude.  Consider the goodness in life.  Perhaps you have seen something beautiful in Nature; perhaps you have tasted Love in your life.  Celebrate those moments, those precious experiences you hold in your memory.  Look around you to search out beauty.  A blade of grass holds wonder; a child’s eyes reflect the depth of God’s absolute Love.  What is a disability or an affliction but a sacred trust?  God trusted you to overcome, to learn something profound in the experience of living in a body which is different from the norm, or a mind that creates differently from others.

Throw away your judgements:  this is good, this is bad.  Open your hearts to a new perspective – Our perspective, which is always coloured by the deepest Love, and the deepest desire to see you grow.  See yourself through Our eyes, and you will never again feel a moment of shame or disappointment in yourself.  You are perfect, and you are learning.

You may see your past in the cruel light of self-judgement.  This was a failure, that was a mistake.  You may feel you are not “successful” in your life.  Dear Ones, from our perspective, there is no such thing as an unsuccessful life, unless you spent every moment of it asleep, and even that would be an important lesson.  As long as you are alive, as long as your have breath, you are on the threshold of a new revelation.  Any moment, you are able to awaken and begin anew, in Love and Light.  Now look back at the experiences of your life.  See how each “mistake,” every disappointment led you to make a change in your path, or opened new possibilities for your growth.

There are no failures, Beloved Ones.  There is only learning.  From this perspective, the more failures you have experienced, the more likely you are to be preparing yourself for your ascension.  The “school of hard knocks” which is life on Planet Earth has prepared you for one of two things – great empathy and compassion, or arrogant intolerance.  Which will you choose?  And which will you choose to apply to yourself?

In Truth, the most important principles to live by, and the fundamental requirement for Ascension are these:

No soul will reach the level of vibration needed to take part in the Ascension to the 5th dimension without a complete and absolute acceptance of themselves as Divine. This is the knowledge that we each are loved without exception. The acceptance of that Truth  then becomes unending Love of the Self – what you have called Unconditional Love.  In this acceptance, you become Light – the powerful beacon of Love which will lift you and others around you to higher levels of consciousness.

Absolute and unending Love of Self releases the Being from all experience of the emotions of shame, fear and judgement.  This freedom unleashes the power of creativity, and the capacity to love others unconditionally, without judgement or fear.  It is a complete joining with Source and the recognition of the Self as One with Creator, and with all consciousness.

We, the Trinity of Prime Creator, Mother/Father God and I, Sananda, hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all souls are created equal.  We are the ones you have known as The Father (Prime Creator), the Son (myself) and the Holy Spirit (Mother/Father God).

These designations have in the past been limited to male identity, although each of us carries the wholeness of being both male and female in our Nature.  I, Sananda, am the male expression of my Unity Being, which includes my feminine counterpart, or Twin Flame, who is Lady Nada.  She accompanied me in body in my life as Jesus, as the one you knew as Mary Magdalene.  Together we form one complete soul.

Mother and Father God are One, both male and female, the Creators of our galaxy, who together envisioned the planet you know as Earth.  It was then birthed by Mother God as the expression of their Unified essence, which is Love.  As in humankind, only the Mother has the ability to give birth to new souls; she carries the gift of birth in her Being.

Prime Creator is One, neither male nor female, the Beginning, the First Creator.  Lady Nada and I are the soul child of Prime Creator, as are Mother and Father God.  We were created to fulfil our missions in service to Love.  Our essence is Love, and we have developed that Love over eons, as we learned the power of Creation under the watchful eye of our Maker.

Mother/Father God have fulfilled their destiny as the Creators of this galaxy, and they continue to evolve and expand as Beings of Light, as we all do.  Every soul in the entire Cosmos is a part of the expanding breath of life, the inevitable flow which leads to constant change, constant evolution to higher levels of consciousness.
Planet Earth, the precious creation of Mother/Father God, fulfils her destiny as the Mother by being a part of the birth of all that which sustains life within and upon her body.  The matter of which she is made is the source of life for all beings, including humankind.  All beings who are birthed on her body carry both the essence of their Created Souls and the material essence of their bodies – the marriage of Spirit and form which creates life as you know it on Earth.

Thus, the bodies which you inhabit during your sojourn here on Earth are the vessels of your souls, the entities which have allowed you to experience life in the lower, denser atmosphere of the 3rd dimension.  In times past, when you ended your lives as human beings, you would leave your body to return to Mother Earth, while your soul being made the transition to the 5th dimension.

This time it will be different for those who choose to ascend before the end of their present lifetime.  You will transition to higher dimensions, but you will take your bodies with you, to be renewed and restored to perfect health, and you will be able to remain with those bodies if you wish to return to Earth.

Should you accomplish the elevation to higher dimensions, your body can be left for safekeeping while you travel in your lightbody, the essence of your soul being. This will give you tremendous freedom, to experience life in a body, as you have done here during this lifetime, or to travel the cosmos as your disembodied consciousness, your soul essence.  You will also be able to join with your Twin Flame, the other half of your Created Soul, as one.  It is truly the spiritual version of what you would call “a win-win situation.”

Now we are being summoned by Prime Creator, who wishes to contribute to this discussion by including a statement here.

Prime Creator Speaks:

It is joy which brings me to communicate with you.  It is a time of rebirth, of increasing vitality and change.  The events you are experiencing now are the beginning of a new era for Planet Earth, and it also heralds in a shift across All That Is to a higher vibration.  All beings in the Multi-verse – the Universes within and beyond your human perception – are taking part in the rising tide which lifts all to higher levels of existence.  Indeed, every being in every corner of the Universe will feel the effects of this great rebirth.

It is my intention that all be given the freedom to grow, to ascend to higher dimensions.  It is the birthright of all beings, this natural movement toward expansion.  It is felt everywhere as individuals and as groups, although many areas of the cosmos have already evolved to an experience of life which is lived as a group identity, a shared consciousness.  It is the evolution of Love to join with others in harmony and bliss.  It is your destiny to make this transition as well, although that is still a long way off for humankind.  Your experience as individuals – your individuation phase – has been a productive learning experience, one which will bring great richness and depth to your eventual joining in Unity.

For you, behind the Veil of Forgetfulness which shields you from knowledge of those higher dimensions you have experienced as Home between incarnations, it is not apparent that there are worlds beyond worlds for you to explore.  It has appeared to you that all existence is what you see and feel with your present bodies, through the use of your five senses.  This was part of the Great Experiment, of course.  It allowed you to experience free will.  Were you to have complete vision as you do in higher dimensions, you would not be able to make completely independent choices, for higher dimensional Vision allows you to see cause and effect, removing the mystery of where a particular decision will lead you.

Thus, in the condition of 3-dimensional Earth, you were given the option to direct your life in response to your experience of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.  The added element of physicality, combined with free will, has created a superior learning environment, with the opportunity to choose connection with me and with other beings in spirit form, or to live apart from the Love and support of the Heavenly Host.  Those who have maintained this connection or are awakening to it will find their path cleared for them.  By joining with the power of Love, you are able to take flight.

As each one awakens to the possibility of accomplishing this wondrous transition together, you will have need of teachers, mentors and guides to help you take this leap into what you might think of as the unknown.  Your guides will have already pierced the Veil and will be aware of the glories which await you.  You will receive all the help you need, for as long as you need it.  This is also part of the plan.

Many among you are incarnated Ascended Masters who have come to assist you.  They too have had to make the effort to awaken from the oppression and Darkness which has weighed upon all of you.  They have lived many lives in preparation for this time, where they gained in wisdom and strength, and they are now working to clear away all residue of distortion and suffering from this and past lifetimes, so that they may lead you from a position of Absolute Love.

During each phase of growth as it is expressed in the process of Ascension, there are souls who step forward to lead others toward the Light.  On your planet at this time, the Kumaras, whose growth as souls was accomplished over eons on the Planet Venus, have played an important role.  They are the family of Sananda which has taken a special interest in this Ascension, and they are all the children of my heart.

Over eons, they have evolved to their position of influence by virtue of their level of learning and their achievement of higher dimensional understanding.  They are among the Enlightened Beings who serve in positions of responsibility on your planet and in the High Councils of the Galactic Federation and beyond. It is the custom for these Enlightened Beings to serve as Regents of Planet Earth – those leaders who take responsibility for the growth and development of all beings on the planet.

The Regents, who are also known as Lords of the World, serve for a period of some 2,000 years as measured in Earth time.  The Regents who have been chosen by a Council of beings from this planet and beyond to serve at this time of transition are the ones you know as Lord St. Germain and Lady Portia.  They take over the duties from the past Regents, Lord Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus.  As some of you may know, in his recent Earthly incarnation, Sanat Kumara trained Kathryn over a period of 30 years in the ancient technique of Visual Centring, to prepare her for this work she is doing now.  Of course, neither of them knew of that at the time.  They only knew they felt a very strong bond, and loved each other very much.

Their special interest and commitment to the cause of Love and Light has been recognized for eons, and their love of Mother Earth and humankind is unwavering. In preparation for this responsibility, they have each lived lives as leaders of the people.  St. Germain is known for his incarnations as alchemist, writer and political leader, while Lady Portia has served in powerful political positions as queen in various eras in several countries during your history.  Together and separately they have helped to shape the fertile arena which is now your springboard to Ascension.

Our channel, Kathryn, is not comfortable with being both the subject and the scribe for these discussions, but we can assure her this is not the only source of information on this topic.  We also wish to reassure others who sincerely believe they have been given the responsibility of presenting the presence of Lady Portia in body at this time, you are indeed an aspect of Lady Portia, and your Twin Flame is an aspect of St. Germain, and you are offering a great service by disseminating the wonderful teachings of these Masters.

It is time now on Planet Earth for all of you to begin diligently applying the lessons you have been given here, in Sananda’s teachings, and in the many messages from Mother/Father God which are all gathered on the website,  This is the original source of our teachings, which were first written in English.  Translations have been made in many languages, and the messages may be copied without charge, but the originals should always be considered the authentic source.

We are giving you everything we can offer you in writing, and our Masters are teaching our True Way across the globe, but it is up to you to read with an open heart, to be willing to change the ideas you have come to believe as a result of your religious teachings, and above all, to raise you vibrations so that you will be prepared to ascend when the portals become visible to you.  It is entirely your choice and your responsibility to prepare yourselves, as our Ascended Masters have done in the past.  We are sending waves of healing energy to you now, to help you wash away old feelings, old convictions and old pain so that you can experience yourselves as the brilliant beings of Love you were born to be.

Let me give you one last definitive explanation of what is required for your personal ascension:
1).  You must maintain complete command over your emotions, thoughts and feelings, such that you only permit expression of the high vibration emotions, which are Love, Compassion, Kindness, Forgiveness, Joy, Laughter, Harmony and Peace.

2).  Gain command over your thoughts so that you refuse entrance to those thoughts and ideas which cause you doubt, anger, resentment, anxiety or despair, or which bring these feelings to others.  Do not insist that you are simply addressing “reality.” These thoughts are all manifestations of Darkness, the Dark teachings of the past.

3.)  Understand that self-defence is only that.  Initiating an attack on another, regardless of the professed excuse, is never acceptable to God.

4).  Remain in a state of good will, kindness and compassion toward yourself and your fellow humans at all times.  Any religion or attitude which professes enmity, disapproval or condemnation toward others is false and not of this Creator.

5).  Accept that you, and all the animal, vegetable and mineral creations on your Planet Earth are conscious beings with feelings, thoughts and aspirations to ascend.  Refrain from eating the animals, for they are your friends. You will all rise together, and you will receive great assistance from the other Kingdoms.

6).  Protect your planet as you would your child, for she is the source of Life.  Do not permit invasion and attack to her body, regardless of any excuse that is given or any entitlement assumed.

7).  Join with others, especially including the children, to joyfully and consciously prepare yourselves for this all-important event.  Nothing in your lives is as important or as deserving of your attention as assuring your own Ascension and that of the people around you.

8). Allow the endless Love from Us to flow through your body and fill your heart.  In this way, you allow your own ascension to occur effortlessly.

9).  Teach patience, compassion and endless Love through your own actions, which speak louder than anything you can say.  Make peace with those around you, and you will live in peace.

10).  Approach this challenge with Joy, for it is truly the stairway to Heaven.

These are my Commandments and the desire of my Heart, to see every one of my Earth children ascend in Joy, as all fulfil the destiny of humankind, to live in peace and harmony in the 5th dimension.  They are Universal Laws, and living by these Laws will bring unfathomable happiness and fulfilment to every being on Earth and in the Heavens.

I give you my Love, my trust in your innate Nature, and the assistance of my trusted Masters to help ease your way.  May your days be filled with Laughter and Joy.

I AM your Prime Creator.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, August 31, 2013, 12 PM

Chapter Twelve

Prime Creator has spoken. You have been given the New Commandments for Ascension. These carefully stated Universal Laws need no interpretation. There are no hidden meanings or mysterious inferences in these words; they are simply the True expression of our Creator, giving us help to carry us through the coming days. No person on Planet Earth will be exempted from these Laws, and no person will be excluded from the privilege of Ascension except by their own choices.

Why would anyone want to be excluded from this glorious opportunity? It is a simple matter of being willing to accept the existence of a life after death, and accepting the idea that you are each in charge of your own destiny. In addition, there are many who have subscribed to the religion of scientific exploration, which requires that nothing is believable which cannot be seen and touched by the five senses. This limited view has achieved much in terms of understanding the physical world around you, but it cannot offer understanding of the mysteries of life in higher dimensions.

Many people have become so rejecting of anything that sounds like “religion” that they will reject these teachings simply because they have Our names on them. To them, you can say that it is our desire to end the practice of all “organized religion” in favour of a direct conversation with each of you personally. There is no requirement that you adhere to any cult-like organization or any elaborate set of rules of behaviour beyond what you read here. We do not wish to gain “converts” to a particular practice or belief system. We want to teach you how to reconnect with the God in you – your sacred I AM Presence. There is no need for any other guidance outside yourself.

We also wish to introduce you to the Heavenly Host. This general title refers to all the Enlightened Beings in spirit form, From Prime Creator, Mother/Father God and me to the Archangels and the Ascended Masters who are old souls working with Us to help you along your path. They are beings with much experience and expertise in the ways of 3-dimensional life and they understand well what will be required for you to complete your Ascension.

These Beings have not often been spoken of in the Bible or other writings except in relation to their Earthly incarnations, except perhaps for me and my Mother, Mary. Kwan Yin’s popularity in Asia is an exception. Thanks to his work to establish the Prosperity Funds to rescue Planet Earth from economic slavery, St. Germain is becoming more well known in the Western world. Their influence is profoundly felt on the surface of the planet, even if their presence is not acknowledged. These are the Ones who guide and look after you, and their encouragement and direction can be felt by anyone whose heart and mind is open. You generally refer to their messages and interventions as “intuition.”

These are your family, Dear Ones. They have looked out for you for eons.  Many of you have worked closely with them during your time between lives and even now, during your sleeping hours. You too are able to travel, to leave your bodies and visit higher dimensions. You may remember dreams from childhood when you talked with God, or when you saw those who had passed on. Children, of course, are closer to their hearts than adults who have been acculturated to the denial of all things “extraterrestrial.”  You will laugh when you arrive in higher dimensions and find how tiny your peep-hole to the cosmos has been.

Now let us discuss your approach to sexuality. We have at times encouraged a rather straight-laced approach to sexual behaviour because of the especially lascivious attitudes present on the planet. We have tried to balance the extremes when necessary, but as a culture you have matured to a degree. There are still objectifying attitudes, especially in the media and on the internet, but it is time for you to step into a more reasonable, open-minded approach to understanding your sexual drives and your reproductive potential.

We in the higher dimensions have no moral judgements about who has sexual relations with whom, except where children or women in captivity are concerned. You have free will, and will learn your lessons well by making your mistakes and reaping the results in your own lives. Many a good marriage has been destroyed by infidelity, but have you ever noticed how frequently the “wronged” party moves on to another, more satisfying relationship, or how often both partners find lasting love after the breakup?

We see you caught up in your passions, your temptations and your lapses. We sympathize with you, because the sexual drive is very strong in your species, and partnerships are best strengthened and lengthened by a fulfilling sexual relationship. Unfortunately, many religious teachings, in an effort to control people through their sexual feelings, have created the impression that God despises sexuality, especially if it is fun, and not for the purpose of reproduction. This is nonsense. You were given this gift of sexual pleasure to enjoy, and to share in a loving relationship. I do not need to tell you that sex with a stranger is unsatisfying, unfulfilling and downright strange.

Sex has been described by some as the “glue” that holds a relationship together during the hard times. This is true. The strains of everyday life, issues of money and raising children in a culture that is hostile to them – all contribute to feelings of discontent and frustration which can be soothed or worsened by the feeling tone of the partnership. An admiring mate (whether married or not) can be a tremendous help when life strikes a blow, and a comforting sexual encounter can heal almost any difficult challenge. We wish you Love, and in a partnership, that means physical Love.

Much has been made of the idea that homosexuality is considered a forbidden abomination in God’s eyes. This is not true. There are now many on the planet who took on the challenge to come to this life in the body of one whose sexual impulses had been modified to create attraction to others of the same sex. It has been a courageous contract, one which guaranteed difficult emotional adjustments, challenges to one’s self-esteem, and sometimes physical threats. Those who volunteered for this life challenge knew they would be confronting the common belief systems, especially those of the fundamentalist sects. This was our desire – to create a situation which would eventually result in exposing the hatred behind bigotry, just as was done during the Civil Rights era.

The Western World has moved very quickly, in relative terms, to adopt a tolerant attitude toward alternative lifestyles. We are pleased with this rapid change, and are grateful to our courageous brothers and sisters who put their lives on the line to make it happen. It has forced the hand of those who were rigidly attached to their religious dogma, opening a crack in the armour, you might say.

As more and more people defend their friends who are gay, who live loving and productive lives in partnerships that are every bit as stable and nurturing as their heterosexual counterparts, and as their child-rearing expertise has proven equally supportive to children who might not otherwise have a stable home, the world has had to acknowledge that gay people are not so different after all. You see, in terms of opening doors to tolerance and Love, this was a dramatically successful experiment.

Now that the Reptilians have left the arena of global financial systems, there will also be a rapid shift in priorities, as people who are tired of “the rat race” are at last able to reduce their hours to find satisfaction in family life, creative endeavours and service to the community. With the war machine winding down, there will be enormous amounts of money available for the amenities which make life more comfortable and more fun. Charitable funding is already on the increase, and will begin to be felt as an engine of productivity in the arts, in music, drama, dance and other creative endeavours.

A new respect for artistry is already beginning to be felt, as the same-old gyrating, scantily-dressed popular music stars lose their lustre by comparison with truly talented singers and songwriters who bring their heart-felt songs to a public that is hungry for real meaning. The Reptilian preference for peddling cheap-and-tacky in every area of life is now at an end.  Humanity will now rise to the level of artistic expression which has been seen before, when beauty and excellence was celebrated, as in the European Renaissance, and the height of the Greek and Roman period. What a pleasure it will be to see galleries and museums, parks and homes filled with the astonishingly beautiful creations of which humankind is capable.

You, our Dear Ones, will have the opportunity to explore your true desires, and it will create a new freedom in your everyday lives that will quickly flow over into new attitudes toward anything which is restrictive or oppressive. This is the new opening of portals to higher dimensions having their effect. You, the first readers of these words, are on the forefront of the movement to free all from psychological oppression, the last bastion of 3-dimensional imprisonment. You will very quickly reclaim your right to think for yourselves, experience your own feelings and decide for yourselves whether you feel the Presence of your loving Mother/Father God, whether you too can hear my voice when I embrace you and speak softly into your ear.

Faith is not blind, Beloved Brothers and Sisters; it is based in experience. You read these words, you feel the Truth in them, and you feel relief, because they are simple thoughts that express what you have always known in your heart. These messages will only be upsetting to someone who has been convinced to blindly accept something they do not truly feel, but have adopted because someone made an internally consistent argument that appealed to their ego/brain. If your religious beliefs make you feel superior, they are wrong. If they make you feel shame, they are mistaken. If they make you feel fear, they are coercive. If it makes you angry or anxious when others do not agree with you, you are vibrating at a low level, and you need to raise your Love quotient rather than invest in defending a set of ideas or principles, no matter how right you may think they are.

These Truths I give you now are timely because of your preparation for ascension. In earlier days, it was timely to emphasize other principles because of the conditions people were living under. You have evolved, you have access to far greater information because of your internet, and you are more familiar with the basic concepts of astronomy, physics and economics. The concept of space travel, for instance, is not entirely strange to you, even though your governments have made every effort to keep secret those things which are becoming common knowledge to the entire populace. There are few individuals who have not seen space craft in their skies, and the sightings are increasing daily.

The institution of free education for all through high school, while not a perfect system, has created a populace in the Western World and parts of the Far East where 100% literacy is the norm. Compare this to just 150 years ago. I am now able to talk with you about the waves of plasma energy from the Central Sun in the centre of the Universe, and you read on. When we mention that your DNA strands are being activated, you have enough familiarity with the concepts to discuss it and ask questions.

Even the ability to write these words in English and expect to have an audience far beyond your shores is a remarkable phenomenon. You see, this is why we need a new version of the Scriptures. Much of the old writings are in language which now sounds stilted or unintelligible, and much has been skewed over time to satisfy the desire for restrictive, dogmatic teachings with which to frighten and control people. Many of you are familiar with “A Course in Miracles,” which is a large work which I dictated about 40 years ago. It is difficult for many to tackle, and far more complex than the simple and direct words I give you here. Now is the time for clear, definitive answers to pressing questions, a time to reach the greatest number of people possible. Now is the time for action.

As you read these messages, allow the feelings of my heart to speak to you. Let the Love of Prime Creator speak through these pages. Let Mother God’s tenderness and Father God’s strength flow through your veins. Then feel Mother God’s feminine strength and Father God’s masculine tenderness soak into every cell of your body. Feel the Light and radiant expression of Love I feel when I connect with them and with Prime Creator. I send the great expression of tenderness and joy which is the essence of our beings to you, Beloved Ones. Feel our embrace, our admiration for you as you raise yourselves up, and rejoice with us. It is truly a magnificent time to be alive.

I love you all, my Brothers and Sisters of the stars,
I am your Sananda/Jesus.

Chapter Thirteen

When you find yourself in a moment in your life where everything seems to be piling up on you, your feelings begin to sag into frustration, anger or despair, look up, Beloved Ones. Call to me; ask for my help. I will gladly give it. There is no event, no drama, no illness or pain that cannot be soothed by the Love of one who adores you. Even if you are in great physical pain, or you have suffered a terrible loss, I can come to you and heal the ache in your soul. I know how do this because it was done for me. You know of the pain I suffered at the end of my life. It is time I spoke of it here.

I knew when I was taken away by the soldiers what would lie ahead for me. I had seen the vision of myself on the cross, and had made peace with myself and with my Heavenly Host – the team of loving angels and Masters who watched over me during my life here on Earth. I had talked with Prime Creator, whom I love as my Father/Mother (for they are both). I called on all of them, there in the Garden of Gethsemeni. I had learned to go into deep meditation, to leave my body, in preparation for the trial we knew I would have to undergo. I was prepared, as prepared as any soul in a human body could be – or at least I thought I was.

My beloved Judas, who is by my side now, as the Being you know as Lucifer, was sent to summon the soldiers, for he was the only one who would have the strength to carry out such an errand. You see, this was true because of his own mission on Earth. Only he had the complete memory of why he was here and where we had come from. It was also true for him that he did not have the direct connection to God because of his special agreement, which you can hear him tell in his own words on* On July 27, 2013, he told of his return Home, and the world knew for the first time that his true identity was as the Bringer of Light, not Satan or the Devil. His inner strength and his memory of the love of his Creator had sustained him for thousands of years, as he carried out his mission to bring the love of Self to humanity.

I knew the condemnation of Pontius Pilot, who was acting in concert with all those who wished to see my demise, would be a devastating blow. Being in a human body makes it difficult to see the greater meaning when your own people – the community of my peers and my neighbours – condemn you to a hideous death. There were moments when the disappointment was almost too much to bear, because it meant that my words had not touched their hearts, and for some, my life and my teachings had no power to change their minds. The jeering crowds told me that humanity was still under the influence of Darkness, and this added to my pain.

My beloved family – wife, mother, father, my friends and disciples – knew how to send the loving energy which carried me, lifted me, sustained me as I carried the heavy cross which was to become the symbol of my life on Earth. Truly, I felt no effort, no pain as I made that last journey. I was able to relinquish my hold on the body as the executioners bound it to the cross and began their gruesome task of nailing my hands and feet to it. I rested in the powerful energy of Love which my beloveds channelled to me, lifting my spirit and sustaining me in the higher dimensions where physical pain does not exist.

I saw the eyes of those whose job it was to execute me, and I forgave them. I cried out for their forgiveness, for I saw their terrible pain, and I knew they would suffer a thousand deaths before their actions would be cleansed from their souls.

I felt the presence of God, smiling to me through the channel of Light which my dear ones created and sustained moment by moment.  It was only when the cross was raised, and they saw my body there, taken from them so cruelly, that they faltered for a moment because of their own terrible pain.  For a moment, they could not bear the sorrow they felt, and they forgot our plan to sustain the Light channel.

For a moment, my consciousness crashed back to Earth, back into the body in great pain.  For that moment, I too lost my grip on the Light which sustained my soul.  As pain seared through the body like a knife, I cried out, “Father! Why have you forsaken me!” My cry roused my beloveds, and they resumed their heroic efforts to sustain me. They carried me to the Light when I did not have the strength to do it by myself. In spite of their own pain, they were able to hold onto their great Faith, and to remember the promise we had made to God. Together, they were able to help me to make my ascension to higher planes.

We stood vigil as life began to pass from the body, but we were able to keep the thread of Light to the heart, which continued to beat in an imperceptible rhythm, attuned to the Christ Consciousness of the 7th dimension. It was our plan, the moment we had been trained for. When the body was wrapped in linen and carried away, it was accompanied by my dear Mother Mary, my wife, and the others who knew what was to occur.

It was important that any observers be convinced of my death so that the final stage could be accomplished without interference. There in the cave, I returned to take possession of the body which would be my last full incarnation on Earth, and lifted it into the 5th dimension. Here it has remained in safekeeping, the body which will serve me again when I return to walk among you.

When I reappeared to talk with my disciples, it was with this body. I was then able to appear and disappear at will, by moving through the portal to higher dimensions. It was this process which I wanted to teach – this Ascension which is the model for all of you to follow when you to raise yourselves to the 5th dimension. Fortunately, you will not have to experience the pain of crucifixion. Although some of you may now be in pain because of illness or injury, you will be able to raise yourselves, as I did, to the place of peace, the 5th dimension where all suffering drops away. You must learn to do this in order to accomplish your own Ascension.

It would be a very difficult assignment to lift the body with you into higher dimensions, if you did not have the training and help to accomplish it. This is why we have stressed over and over in messages from all the Masters, from Mother/Father God and Prime Creator, that you must now, this day, begin to take possession of your body. Acknowledge your ownership and your responsibility for your own health, and learn to heal all illness, all pain. In doing so, you are restoring your deepest connections to the body which was your precious gift of Life, given to you by your Creator, to serve you as the vehicle which will allow you to ascend, in possession of the body, so that you will not need to ever again incarnate in lower dimensions.

You will be free to move throughout the dimensions, in your Lightbodies for adventures in higher dimensions and in your physical body when you wish to return to revisit Earth, to assist those who come after you. You will be able, with training, to recalibrate your density to suit the needs of those who are in lower dimensional states and who require a visible presence in order to work with you.

We have in place a plan to help you learn to take possession of your bodies as you heal the illnesses and disabilities which this life has left you with. We have asked Kathryn/Lady Portia to lead healing groups in which a large group of healers will assist, just as my beloved team did for me, so that each person may experience the energy of Light as they restore their own deepest connections to the body.

By accomplishing this healing, you will each prepare yourselves for the day of your own Ascension. You see, it is not simply a matter of learning to leave the body, as many of you do in meditation and in sleep. You must learn to take full possession, in awareness of every cell, every organ, bone and muscle, so that you can transport your body, and you with it, through the portal to the 5th dimension.

This sounds like a difficult challenge, doesn’t it? It is indeed, but you will receive training, as I did, and you will learn to master the feeling of being in complete alignment, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. You may begin by listening to the healing sessions which have already been recorded on You will also be able to officially sign up to be a healer, even if you have no experience or knowledge of healing techniques. You will learn as you listen, and you will find yourself growing in awareness and in good health.

The Sign Up process, which can be accessed by going to Kathryn’s website,, is not a necessary step, but it will give you the pleasure of knowing you have declared yourself a member of the team, and you will be on the list to receive email notices of coming healing sessions, or any change in schedule. It will also give us the official numbers so that we can announce this to the group. It is a great morale booster to the team and to those who are being healed to know how many souls are on their side. We can then begin to proclaim to the world the massive numbers we have attracted. You do love numbers, don’t you?

You will also be able to sign up to put yourself on the list of those who wish to have their name called in a special session to be healed, but it is not really necessary to fill out the form in order to be included in the healing sessions. You see, these sessions are being conducted in the 5th dimension, where all beings communicate telepathically, and where you are well known to the healers who have volunteered to be of service to help you on your path to Ascension.

Here is the way it works: Kathryn will read off some names of people who are being organized and grouped generally according to the worst of the symptoms they wish to have healed. You may simply mentally proclaim your wish to be included, and the Arcturians who are in charge of the healing technologies will place you in their circle of healing couches, where you will be assigned a team to attend to your needs. While the healing team in the 5th dimension works with you to begin the healing process, you must also open your heart and your mind to receive the Light which comes directly from God. By doing this, you create the atmosphere of perfect health within your body, and your body will respond accordingly.

You may listen to any number of these radio shows, and you may include yourself in as many sessions as you require – there is no limit to the kindness and generosity of the Arcturian healers, who are members of a highly evolved culture. They see themselves as a group consciousness, prepared and willing to do whatever is necessary to help you Ascend with your dear Mother Earth. They have already accomplished this, and so are experts in knowing what is needed.

In addition to the Arcturians who are in charge of conducting this massive project on the Motherships which they have brought for this purpose, you will also be helped by a great team of Ascended Masters, Archangels and Guides. With your explicit approval, your Higher Self, who knows every detail of what you require to heal completely – including the psychological shift which is so crucial to your healing – will take charge of working with them directly. The centre of the healing arena will be occupied by Mother and Father God, St. Germain, myself, Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabrielle, Ariel, Celeste, Uriel, and many, many others who will bring the force of their Beings to channel the Light from the Central Sun, the presence of Prime Creator, just as my family did for me.

Now, the best part. On each call, you will experience the presence of hundreds, and eventually thousands of healers on the ground, as we call it, who will send their own human energy to assist you. These generous souls, Lightworkers all, have agreed to give of their time and their energy to help you. They are aware of the magnitude of this project, and of the goal in mind: not only that your bodies be healed, but that you learn in the process to resume command of your own Selves, and especially that you heal your relationship to your bodies.

As you all work together, you will all be lifted. You will feel the tremendous energy which can only be generated by the presence of thousands of hearts focused on the same goal: the healing of the entire human race, one individual at a time. You will begin to experience the Truth of Oneness, as you experience your deep connection to your Creator and equally to your fellow humans, who are also there to be healed and to assist you with your healing. Each one will be inspired to strengthen themselves in order to then turn to help others, and so the chain reaction which will ignite great beacons of Light across the planet has begun.

We have also asked that you Sign Up on the website so that you can be officially counted in the healings, which can be documented. If we have your ailment before, and your testimony (and preferably your Doctor’s) which attests to your wellness after the sessions, we will be able to show the world the Truth of what we are doing. Your medical establishment will be at first skeptical, but as the numbers mount, it will be impossible for the world to ignore the fact that true healing is a spiritual event, not a medical one.

Of course, many cultures throughout the ages, and the current medical practices in Asian cultures rely on the techniques we are using. This has been largely ignored, or superficially understood by Western medicine. Our work will unify and bring understanding to the entire planet. The methods I used when I was here on Earth were not magic, nor were they a talent unique to me. The same energies I called upon to lift people up, to help those who were lame to walk again, and those who were ill to be well, are the energies we call upon in the healing groups.

I will gladly give my name and my support to this wonderful project. Together we will create a modern-day “miracle.” Join us, Beloved Ones, and we will bring peace, harmony and perfect health to all who desire it. You only need to ask and to receive. For some of you, the receiving part will be a great challenge. You are used to being asked to give, but you have not learned to receive, to absorb the great Love of your Creator and of your fellow humans.

Your hearts have been closed, and yet you cry out that you are lonely and in pain. Your Vision has been dimmed, and you continue to complain that you cannot see. You do not feel the effect of our presence, not because we are not there, but because your channels have been closed down. Only you can restore your Vision, reclaim the telepathic abilities you were born with, and join us on a higher plane. Only you can heal the effects of life in the dense and unyielding 3rd dimension. The Veil has been lifted. New awareness is now available to you. Turn toward the Light, Dear Ones, and you will see with new eyes.

Open your hearts and allow the Love to flow into you, and you will know the great blessings which are awaiting you.

I am Sananda, the servant of God. I bring you Love and Light to show the way.

Chapter Fourteen

In the last chapter I encouraged you all to sign up to join the healing groups which will help you learn to restore your connections to your bodies.  Some people had thought that, since you will be leaving this plane, you will have no need to feel an attachment to your old bodies because you will be getting new ones.  This is not the case.  The bodies you are in now are the ones you will remain with for eternity.

Now, do not be alarmed; I do not mean that you will remain 80 years old, or that you will continue to live with the twisted back or the overly large ears you were born with, unless you should choose to do so.  No, you will be taken to the light chambers, either on the Arcturian ships or within Hollow Earth, where you will be renewed, restored to perfect health, where missing limbs will be regrown, and where you will be able to experience life again as a young adult.  Most choose an age around 25 or 30 years in Earth time, but there are no hard and fast rules about those things.  You may choose your height, your shape, your colouring and your facial features.

Many will want to keep something of the way they look now in order to be familiar to those who may still remain in lower dimensions.  It will be helpful for them to relate to you if there are at least some similarities to the person you were, however this is a matter of personal preference.  Your soul energy will be recognizable to anyone who has known you in this life.  We each carry a particular signature energy – your essence – which is a combination of your thoughts, feelings and physical presence, and no two beings are alike.

So, you see, no one will be left behind, because you will be able to return to Earth if you wish to, to help those who have not yet absorbed the lesson at hand, which is that everyone must eventually make the transition to the 5th dimension, and the sooner they do so, the better.  Meanwhile, Mother Earth will hold herself, with the help of a powerful Galactic presence, in such a way as to allow those who are still in the 3rd dimension to continue in that way until all have ascended.

As many of you have understood, it is a matter of Cosmic Law that nothing remains static; all energy in the Universe is in motion.  Therefore, it will not be possible for Mother Earth to remain in this holding pattern indefinitely.  There will come a time when all must choose to ascend or be taken elsewhere to continue incarnating as they wish.  This is not punishment, nor is it a failure.  There may be some younger souls who choose to continue their lessons rather than ascend.  This is the individual choice, made between the Higher Self and God.  The decision will come not because they have failed but because Mother Earth must move on.

All who remain on the Earth at this time are capable of learning the lessons needed to ascend.  As we have told you earlier, all the Reptilians who were dedicated to evil have been removed.  There is no one left who cannot be restored to the Light through the force of their own free will.  There may be some remaining who have been so steeped in the Dark practices of the cabal that they are reluctant to give up on the promise of having power over others, but their wishes will not come true in the New Golden Age.

The balance has already tipped, Dear Ones.  The Light is increasing on the Planet by the minute, and you are responsible for its power.  You have created a network of beacons which shine out across the land, drawing others to your side, and with them come others.  The waves of individuals moving toward Ascension will become so visible and so compelling that there will be a tipping point.  As soon as everyone knows of several people who have left and come back healthy, happy and young, their glowing presence among them is apparent to all, everyone will begin to work in earnest to raise their vibration.

There will be tutors, mentors, classrooms and gathering places for all to study Raising Your Vibration.  There will be our radio shows, Healing for Ascension, and others will be teaching special energy techniques.  Kathryn will be travelling across the land to teach Visual Centring to large groups, who will begin to balance and centre themselves for the last push toward their graduation.  It will be a glorious time, and a very busy time for all.  Fortunately, by then there will be funds to support all who wish to study, and no one will be left out for lack of money to pay for the classes.

As more and more people read the messages from Mother/Father God, which she called “When God Pinched My Toe,” and Kathryn’s Ascension manual, “Who Needs Light?” it will become easier for people to identify and begin to dissolve the pain of the past, the major key to clearing your consciousness to make way for the light of your being to shine forth.  There will be tears of relief and tears of joy flooding the planet.  With the translations of all the messages, beginning with Kathryn’s first story of how she was contacted by Mother/Father God, continuing through what will be a collection of 200 messages, people will be able to read the reassuring words of encouragement and wisdom which helped people to prepare for Ascension, before and through the Dec. 21, 2012 near-miss and beyond.

Yes, it was a near miss, because so many of you were ready to ascend, but so many still were not.  The tipping point was nearly reached then, but it is not such an unfortunate thing that it could not unfold fully at that time.  It became clear that the Ascension plans could not succeed as long as the Reptilians still had a hold on the high offices and the armies of the world.

The Light which was generated during those days overwhelmed the fear-mongers who tried to promote ideas of global disaster; their efforts did not succeed.  You were not aware of it at the time, but your great efforts at raising your vibration completely neutralized the Dark energies, and profoundly affected those Reptilians who were inhabiting human bodies.  It was the beginning of the shift toward recovery, and the restoration of their DNA which had been suppressed so many thousands of years ago.  Because of your efforts during those months, nearly one million souls were saved.

Mother and Father God are still in a state of wonder at your heroic gifts and your success in rescuing so many of their beloved children from being dissolved into the great ocean of All That Is.  They are experiencing a period of mourning, for they love all their children, and it was painful for them to lose even one of them to Darkness, but this was of course mitigated by the joy of welcoming back so many who now have the opportunity to begin anew.  These million souls are now being restored to the Light in ongoing study with the great teachers who will help them to understand how they were persuaded to give up their capacity to love, and how they were enthralled by the promise of power and great wealth.  It is a process similar to what you might call “rehab.”  These same Masters who are helping them will be available to those among you who are having difficulty learning to relinquish all attraction to addiction, destructiveness and violence.

Now, let us discuss the world around you.  There are many elements which remain from the thousands of years of Reptilian influence, especially in your hierarchical organizations – corporations, political parties, educational institutions and so forth.  Think of the unpleasant encounters you have suffered in the last month.  Most of them probably occurred in the context where there was no real personal contact, or where the structure itself provides anonymity.  The man who responds with violence in an incident on the highway would be more likely to respond with nothing more than a grumpy, “Watch it!” if you bumped into him on a sidewalk.  A boss who is rude to his employees under the protection of a corporate structure is less likely to do so when his own evaluation is being overseen personally by his boss.

The layers of hierarchical structure especially provide isolation and anonymity for those at the top.  The legal structure of a corporation is specifically designed to protect the officers who make the decisions from legal prosecution for the actions of the corporation.  This created a system in which irresponsible behaviour was rewarded with greater profits, and the people who generated those profits could not be held responsible for abuses of any kind, such as massive pollution or labour abuses, or unfair trade practices.  The corporation itself could be fined, but this rarely created enough of a deterrent to stop the abuses.  It did encouraged greater secrecy, and so, clever and intricate accounting practices and shadow ownership arrangements became the favourite ploy for companies which wished to continue their unfair and immoral practices.

All this is coming to a grinding halt.  A sudden shift in the playing field has created a firestorm of panic in the ranks of the cabal, where the minions have also been provided at least the illusion of protection, as long as their bosses did not turn on them.  The Reptilian bosses are suddenly gone, but the structures remain, and there are still those human Wannabe trainees who would have been eager to take over were it not for the “out of left field” Papal decree.  The full impact of this remarkable act of courage on the part of Pope Francis I has not yet begun to be felt, although the first sign that the rats are leaving the ship is the impressive number of resignations which have begun to be tendered by people in high office, effective September 1, 2013.

This date, Sept. 1, 2013, is the deadline stated in the papal decree which declares that any individual who has worked in any capacity under the auspices of the Holy See will henceforth be deprived of immunity in any legal proceedings, and will be open to prosecution for crimes against humanity.  This is a simplified description of the import this decree carries.  I recommend that you read the decree in its entirety, along with the analysis which makes it clearer, on the website *

While it may seem at first glance that this is of no concern to anyone other than employees of the Vatican, it is not so.  By the same labyrinthine process which protected banks from prosecution in the economic meltdown of 2008-9, the corporations of the United States, Canada, the U.K. and many other countries are under legal jurisdiction, via Admiralty Law, of the United Kingdom, an arrangement which has remained in effect since England settled the thirteen colonies and the colonies themselves adopted Admiralty Law in its courts and legal systems.  These laws remain in effect to this day, including the decree which ceded ownership of all lands to be settled in the New World to the Virginia Company, a British company.

In turn, the U.K. is controlled by the Vatican, a matter of some secrecy and discomfort, but well known by those in power.  This situation remains in effect from the time of the Norman invasion in 1066 A.D. It has been allowed to continue by agreement of the Royal Family for purposes of controlling great sources of power and wealth through some very unholy alliances.

The implications are even more far-reaching.  Why would Ben Bernanke, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank and one of the most powerful men in the world suddenly resign?  Because corporations will no longer offer immunity to their executives.  And Janet Napolitano, head of Homeland Security for the U.S?  Because the United States is a Corporation under Admiralty Law, as are the towns, cities and states in most of the United States.  And so the plot begins to unravel.

It is a delicious irony, is it not, that the towers of wealth and power will be toppled by the one who would have been most unlikely to have done so?  It never occurred to anyone in the past thousand years that the Pope himself would pull the string which would bring the house of cards to the ground.  He sounded the death knell on his first day in office when he said, “This shall be a poor church for poor people.”  And so it shall be.

And so you see, Beloved Ones, the Light will enter at last into the halls of justice, and the people will be given back the power to govern themselves, as inspired lawyers, politicians who truly wish to serve the best interest of the people, and community leaders join forces to quickly bring down the Dark matrix which has controlled every aspect of life, even as people laboured under the propaganda which convinced them they were free.  Sensitive and good people have always felt there was a Dark hand of control guiding the travesties they saw in their lives.  Now it is being revealed that the conspiracy they suspected was more far-reaching than anyone could have imagined.

It is truly a Machiavellian plot which will unravel before your eyes.  Leaders who were revered will be sent to jail, while some who were reviled will come forward to assist the New World in its birth.  It will be an exciting time, an exhilarating new beginning – one in which every individual will find his or her path and will bring their own brilliance and creativity to the table, as new structures and systems will be built which will truly allow each individual to bring out their truly wondrous nature, in the Light of Love, Justice, Harmony, Compassion and true Freedom.

I look forward to these joyful days with you.

Your brother in freedom, Sananda/Jesus.

Chapter Fifteen

The best is yet to come, Dearest Ones.  Some of you have become jaded, unable to receive these messages of hope because you have seen so much destruction and pain in your lives.  You find it hard to believe that things can really change radically within the space of your lifetime, much less within this year.  It is understandable, because as human beings you have a way of looking to the past for images of your future.  When I give you information about the good times to come, you scoff and point to the news reports of conflict in the world.  But I assure you, those news reports are focusing on the dwindling number of conflicts while avoiding discussion of the massive changes that are taking place.

There are many now, in your United Nations and beyond who are working to create a global cease-fire in every area of the world where conflicts remain.  Relative to just ten years ago, there are actually very few.  It is difficult to maintain a war when people are sick of fighting, and when the leaders who started those wars have been removed.  It is not obvious to you yet because you are not the head of the newsrooms where assignments to the “hot spots” around the world are made.  These newsrooms are quieter than ever, and more and more reporters are being sent to fewer places.

There will have to be a major adjustment in the thinking of those who report the news of the world to allow greater emphasis on the positive developments.  It will take a little while for them to catch up, because the news was controlled by Reptilian forces, as we have mentioned before.  It requires a more subtle approach to reporting for journalists to understand the implications of the movement which is now taking place at every level of government in countries around the world.  Those who have seen the dark side of life for so long also tend to have the jaded attitude as well, waiting for the other shoe to drop, as you describe it.

Many have asked, or demanded, answers to the things they see in the world which anger them.  They rail against Obama, for instance, accusing him of being a puppet for the cabal.  They ask why Assad is allowed to remain in Syria, slaughtering his people, but at the same time vilify Obama for considering intervention.  It is a complex time, you see.  These events will be played out in such a way as to maximize the impact for the Greater Good.  There is much more going on in the diplomatic channels than you can even imagine.  These things always require a little push here, a big pronouncement there, then further rounds of back-channel negotiations before any settlement can be reached.  Not all threats of intervention are carried out, as you are well aware.

It is a temptation for those who think of themselves as Lightworkers to take one of two opposite stands.  One is to become irate at the first suggestion of injustice or abuse.  The other is to insist on an extremely passive approach, refusing to enter the fray under any circumstances.  Neither approach is effective in a real-world environment such as we are facing in this transitional moment in history.

Here is a basic truth which will help the first group:  What you oppose you strengthen.  Fighting fire with fire is not generally an effective way to put out a blaze.  It is the old tried and true method which created hundreds of wars on this planet and which is most effective at continuing the fighting.  This of course was the purpose behind the chest-beating and saber-rattling of the Reptilian race, who benefitted greatly from the profits culled from the military-industrial money-machine.  This method has long been known to be contrary to peacemaking, but peacemaking was hardly considered a possibility in the past several thousand years.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, the stubborn refusal to defend yourself or your neighbours when you are dealing with people who are completely disconnected from their hearts is an invitation to slaughter.  This was the horrid dilemma you faced in the past which left so many who longed for peace frustrated and sometimes blaming those who insisted on defending others who were under attack.  It was the terrible moral conflict the world faced in World War II, when it became necessary to rescue the Jews from annihilation.  Unfortunately, the Dark Ones instigated the war and then used it as an excuse for arming everyone on the planet.

You see, there is no simplistic rule for resolving conflict when there are players on the stage who have no moral compass.  Fortunately, we are confident that those who are left on the world stage now do have a connection to their hearts, however slim that connection might be.  They will respond to the appeals for calm, for peaceful negotiations and for a worldwide armistice because they are feeling the pressure to do so.

Now is the time for the intelligent application of a firm hand, still backed by the threat of dire consequences for anyone who refuses to turn toward policies which are in the interest of the people.  As the last few old-fashioned dictators are brought into line by the delicate application of this pressure, their example will mark the shift from a world in which brute force reigned supreme to a new era in which compassion, forgiveness, harmony and joy will rule the world.

There are now extremely capable and talented people working for the Light, most of whom are not well-known, but have been laying the groundwork for the Shift which is now taking place.  I assure you, no area of life has been ignored in their quest for solutions to the interwoven nest of structures, philosophies, legal intricacies and conspiracies which have infested every area of your lives, and which created what Mother God referred to as the darkest era in all of Planet Earth’s history.

Do not be impatient, Dear Ones; it is the mark of one who has not yet prepared for Ascension.  Look to your inner feelings, to make contact now with the knowledge you carry in your heart of why you are here now, and what your contribution will be to the uplifting of every soul.  Turn away from those whose manner of discourse includes accusations, slander, judgement and an attitude of negativity.  Kill-joys and nay-sayers do not build anything worthwhile; they only tear down what others build.  This is the old, the Dark still echoing through the halls from earlier times (even if those earlier times were last week).  Say to yourselves with a chuckle whenever you hear those negative rants:  “Oh, that’s so 2012!”

Yes, we are often tickled by your slang.  Ashtar is especially fond of such statements.  We do observe your forms of speech, your habits of dress and your shifting tastes with interest.  St. Germain is especially good at playful drama which includes period habits and speech, as you might expect from the one who wrote Shakespeare’s plays.  We also are fond of using your music lyrics to get messages across to you.  If you suddenly hear a tune playing in your head – one you did not think of beforehand – it is always a message from someone in higher dimensions trying to reach you.  We study your forms of communication so that we can make it easier for you to hear us.

I tell you these things now because we want you to know that it is a joyful place we inhabit, a place which will be the model for your New Golden Era on Planet Earth.  It is difficult for you to imagine a world in which all beings are in love with each other, with life, and with their Creator, but that is the way life is in the 5th dimension.  As you each make your way through the portals to your rejuvenation, you will also be fully immersed in the Truths by which we live before you continue on your way, either back to help others on Earth, or to your home planets.

Many of you have already indicated your strong desire to return to insure the success of the Ascension for all others before you move on.  We believe it will be an appealing prospect, now that you will be working with people in a new state of freedom and prosperity.  Those who work as nurses will recognize the analogy; it will be something like being transferred from the cancer ward to the maternity ward, because there is no more disease, but only the celebration of new life.

Can you adapt yourself to endless happiness and love, Dear Ones?  Can you lead the way to teach others how to create their own lives out of the fabric of feeling and thought which produces the product which is your current life experience?  Can you learn to be mindful of your every thought, feeling and action, and allow only those which bring you and others happiness?  Can you learn to expect the best from those around you, and thereby inspire them to reach higher?  Can you learn to forgive yourself for all the times you lost your temper, or disappointed a friend, or started an argument because you were feeling grumpy?  Can you ask others to forgive you as well?

Begin now to be the person you always wanted to be.  Cultivate kindness with as much earnest effort as you have applied to earning money.  Climb the Ascension ladder, now that you no longer need to scale the corporate ladder.  Find fulfilment in your relationships; find beauty in the children, and open your eyes wide to the wonders around you.  The skies are now bluer, the oceans are gradually being restored to their pristine state, and the radiation in your soil has been neutralized by the Galactic Brothers and Sisters who have brought their advanced technologies to help Mother Earth restore herself to the Eden she once was.

You no longer need to fear nuclear annihilation; those days have been brought to an end.  Your planet was rescued, although you are not yet aware of it, from the inevitable destruction which was in the works before the Intergalactic Federation of Light intervened.  It was decided that another planetary explosion like the one which ended the Atlantean civilization would not be permitted.  It is not simply a matter of rescuing humankind.  Nuclear holocaust is a cosmic event which was considered too disastrous to endure for the rest of the Universe, and so your Star Brothers and Sisters stepped in to prevent what was recognized as the inevitable endgame of the Reptilian occupation.

Mother Earth herself also made a heartfelt plea to allow the survival of her children, humankind, in spite of the destructiveness and pain they had brought her.  She knows each of you by the feel of your footfall, by the energy of your connection to her, and she loves you dearly.  She too had faith that you would rise to the level of the 5th dimension to keep pace with her, so that you could all ascend together.  She has a great heart, and the power of her love is a force that can be felt throughout the Universe.  She is a resource for you, and she will answer your call for sustenance, comfort and the peace which comes from being close with Nature.

Look to your hearts, Dear Ones, to unlock the Love you were born to live.  Breathe deeply, anchor in the centre of your being, and allow the Pillar of Light which shines down through your crown chakra – there at the top of your head – to flow downward through every cell in your body, awakening your memory of Light and Love.  Reach upward to connect with your Higher Self, the one who knows me as a close and loving family friend or brother.  Your Higher Self knows the Truth of my words, lives in the atmosphere of joy and camaraderie, and knows the promise of happiness just ahead.

Your Higher Self will be your trusted guide through this coming Shift.  Call on this wise and experienced part of yourself, the one who knows everything about your history, your hidden talents and your extensive resources.  Your Higher Self is an expert at forgiveness, joy and unending love and is your link to All That Is.  Reach up, join hands with the soul you are, and you will find God there, for in your essence, you are God, as I AM.

I am your brother, I am your friend, I am you and you are me.  We are One.


Chapter Sixteen

You are all working hard to absorb this new information.  I appreciate how different it is from what you were taught about me and my life here with you 2,000 years ago.  Many of you have subliminal memories of that time with me and knew the teachings were not accurate, but it is difficult to know you are right when everyone around you seems to know something different.

Take heart, Beloved Ones, you are following your hearts, and that is what really matters.  Take all the information we are giving you, immerse yourselves in it, and you will find you can lift your vibration a little each day, and it will become a familiar state to be swept up in feelings of joy, generosity and good will for those around you.  This is the essence of Love, the actions of Love and Light.  You were born to feel this, to experience this glorious uplifting of spirits.  It is the reason you all wanted so badly to be here for this unique time.

There are still those among you who have believed that Ascension means an escape from the sensations and trials of life on Earth.  This is not the case.  Your experience on Earth at this time has been a gift to you – an opportunity to take hold, to accept the deeply felt sensations, and to revel in the possession of a body, that unique 3-dimensional experience.  You are now on your last round of incarnations.  You will not be back here again for the learning experience of being born, growing and living a regular Earth life which ends with the death of the body.

Acknowledge this life as the precious gift it is. You were allowed to take part in this incarnation on Earth because of your strong desire to be here for the Ascension, and because of your prior preparation for this task.  All of you have lived many lives, taken the path of learning by experience and by overcoming difficult obstacles.  Now it is time to consolidate that learning, absorbing the true meaning of these lives you have completed, and accept your place among those who will Ascend to a higher dimension with body intact, without having to experience death as you have known it.

Do not accept your ego’s complaints and misdirected feelings of impatience, unhappiness with your present state, and dark judgements about the state of the world as you see it.  It is not what it appears, I assure you.  Yes, there is suffering in the world, but from the perspective of a soul, this is not the main concern.  The soul’s deep sense of knowing (and the responsibility of the Higher Self) is to absorb the lessons offered by that suffering, not to relieve the suffering itself.  It would not matter to the Higher Self if you have died of starvation or on a satin bed.  The important thing would be how you approach that death experience and what you learn from it.

As sensitive human beings, it is difficult for you to see suffering.  You want to change it, alleviate it, put a stop to the abuses which caused it.  This is one of the wondrous things about your human make-up.  An infant in a nursery will cry if it hears another child crying, because its young heart is stirred to sympathetic tears, just as we are touched by another’s pain as adults.  But this intense response which leads you to anger and resentment must now be mitigated by the understanding that each soul here now on the Earth came here to experience these difficulties and challenges in an effort to expand their compassion and their strength.

With that knowledge as your backdrop, perhaps you can now come to understand more fully that there are truly no victims here on Earth.  Although no one likes to be abused, starved or beaten, you have each agreed to some or all of these elements in order to fully reach the potential of your mental, physical and spiritual strength.  To someone unfamiliar with this, it seems unbelievable that anyone would choose to live the most difficult kind of life, but those, Dear Ones, are the most ambitious and determined among you.

You have known for some time that your opportunity to experience life here on Earth in the 3rd dimension would be limited by the coming Ascension, and so you were eager to make the most of this last chance to be tested in this way.  Now, here you are, most of you finishing your last life here.  It is truly a time of bittersweet feelings, the end of an era.  You might even look back with some nostalgia on times of struggle, because they were also times of forging intense and lasting relationships, and times of learning to reach deeply into your soul to find happiness in the smallest delights of life.

You have grown here, Beloved Ones.  It was our original design to provide this testing ground for ourselves in our climb up the ladder to higher dimensions.  The dark nights of the soul which you experienced as a result of Reptilian influences were also your finest moments.  You have each risen to the challenge to rescue a comrade in mortal danger, or sooth a broken heart of one you loved, or feed a stranger in need of sustenance.  You have given without question, acted heroically without prompting, and found your own strength in the process.

And now it is time for you to experience a different kind of challenge.  You have become so acclimated to life “in the trenches” that it is difficult for you to even imagine a world without war, without powerful criminals imposing their Dark ways on the entire society.  I assure you, the cabal is being unravelled, dismantled and given the same ultimatum you saw being given to their Reptilian leaders before August 22, 2013.  All will be given the choice – to return to the Light, or to be dissolved back into the All That Is, souls no more.  Some will require a sojourn in prison before they are willing to believe their choices are truly limited to Light.

Like you, the Dark Ones have become accustomed to the never-ending power struggle, and they are used to winning because they were willing to use any vicious and immoral strategies they thought would gain power over God’s Lightworkers.  This is no longer an option, as you would say.  There are courageous activists at every level, investigating the crimes against humanity which caused such suffering on the planet, and they have made enormous inroads into the power structure of the cabal.  The remaining minions – those who aspired to be Lords of the Dark in spite of their human DNA, which does allow a connection to their hearts, are beginning to awaken to the end game, and there is nowhere for them to go but up.

You have been told that you will all ascend together.  This is true, in relative terms.  There will be those who are ready to go with very little preparation.  Others will need a bit of training and help to raise their vibrations.  Never fear, Dear Ones, there will be many Lightworkers among you who have spent many lifetimes perfecting the skills needed to help their fellow beings learn the necessary skills to make their ascension.

Those skills of which I speak have been described in Prime Creator’s Ten Commandments, in my Chapter 11.  Yes, we understand it is a skill to be in absolute command of your own thoughts, feelings and actions, but it is a skill that can be learned.  You have it in your human beingness to live a life of Honour, Love and Light.  Those teachings which held you back from experiencing your integrity fully, and those that suppressed your joy can be unlearned. Now is the time for you to work in earnest on any leftover inclinations toward anger, resentment, discontent, and all ideas which lead to judgement of others.

Search out any tendency in yourself to sink into negative pronouncements and attitudes of jaded disbelief in the human capacity to rise above the past.  Examine your motives whenever you decide to tell a story about violence or criminal behaviour.  Find it in your heart to discard the “dog eat dog” attitudes you were taught by your Reptilian invaders.  Those days are truly over.  Even dogs are becoming more peaceful and friendly.  There are some who have already begun to shift to a vegetarian diet where they are allowed  to do so.

All beings on the planet are experiencing a shift to crystalline-based DNA.  This means for all a new ability to sustain yourselves with a much lighter, less protein-based diet.  This is the most fundamental shift which will make the idea of anyone eating their friends the animals a thing of the past.  It was foretold in your Bible that there will be a time when the lion will lie down with the lamb.  That time is coming, my beloved ones.  You are already seeing hundreds of videos on your internet of cross-species friendships, which you have thought to be “unbelievable.”  It will soon become so commonplace as to elicit nothing more than an amused chuckle.

From now on, we will need to shift our consciousness to identify all others around us as an extension of ourselves.  This is the meaning of being One with all others.  What they feel, we feel.  What they need, we need.  The Animal Kingdom has always been the bellwether system which tells us the state of health of the planet, and the state of emotions of the humans around them.  When humans no longer eat animals, animals will stop eating each other.  You see, their behaviour is a reflection of the human emotions on the planet.

As your vibrations rise from the 3rd dimension up to the higher 5th dimension, the higher vibration will raise all consciousness along with it.  Since all conscious beings also have the ability to think, reason and make choices, it may not be a simple one-to-one shift immediately. All conscious beings also have feelings, are conditioned to some extent by the events of their earlier lives, and therefore must unlearn their responses to the environment, especially the fear response, which all have absorbed.

Imagine a life in which there is no fear, Beloved Ones.  Imagine being able to walk freely through the streets and through the forests without a thought about protecting yourself from harm.  What a glorious time it will be when all humankind truly understands the meaning of Oneness and can behave accordingly.  Of course, someone has to start in order to create the change, don’t they?  All beings will learn a new sense of cooperation and cohabitation by experiencing the shift in others.  Will you be one of those “others” who sets the trend?  Will you break the mold of old suspicions, old fears, and throw your heart open to find out what is possible when you transmit great waves of love and acceptance rather than fear and paranoia.

The air you are breathing is becoming sweet and clean, sustaining your health in a new way, thanks to the efforts of your Galactic brothers and sisters.  The healing they have accomplished with Mother Earth would have taken hundreds of years to complete on her own.  Toxic chemicals, radiation, pollution of all kinds have been returned to their harmless carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen-based states.

There will be no more poisoning of your crops, no more genetically modified Franken-foods as you have so appropriately labelled them.  Already the companies that have perpetrated the worst poisoning of the food supply are beginning to feel the pinch of decreased profits as more people awaken to the disastrous and cruel methods of husbandry and farming which were developed under the Reptilian profit-above-all business model.

The coming times are going to be exciting, challenging for many, and unexpectedly joyful for all.  You are beginning to feel the excitement in the air, and your spirits are rising to look forward to each new day.  Soon this attitude of anticipation will become the norm for you, for every day will bring new delights, new knowledge and brand new feelings of peace and fulfilment to all of you.  We understand that you are just beginning to trust in our words, for the slow evolution of your new life was not what you expected.

Because of the religious teachings which painted God as the one who wielded great power over all his domain, and who could and would strike down anyone who displeased him, it has taken quite a lot of reassurance to convince you that this is not the way God actually behaves.  Now that you have begun to grasp, through the hundreds of messages from Mother and Father God in recent years, that it is not God’s way to control and punish, you can begin to understand why there will not be forced change for the better either.

As much as you continue to urge rapid change, special dispensation for the poor, immediate punishment for the criminal banksters and so forth, you are beginning to understand that this is not the True Way.  You came here to be tested, even if that meant hardship.  That has not changed.  What has changed is the agreement that those hardships will now be lifted so that everyone can now experience a new life.

This is not being done to alleviate the suffering.  It is being done because this was our agreement – that when the consciousness level of the planet rises sufficiently to warrant a complete shift, all past contracts and all the traditional ways in which you learned your life lessons would be changed.  People have always fallen sick, suffered and died, lost their way, and felt alone and bereft.  That was the way lessons were learned here on Planet Earth.

In the planning of your life contracts before you came here, there were no complaints about how hard life would be or how stressful it would feel to work long hours.  You were eager to rise to the challenge and take on whatever obstacles might be thrown in your path.  You are indeed an intrepid race of adventurers.  It is only after you arrive here, behind the Veil, that the suffering here becomes a fretful preoccupation.

This is part of the plan, Dear Ones.  The empathy you feel for others in need is what helps you to grow.  What you do about those feelings will shape how far you move in your ascension toward complete Love and Light.  Rather than curse the Dark, as they say, remember to light your candle, and to move into the places of darkness where others are in despair and cast a great beacon of LoveLight for others to see by.  This is the meaning of being a Lightworker.

It is a delicate balance between wanting to improve conditions for others while also respecting the fact that they are here to learn their own lessons.  The answer is to only offer that help which will allow others to help themselves.  In this way, you encourage independence and competence, the backbone of self-respect.  We have taught that the ability to love yourself is the first step in learning to love others.  It allows you to experience how important it is to feel respected, to accept never-ending love, and to thrive in the great nurturing Light which is Divine Love.

You are learning that you are Divine, that each one of you is Divine, and that you all carry the spark of Divinity which is God.  Remember to repeat the mantra which will strengthen and nourish you:  I AM in command of my life; I AM strong; I AM sure; I AM good; I AM alive; I AM competent, I AM Light; I AM God.  Add whatever characteristic you feel is most important for you to recognize now.

Enjoy your days, dear sisters and brothers.  Enjoy the experience of being in this body, in this time and place, for it will never be the same day again.  Join with me to rejoice in the changes which are already happening on the surface of your dear Mother Earth.  You are surrounded by angels, guides and friends.  We will soon be visible to you, and you will recognize us because you have been developing a relationship with us all along.

I love you beyond words, dear Human Ones.
Your brother, Sananda.

Chapter Seventeen

There is much going on around you, in your own lives, in the world at large.  The energies are rising, people are awakening, and the effect is rather unsettling for some.

Your media outlets, especially in the U.S., are still pumping out stories that are made to create the greatest fear effect, because they still believe that horror stories get the most attention.  They have not paid attention to the cute-kitten video effect on the internet, where some of the highest numbers of views are of kittens hugging dogs and dogs hugging babies.  This is not so surprising, is it?  Our hearts are stirred and our spirits lifted by the sight of a loving gesture, and especially when it comes from an unexpected source.

We have a wonderful event in store for you, when you will experience the loving greetings of your Star Brothers and Sisters as they come to meet you in huge numbers – one for nearly every person on the planet!  You will be learning wonderful things, Dear Ones, all of you who are preparing yourselves for your Ascension.  You will not be asked to leap from 3D into the 5th dimension without understanding what that means.  You will have special tutoring, classes in how to raise your vibration, and lessons in what to expect when you pass through the portals into the “Promised Land.”

Those of you who have been reading the messages from Mother and Father God and other Masters for the past few years are knowledgeable, and therefore not afraid of what lies ahead for you.  In fact, you are so eager to cross the threshold that you are finding yourselves becoming impatient, and that is of course a lesson for you in something you need to gain command over – a reminder of the residue of a stressful life based on deadlines and expectations.

Once you arrive in higher dimensions you will learn what it means to be truly at peace with yourself in the deepest possible way.  There are no deadlines as you know them, although there are constantly changing events which carry their own impact within the flow of all things.  Your Mother Earth’s own ascension, for instance – her movement into the higher dimensions will necessitate that all her inhabitants raise their vibrations with her, as we have told you many times.  It is truly the joy ride you have been anticipating for all your lives

Much of the discontent and malaise you have felt in the past year are because of the rising energies which are preparing you for this monumental transition, but which have not yet reached the much-anticipated climax.  You live in a fast-paced world where results are expected to come in moments or days, not years, but this, Dear Ones, is a life-altering Shift like nothing you have experienced before.  You are each in training for your own Olympic event, and it will take concentration and dedication to raise yourselves to the peak of excellence you will need to achieve in order to transverse the chasm between 3rd and 5th dimensional experience.

I do not mean by this that there is a black hole you will fall into; just the opposite – you will be welcomed into the arms of loved ones, Home at last. The transverse of which I speak is the same tunnel toward the Light that you have travelled many times before, at the end of each life.  The difference is that this time you will take your body with you, as we have said.  The Olympian feat you will have to accomplish is the achievement of being 100% your best self – the person you came here to be.  Your inner self, which is also the voice of your Higher Self within you, is pressing to be expressed.  There is no greater fulillment in life than being truly, authentically the brilliant being of Light you were created to be.

This is not as effortful as it sounds.  Becoming yourself is really a return to the bright and beautiful self you were as an infant, before you were taught to stop expressing what you truly felt, and then to stop feeling what you really feel, because others might disapprove.  It is a relief when you find the pathway back to the centre of your being.  It is as delightful as breathing deeply, as peaceful as being in love, and as rewarding as being skilful and competent at something you love to do.  You see, it is the model for all the different forms of beauty and excellence you are attracted to as human beings

Imagine the ice skater who learns to perform at the level of a perfect 10 in a certain sequence of elements.  At the moment of such perfection, the skater is not thinking about how to do each move, or where their hands or feet should be.  They are attaining the finest of all the expressions of what they have practised over thousands of hours of feeling their way, grooving in the physical patterns and the brain channels which allow for the final performance to come from a place of complete joy.

You have been living your life every day, every moment, perfecting your knowledge of who you really are.  You may have been pulled off a bit from time to time, but in the back of your mind, where your Higher Self continues to remind you of your true nature, you always know…this is what I am made for; this is who I really am.  Like the ice skater perfecting their art, you have studied yourself.  Sometimes you found a good coach in a mentor or a teacher who helped you to grow; sometimes you learned by pushing hard against restrictions or obstacles that impeded your progress.  Little by little, you perfect the art of being authentically You.

Now you are being encouraged to focus deeply on these studies, and on perfecting your art in a more intense and concentrated way than you have ever done before.

This is your destiny, Dear Ones, to become the finest example of yourself that you can be, and only you and your Creator can know what that perfection really is.  There is no parent, partner or friend who could know your inner needs, talents and strengths as you do.  A close and loving person can appreciate and sense what is there, shining out from the Light of your being, but they cannot define it absolutely, for to do so would describe only that moment of observation, and not the whole of who you are, have been, and will become.

What you will become will delight you beyond your wildest imagination.  Words cannot express the possibilities that lie ahead for you.  The fact that you will share this incredible experience with many, many others will heighten the pleasure of it beyond measure.  This is the finest hour you have dreamed of and hoped for.  Now it is your responsibility to make it come true for yourself.

You may have to decide in the coming weeks and months if you will move ahead of your family and friends.  This can only result in achieving what is in the greater good for all concerned, for you will be setting an example of joyful accomplishment which will lay the groundwork for others.  I want to reassure you that no harm can come to anyone around you because of your wish to ascend when you are ready.  They will want to follow your lead, when they are able to understand what a glorious experience is in store for them too.  Your pleasure and your accomplishment will inspire them to reach for what is best in themselves as well

You have an analogy in your present lives that will help you to understand.  When you decide to go to college, or go for training in something you love to do, you must attend the classes yourself.  No one can do it for you, but when you do accomplish your goal, many others around you will benefit from your success.  It is a great pleasure to see those around us lifting themselves, honing their skills, increasing their knowledge, and performing at the highest level of which they are capable.  This is why you love to watch professional sporting events, and why the Olympics, the World Cup, the Masters, and other athletic events hold such fascination.  It is also why a museum which holds the works of the great Masters is such an inspiring place; excellence in all its forms helps to lift our spirits and our hearts.

Now it is your time to soar, to perfect the skill of being in complete command of yourself.  The result is exhilarating, fascinating, and fulfilling.  Complete mindfulness – meaning you are aware of your inner as well as your outer expressions of your beingness – is a Divine state of living.  This is why you are being encouraged now to find the God inside yourself, to express Love and Light by being of service to others.  The exercises you are learning to do every day, the meditations you practice, and the attentiveness to the needs of others you are developing – all these things will create in you a higher level of consciousness.

You have been taught the affirmations which remind you to take command of your body, your thoughts, your emotions, and to reach for your Higher Self, to become one with your Higher Self.  This is the pathway to Ascension, Dear Ones.  It is not enough, of course, to simply say the words “I AM strong, I AM Love, I AM Light, I AM one with All That Is, I AM God.”  You must also feel the meaning of those words.  When we acknowledge our deepest connection to each other, to the God which resides in each of us, we discover that the feelings of Compassion, Love, Harmony, Forgiveness, Peace and Joy are indeed flowing from the essence of our being.

So you see, Beloved Ones, you each have it in you to become Love, for it is what you are made of.  It is a matter of balance, of finding the true centre within you.

Breathe, connect the centre of your heart with the centre of your brain where you can reach upward to connect with your Higher Self.  You are then within the Light – your magnificent Pillar of Light suffuses every cell with warmth, love and acceptance.  Let it emanate outward, surrounding you and all who come in contact with you.  This is the foundation for all the fulfilling actions that will express your true nature, which is Love.

I am here with you, breathing the Love and Light which sustains us all.  Join me, walk with me.  Take part in this thrilling adventure we have all worked for millennia to experience together.  Let us lead the way, you and I.  Do not be afraid to proclaim yourself One with God, One with me, and One with all the beings of Planet Earth.  We are on our way to accomplishing our goal of Ascension for all.  We will lead, and all others will follow.  Come with me, Dear Ones, and we will walk this glorious path together.

I am Sananda/Jesus, and I am here to serve you.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, September 13, 2013, 11 PM.

Chapter Eighteen

I am so looking forward to the time when I can walk among you.  This time it will be a celebration for all of us.  We will be celebrating freedom – the freedom to define yourselves as sovereign beings under God, untrammelled by the control of the Dark Ones who enslaved everyone on the planet with their economic sleight-of-hand manoeuvers. They had gained control over nearly every financial transaction in nearly every part of the world, siphoning off enormous wealth.

The pervasive use of money to define every transaction between one individual and another became their tool to eliminate all trade that was not controlled by them.  As you know, most of the world is now under the grip of that program.  It allowed everyone to be taxed, assessed, and overseen in all the important interactions in their lives.

This oppressive framework of control is being dismantled, nullified, because it was based on illegal practices.  It is being replaced by a completely different system which will level the playing field, as you like to say.  No individual or group will be permitted to control enormous amounts of money, as for instance the Federal Reserve Bank in the U.S. has done.  It is already being dismantled, and its head has resigned.  Taxes will be a thing of the past, for they are not needed when all individuals have access to the unlimited funds which were controlled by the International Monetary Fund and the Banks of each country, all of whom were in league to steal and hoard the resources of their countries.

The noose around everyone’s neck will be loosened, and you will all be able to walk away from the old system, debt-free.  All debts will be forgiven, because the majority of the world’s bank loans were written fraudulently.  This illegality does not include, of course, those independent small banks which were established by the people to help each other, like the micro-loan lending programs which keep individuals – borrowers and lenders – in contact with one another.

Imagine a life without bills to pay, in which all individuals are free to train themselves, with help from talented experts, to accomplish any creative endeavour they wish to accomplish.  All community activities will centre around celebrating the skills and abilities of its members, and the power of creativity will be unleashed in a way that was unimaginable under the old system.  When no one has to work at a dreary job (most of which had to do with moving money and papers detailing the movement of money), all will be free to invent, organize for productive purposes, and help their neighbours.  You will no longer be pressured to meet the schedule of a boss who is insensitive or rude.  You will choose who you wish to help, and how you wish to use your creative skills.

Many of you have already laid the groundwork for the projects you wish to nurture, whether it be non-profit social programs, arts programs, or assistance for the most vulnerable among you.  All these projects will be supported, when their mission is truly in the Greater Good.  These will be the first recipients of the Prosperity Funds, so that all those among you who are struggling will be offered help.

You have been programmed by the Dark Ones to believe that anyone who is poor must also be lazy and irresponsible.  This is not true.  Many who live barely above poverty have created a life in which they are fulfilled by their artistic work, which they feel they must pursue.  Little has been done to recognize the talents of budding artists and musicians, especially when their work carried a profoundly meaningful message, and your culture is poorer for it. Success has been defined by how much money a person earns.  This will all be turned on its head in the New Golden Age of Planet Earth.

I am telling you these things now because of Universal Laws which determine what will come to pass.  Without the Vision of the future and your active participation in creating these conditions of which I speak, the Golden Age will not come to pass.  It is a joint endeavour, you see.  We envision it together, and the power of our combined energies create the reality we are determined to manifest.  Only this way does real change take place within the social and economic structures of the planet

Many of you have already witnessed the “miraculous” recovery of those who have taken part in our healing groups.  The evidence is beginning to come in.  People with chronic, “terminal” conditions are returning to complete health.  As the power of the healing intentions of hundreds of people is focused on the individuals in need of healing, disease and disability melts away as if it had no substance, which it does not.  It takes courage to defy the medical establishment, to cure yourself when your doctors have told you there is no hope, but many have done just that.

The condition of perfect health is a state of mind, one which has not been recognized or taught in your recent cultures.  Asian healers still continue to pursue their ancient practices of herbal and energy treatments, helping people to take charge of their own health, but even those honoured crafts have often been brushed aside in favour of more abrupt and invasive Western methods.  New forms of healing will be allowed to develop once the medical establishment run by drug companies and large corporations and special interest groups are eliminated from the mix.

There are extremely effective technologies, developed by civilizations more advanced than your own, which combine the best understandings from every discipline throughout the ages.  The Arcturians, in particular – the highly evolved civilization from Arcturus – have developed very sophisticated methods of healing the human body.  They have done this not for themselves, since they have no need for these treatments; their existence in higher dimensions does not allow for disease or deformity.

The Arcturian Masters are doing this simply because they are dedicated as a group to being of service to others, and they are able to create methods which are brilliantly effective healing tools for the maladies of the human body.  They have dedicated their energies to developing methods which will aid humankind in learning to prepare for Ascension, by healing the physical disabilities which lower your vibration and keep you in a state of misery.

You are greatly blessed by having such friends from the stars here at your service. Their ships are in orbit now, just above the Earth, available for your use.  It is here we meet when we do the healing groups on

On the mothership which is parked in high orbit above the North Pole, we are greeted by the Arcturians, Mother and Father God, and dozens of the Archangels and Masters whose expertise in the healing arts is well known.  There are now thousands of Arcturians here to help you, and there is no limit to the number of people they are willing to assist.  They are there for you in the groups we lead, or individually.  You only need to call on them.

You are practising your meditation skills, are you not?  It is crucial for you to do that now, because there is so much for you to learn and so much information available to you when you open your heart and your mind to re-establish your own psychic abilities, which many of you gave up under the pressure of a disbelieving and closed-minded culture.  Be daring, Dear Ones.  Open your third eye.  Breathe gently and persistently through your brain to ease and soothe all the cramped and constricted places where information cannot flow freely because of anxiety and a preoccupation with everyday concerns.

Let it be, as the wonderful song implores you.  You are not in danger of not surviving until tomorrow.  Do not allow your anxiety and the instilled fear of the ages throw you off track to the most exhilarating opening of your consciousness.  The benefits of developing your sensitivity to higher dimensions is immeasurable.  Never mind that your so-called scientists (or those who misquote them) pretend to know nothing of the etheric world beyond your five senses.  The wonders of the Universe occur on endless levels – levels upon levels of potential experience that you have not yet begun to explore.

Go deep into your subconscious mind – there at the centre of your brain you have a channel which leads directly to it – and connect with your Higher Self, as we have been instructing you to do.  Follow the links of consciousness which will lead you to the level or to the person you wish to communicate with, whether it be an ancestor, a Master with whom you have a personal affinity, or your Guardian angel.  We are all here to be of service to you, and we revel in your growth.

This is the purpose of these messages and meditations, is it not?  Your growth and the growth of the entire human race.  You have no idea what a profound impact it has on the world around you when you reach down, take hold of yourself and rise to meet the dawn of the New Golden Age which awaits all of you.  Lift yourselves, Dear Ones, out of the old, despairing negativity which has pervaded your world and your thinking for thousands of years.  It is a time to leave behind mistrust, paranoia and fear.  Together you will overcome all these old feelings and Dark philosophies.

It is not easy to shift your entire belief system, but you will succeed if you follow along with the many tools we have created for you.  Initially, our messages were only in English, but translations are now being done, under my supervision, to provide the messages in as many languages as possible.  There are about 14 languages already being done, and many more in the future.  If you know skilled or professional translators in the less well-known languages, we welcome their participation.  We wish to share the good news with everyone on the planet.  As they are completed, the translations are posted on  We offer these to share, only asking that you include the name of the channel, the translator, and the website.  It is very important to me that the translations be done by people who have been chosen for this purpose, and that no “robot” translators be used, for obvious reasons.

Now, Dear Ones, begin by dedicating your days to your spiritual development above all other activities.  Your close relationships, and especially your relationships with your children, are a part of that spiritual development.  You will not need to spend long hours alone in a quiet place – this is not a solo experience.  Ascension is something you must ultimately accomplish for yourself, but you will accomplish it within the ebb and flow of life, in relationship with loved ones, the Animal Kingdom, and Mother Earth herself.

Know that you are not alone.  The Ascension of humankind was planned within the democratic process of consultation and shared ideas.  You were a part of that planning, and your vote was needed to initiate this holy project.  You see, it was unanimously agreed within the Councils of humankind that all be included, all be assisted in any way necessary, and all be cheered across the finish line into the 5th dimension, whatever it takes.

Of course, as you look around you, you see that there are still some who are asleep, belligerently clinging to negative attitudes of superiority, judgement, blame and victimhood.  These stubborn attitudes will mellow and fade away in the face of the waves of Love and Light which will continue to pour across the Earth realm, lifting all beings to higher levels of consciousness.  You will very shortly be treated to the wondrous announcements which will make it clear to everyone on the planet that everything is changing.  There will be no denying the presence of our Star Brothers and Sisters when the ships land, to great cheering and celebration.

We are arranging these celebrations now, Beloveds, and no one could be more excited than I am, to dance with you in the streets, to proclaim the freedom of all humankind, and to share in the glorious experience of being embraced in Love and Light.

I am here for you; I am dedicated to the Ascension of humankind, and I will do anything necessary to help each and every one of you to achieve the destiny for which you were born.  Reach deeply into your hearts; feel the peace which comes with endless Love.

We are One.

I am Sananda/Jesus.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, Sept. 14, 2013, 11 PM EDT

Chapter Nineteen

It is an exciting time, is it not? All of you who are reading this as it is published in October, 2013 are waiting for the global revaluation of currencies which will provide a levelling effect on the world economy and will lift those countries that have been considered “third world” nations out of their second-class status. Many are not aware of the changes happening behind the scenes.

It seems as if the planet goes on, limping along, suffering at the hands of the rich and powerful overlords who have enslaved so many, instigated devastating wars and reaped the benefits in increasing wealth and power. This is only the most superficial view – the one you will see on the media. The reporting is sensationalized, carefully culled to uncover the most fear-inducing representations of events. Fear-mongering is a favourite sport on this planet; it feeds the adrenaline junkies, as they have been called, and fills the coffers of the pharmaceutical companies, the entertainment industry, and the gun manufacturers.

I have stated that I am here to teach a message of Love, Compassion, Truthfulness and Light. These are the opposite of fear. When you fill your consciousness, your body and mind with Love and Light, there is no room for the lower vibrational feelings of anxiety, depression and despair. They cannot exist in the same Universe, and you, Dear Ones, are a universe. Each of you contains the stardust and rainbows, sunshine and heartbeat of your Creator, just as I do. We are created to be expansive, generous and kind

Think of a baby’s reaction to laughter. The baby will begin to laugh, wiggle, shriek with pleasure, responding with their whole body to the shared joy. Children are not the only ones who are capable of great sharing and great joy. We each have a funny bone; we each rise in our vibration as the laughter rises within us. It is indeed “good medicine,” as the Native Americans used to say

Every child, in every culture on the planet, is capable of good and wonderful things. Each one of you began with hope and in faith. No lifetime is wasted; no soul is without value. Your birthright is to grow in wisdom and spiritual power with each experience, and to rise at the end of each lifetime to return to Creator to be welcomed home with Love and Compassion, regardless of the accomplishments or crimes, successes or so-called failures.

In God’s eyes, there are no failures, only opportunities to advance on your path, for every lifetime is followed by an extensive review, an in-depth exploration of all the twists and turns of your path. No stumble is condemned, but only illuminated. No transgression is punished; it is only revealed and examined, understood and forgiven. So, you see, this life is a laboratory experiment of your own making, to be later dissected for complete understanding. The only goal is to increase in your capacity for Kindness, Forgiveness and Inner Light. If a life of wrong-doing is the most powerful lesson, perhaps you arranged it for yourself, setting up the conditions which would make your fall from Grace inevitable. There is no better way to learn humility

By the time you have lived a long life as a soul – some of us were earlier Creations with more experience in the ways of incarnating on Earth – you have experienced life through every possible prism. A thorough education involves lives as princes and paupers, kings and queens, slaves and slave masters. There is no hierarchy of Heaven other than the recognition of power and wisdom gained along the path of ascension, on Planet Earth or elsewhere.

It is now a time of accelerated learning. You are being given the opportunity to lift yourselves out of the Darkness you have been immersed in for your entire embodiment here. Only weeks ago the entire Reptilian race left voluntarily or were removed from the planet. What is left now for you to work on is the residue of Dark ideas and feelings. These patterns have become embedded in the culture, so much a part of the group consciousness that you hardly notice them. The feelings of lack, of anxiety about your survival, and the pervasive feelings of unworthiness are all a part of the leftover energy you will need to completely clear away in order to prepare yourselves for your Ascension.

In these messages which I will give you over the next few weeks, I will offer suggestions for clearing away the old thought patterns and replacing them with Light. This has been the process all along – approaching each obstacle one at a time, addressing the inaccuracies and Dark feelings they engender and raising your vibration to eliminate them entirely. We are now working toward complete healing, complete understanding of your own inner workings, your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Let us address one of the concepts which has caused massive difficulties on the planet. It is the idea that all humans are naturally aggressive and territorial. We will hold this idea up against the reality of life in many different areas of the globe. There are cultures, in the high Andes, in the South Seas, and in the Himalayas, for instance, where communities have lived for thousands of years without war, without discord, even though many of them are what would be considered very poor by Western standards. These are ancient cultures, based in the principles of generosity, mutual respect, and the knowledge that when resources are scarce, everyone benefits by sharing.

These human communities are the direct contradiction to the ideas promoted by the Reptilians that scarcity leads to war, and natural resources will be fought over and brought under the ownership of the strongest (and best armed) conquerors. You were encouraged to accept these ideas (as Darwin did) as inevitable – just the way humans are. This is simply not true. People who are left to their own devices will most often attempt to trade, negotiate, offer gifts and work to resolve problems peacefully unless they are subjected to a constant barrage of propaganda urging them to be afraid, and therefore ready to attack at the slightest hint of movement on the part of “the enemy.”

It has been an often used strategy on the part of those in power to arrange a “false flag” incident (an attack in which the war-hungry leaders stage an aggressive action against their own people), which is then blamed on the the target of their war-lust. Recent examples are the burning of the Reichstag by Nazi troops dressed as Polish soldiers, and the underground government attacks on the Twin Towers in the U.S. on 9/11 which were blamed on Muslim terrorists. In both these cases, world domination via war against the supposed aggressor, not self-defence or survival, was the goal.

Since war or banking, and preferably both, are the two most profitable activities on the planet, one only needed to become a weapons manufacturer or banker to become fabulously wealthy, once the principle of “survival of the fittest” became a self-fulfilling prophesy. It seeped into the language and into the value system of all the Western cultures. The idea that “might makes right,” has pervaded the nervous system and psyche of the planet, creating an acceptance for bullying and selfishness that was unprecedented in former times.

Now it is your work to ferret out all the lingering Dark thoughts and feelings in order to prepare for your Ascension. You will need to shake them off the way a dog shakes water off its back. Be determined in your search for the roots and tendrils of the old thinking. Remain connected with your heart at all times; test every idea and every tradition, every popular notion, every opinion or judgement against the feeling of pure Love and Light. Does the idea, habit, tendency or state of mind raise your vibration to a higher level of Love? If not, discard it without a moment’s backward glance.

This is a difficult process, Dear Ones, because I have just told you to leave behind all your favourite guidelines – the belief systems which meld you to your family and your culture. Let’s review the process. You hear yourself thinking a negative thought: “That person is dressed in ragged clothes. I mustn’t look at them because they will want something from me, and I am in a hurry to get to work,” or “My boss is in a bad mood today. I have to avoid him because he always yells at people when he is in a bad mood.” Now, look at these incidents (or any other that fits your situation better). Both responses are based in fear. Fear brings down your vibrational level. Something needs to go. What is wrong with these responses? They originate from ideas that generate fear, like “I don’t have enough,” or, “I am in danger of being humiliated, and that would be devastating.”

Now, breathe into your heartmind, the connection between the centre of your heart and the centre of your brain. Begin always with the heart feelings, then let them rise up to instruct and inform your mind. Go back to the street corner with the beggar, and feel what your heart tells you: “Here is a human being with a story behind them. Perhaps they would like to talk. Maybe I could be of help to them, maybe a few dollars, since I have so much. I wonder…” With the boss, you might begin with, “I wonder why Boss is having such a bad day. Maybe I can cheer him up if I bring him a cup of tea and ask him how he’s feeling. He must be in a pretty bad way if he is behaving so aggressively.”

You see, when you remove thoughts about lack and ignore ego/self-worth issues, the difficult moments in life become opportunities to bring a ray of light and hope to the other, who is in a difficult position financially or emotionally. The Dark training has taught you to mind your own business, avoid people who are in pain, or to blame the sufferer for a lack of ambition, or laziness. We have taught you here that each one chooses his path for the purpose of evolving as a soul. This is not a case of laziness – just the opposite. The bum on the street may have had a past life as a wealthy king, and wishes to experience the lot of one who has nothing. A boss or other person who is in a position of power over others and abuses that power probably learned to behave that way at the hands of his/her parents, and needs to relearn how to treat others with kindness. Give him an example to follow.

You, Dearest Ones, are the torch-bearers, the ones who will inspire change in the people around you by the way you respond moment by moment as you go through your day. You have a profound effect on everyone whose life touches yours, even in the most casual way. Your energy emanates outward from you, filling the space around you with the vibration of love or fear, whichever you choose. Do not forget that anxiety is fear and must be completely eliminated from your life. When you accept our Love, you will be able to fill your heart with the feelings of kindness and generosity we feel toward you. It will become a part of who you are, like breathing. In that state of Love, there is no fear, for you know God’s Love and protection, and you are able to understand that all experiences, no matter how difficult they may feel in the moment, are for our Greater Good.

Even my own experience of condemnation and crucifixion were a source of growth and expansion on my own soul path. Yes, I knew when I chose to come to Earth to teach God’s word that I would face a traumatic end, but it was worth it. Many of you have chosen to be tested, especially during this last incarnation on the Earth plane in 3-dimensional reality. Some are in the process of “cramming” because the time is dwindling until the end of this semester of your most challenging life lessons. You will not have this chance again, Dear Ones. Do not be in a hurry to leave this last opportunity to grow; savour every moment, ponder every dilemma, reach for your highest self as you absorb these profound lessons in endurance, perseverance and Faith.

This time, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, can be your finest hour. It is a time of decisions, of important choices, and above all, it is a time to learn the true meaning of Love. Pure Love is the natural expression of the heart, which is God’s creation and God’s home. Live in your heart as you never have before. Dare to be completely, absolutely in Love. Let the feelings pour out of you, surrounding you with an aura of kindness, forgiveness, acceptance and joy. See the Love in the trees, in the pigeon on the street, in the fly on the window. Look into the eyes of a child, and return their gaze with adoration. You are the finest creation of Life. Embrace it with all your might and will, and you will rise ever higher in Love and Light. You are ascending.

I embrace you. I am Sananda/Jesus, your brother.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, October 11, 10 PM

Chapter Twenty

It is time to look forward with new eyes. You have lived through the Darkest of times on Planet Earth. The cloud is beginning to lift. You will all learn to sing and dance again. You will experience lighthearted fun even better than when you were young. You will remember how difficult it has been in recent years and the contrast will create such relief and joy, you will not be able to stop smiling. You see, from where we are in higher dimensions, we can see all the timelines leading to your future, and they all point to Ascension.

You are beginning to understand the deeper meanings of what Ascension really describes. Of course it means rising up, lifting, moving upward, but it refers not only to the physical event but also the emotional and spiritual feelings you will experience when you raise your vibrations to a higher level. This is the important part – the state of your heart.

It has been a long, dry period for humankind. You had lost your connection to your adoring Creator, who is Love. You had lost the happy connection to Mother/Father God because so many were taught to fear the judgement and punishment you felt were inevitable for your “sins.” Ironically, the idea of “sin” was created by the Reptilians, who wished to instil fear in the hearts of all humanity in order to gain control over people’s feelings. Once a person is living in fear, they are easy to manipulate. They will work hard to avoid pain and punishment.

The irony of this situation is that the things they chose to identify as “sins” were so much a part of every human being’s normal state that it produced a dilemma which is impossible to overcome. Until recently in the Western world, and still pervasive in the East, is the unfortunate fear and dread which young people have felt when they experienced a sexual attraction to one another. Rather than celebrate their deep response to one another, they feared disapproval of it from all their elders, who would predictably offer dire warnings and disapproving glances. Love was separated from the sexual expression of love, and a new dichotomy arose in relationships. It became common for individuals to experience love without sex and sex without love, but rarely the two combined.

Other dilemmas were created when people became convinced that anger or disapproval of any kind should be completely banished, even to the point where self-defence became confused with “sinful” aggression. This was a convenient ploy which was used by the abusive Powers That Be who wished to disempower anyone who might be inclined to fight back to try to regain their freedom. It is a mind-twisting trick to convince a person they are bad for defending themselves, for rising up against an oppressor

It was a large part of my teachings to help people learn to express Love in all their relationships, and it is still the goal of our work toward Ascension. However, you begin as an infant who needs tender direction and acceptance before you can learn to accept all your feelings, all your impulses as a part of your glorious human make-up. Only then can you learn to manage the normal responses to life, which to a child include frustration, anger, envy and fear. These feelings can be brought into balance with steady support and kind direction – especially when it comes from an adult who is simultaneously modelling patience, affection and a long-range perspective.

This kind of teaching is nearly non-existent in the cultures of the Earth realm. Here, we hope to correct the tradition of intolerance and judgemental condemnation toward the very things that make you the brilliantly creative and powerful human beings you are. Those who stand in judgement of others pretend they are doing God’s work. We must begin with the need to relieve your feelings of shame and guilt for small transgressions and idiosyncrasies which, I assure you, are not the province of those who stand at the Gate of Heaven.

Shame is a toxic, destructive emotion. It is not the same as regret or remorse, which is based in a deeper integrity, the echo from your Higher Self. Remorse reflects a conscious concern for being in alignment with the Greater Good. Shame, on the other hand, is created by the fear of what others think of you, and can be largely unconscious. Those others who define you may or may not be accurate in their view of the world, and they have mostly misunderstood what God stands for.

I come as teacher, friend and brother, to speak The Word of God as I feel it in my heart, as I hear it in my ear, and as I see it with my own eyes. Yes, I am the son of God, but I am not the only Son. We are all born of the Love of our Creator; there is no other beginning. We all will live together throughout eternity, in the Unity of One. Unity requires no recognition on the part of those who are joined; it simply is, it cannot be otherwise.

Are you comforted by knowing that God loves you? If it does not produce in you the feeling of euphoria and peace, then you are not allowing the Love to flow into your heart. In your heart is the chamber which holds the secret to all fulfilment; we have called it your heartmind. There in the depths of your heart are the intelligent cells, made up of the same genetic material as your brain, which allow you to feel Truth deeply, and to register the electrical signature that is Love. Some call it intuition, but it is much more profound and complete than the phenomenon you call a “hunch” or a “gut feeling.”

Work with me now to reactivate the receptors in your heart which will allow you to receive Love, and with it the deep knowing that comes with being completely connected with your Higher Self. You see, this configuration produces a total experience. It includes heart, mind, and Spirit, and it is a neurological structure which could be identified with scientific instruments if your instruments were more sensitive. Your current measuring devices are able to show the energy flow in a person whose receptors are fully activated, but your scientists do not yet understand the meaning of this subtle energy.

Now, I said you will connect with your Higher Self. This is what you might call the third point in the electrical energy connection. Begin with your heart. Feel the powerful energy emanating outward from your heart centre. Notice the direct line, like a power cord, to the centre of your brain. There in the centre, you will feel the power of being the I AM Presence – the conscious awareness of being present, alive, and in command of your entire life experience.

You will then experience the awareness that Your I AM Presence is activated by being linked with your Higher Self, the essence of your soul, which is located just above your head. This is the essential connection which allows you to live in multidimensional awareness. It is your direct connection to God, to the knowledge of your many past life experiences, and to the constant flow of Love which is the fundamental essence of the Universe.

This, Dear Ones, is your road map to enlightenment. Practice every time you feel a new breath entering your body. Practice when you walk across a room. Practice when you sit down to eat a meal. Practice when you smile, when you look upon a child, when you take a shower, when you feel the sun on your face. This is the path to what you have called mindfulness. Keep practising, and you will feel my presence beside you, my hand on your shoulder, cheering you on.

You may find it easier to begin by acknowledging your Higher Self energy, bringing it downward into the centre of your brain, following the flow of Light which pours down on you from Prime Creator, from the centre of the Universe, the great Central Sun. Let it flow directly through your Higher Self down into your brain, along the pathway of your inner channel of Light. Trace the energy as it flows through you, down through your throat, along your spine and into your heart area. There it ignites the fire of your being, the wisdom of the ages, and the essence of your I Am Presence. You are Home.

Once you feel that three-part connection, you are now experiencing the Truth and the power of your human existence – the ability to live in complete harmony with your environment, because your inner environment is that of Love, Light and Unity. I rejoice as I observe so many of you working to make this your reality. Forge ahead, Beloved Ones. You are learning the lessons of the ages, and you are stepping into your Destiny, your birthright.

Reach deeply into yourselves, and keep going deeper until you find the place in yourselves where you can feel endless love for the young child you were, for the conscious self you have always been, and for the expanding being you are at this moment, growing, learning, evolving and perfect in your ability to change. All the Universe is in the process of expansion and change. You will expand along with your dear Mother Earth, for it is your path to be the explorers, creators and inventors. Be daring. Leave old ideas and old patterns behind. Reach for the stars, and the stars will reach for you.

The time for Unity, reunion and joy is here. You will soon be joining in glorious celebration with your Star Brothers and Sisters. Alert your friends – even the skeptics and non-believers. Tell them to watch the hundreds of videos on the internet which show the lights and movement of starships. They signal to you, with red, green and white lights; they are eager to offer their greetings. Soon you will meet again.

I send you blessings and love. In great expectation for a brilliant year-end far better than fireworks or promises, I am your Jesus/Sananda.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, October 20, 2013.

Chapter Twenty One

“When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for a people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them to another” – the spirit of those words rings in the consciousness of all the people on Planet Earth in this year 2013. Whether it echoes within the hearts of the American people whose Declaration of Independence inspired these eloquent words, or whether it rises in the inspiring calls to freedom across the Middle East, or it fuels the expressions of hope for insurgents in African nations where peace and dignity remain illusive, the spirit of freedom grows. It is the year of the New Beginning, Beloved Ones. It is the year which will be remembered as the beginning of new freedom, of throwing off the yoke of oppression, whether it be social, political, economic or psychological.
As the events unfold in the coming weeks, you will gain new appreciation for the connection between these seemingly separate areas of life. There are artificial divisions, for instance, between the fields of study in your schools, as if learning about social issues were somehow separate from politics, and as if economics were an esoteric field relevant only to college professors and the secretaries of the treasuries of world powers. Nothing could be further from Truth. All humankind will be astonished to discover how one’s family life and day to day well-being have been profoundly affected by the currency value of foreign countries, for instance. The details of international trade agreements may have been of no interest to you, but your work, your food and the state of your health are profoundly affected anyway.
The Veil of Forgetfulness is falling away. Many of you are already beginning to remember past lives, and are sensing the echoes of past relationships in your interactions with people in your current lives. It will be a revelation to you when you begin to learn, through your own awakening and through the coming contact with your Galactic friends, that your history is not at all what you have been taught. In spite of astonishing discoveries like the underwater pyramids of Atlantis, your scientists continue to ignore whatever revelations do not agree with the limited understandings they have clung to. It is an irony, is it not, that the Creator Race can be so conservative in thinking that you are reluctant to change your minds, even when the evidence is presented in clear photographs by perfectly reputable people. It can be difficult to leave your pet teachings behind.
One of the myths that remains present in the minds of humanity is the belief that anyone not of your planet and not of your exact species of humankind must by definition be strange, foreign and dangerous to you. “Alien” is a dirty word in your lexicon. Do you ever stop to think about what those beings in the ships which are so famously darting about in your skies think of when they observe you? Who has more reason to be afraid – you who have bombed each other for centuries and who have developed sophisticated weapons to wipe out anything that comes within range of your Star Wars technology, or the beings who have quietly observed from a distance in their stunningly advanced wonders of technological engineering?
Many of you reading this have suspected that any civilization which could travel thousands of light-years to arrive here may also be emotionally, socially, politically and spiritually more advanced than your own planet, although this obvious truth is hard for many to accept. You see advanced technology, and your first thoughts turn to war. You see, this is the residue of Reptilian ideology still active in your minds. It was the Reptilian leaders who oversaw the shooting down of the few uncloaked ships that came within range. They came to make contact and to peacefully offer their technologies for the Greater Good. What resulted was the massive cover-up of a multi-trillion dollar program in reverse engineering, which has been used to build more advanced weaponry than you can even imagine, and it has gone on now for more than 50 years.
If you had not been brainwashed to fear “aliens” through constant propaganda, it would have been perfectly obvious to every one of you that your space Brothers and Sisters were here out of concern for you and for the safety of the entire Universe. Fear has blinded you to the truth that nuclear testing created tremendous pain and destruction to Mother Earth and all her creatures. Had you not been trained to feel suspicion, mistrust and fear of your fellow humans, you would have all been crying and rioting in the streets at the first mushroom cloud to appear in your skies, rather than proudly applauding your government’s “superior” achievements. Similarly, if you had not been deliberately threatened with starvation, you never would have agreed to the unholy development and patenting of artificially created “Frankenfoods.”
Highly developed civilizations through out the Multiverse take it for granted that all sources of sustenance, all access to medical care, all education of the young, and all natural resources are to be shared, developed only for the Greater Good, and never hoarded or privately owned. But of course, this is an expression of the Unity Consciousness of civilizations which have reached higher levels of spiritual development. It is the work of Ascension to raise yourselves up to a conscious awareness in which you can grasp the given-ness of Love and Light that exists in the Universe at large. Only here on Earth, and the few other places which have experienced 3-dimensional life, are intelligent beings so bound to the experience of the five senses.
Think of it, Dear Ones. As you elevate yourselves to higher-dimensional awareness, you will enter into a world inhabited by billions of others – beings of all shapes and sizes who have travelled the path to Unity consciousness through their own efforts to ascend, just as you are doing now. They are friends, teachers and experts in the very issues you are becoming aware of now. Not only do they not wish to harm you; they have travelled across the galaxies, across dimensions, to be here to observe and to help out any way they can. Some are closer to you genetically and experientially than others, but it matters not. All are benevolent, all exist in Love and Light.
As a matter of fact, Earth has the privileged position of being surrounded and protected by the Ashtar Command. Our dear Brother Ashtar is the Supreme Commander of the organization which oversees the starships of the Intergalactic Federation of Light, which is here to make sure that no negative energies, no outside invaders will be allowed to interfere with your Ascension. Yes, there are a few bothersome groups around the cosmos, similar to the Reptilians who caused such havoc here in the past. They are without exception entities from lower vibrational dimensions who have developed some advanced technologies without having gained the wisdom and maturity to know how to join in the cooperative and loving fellowship of the cosmic family of Light.
You see, it is always the lesson to be learned by entities in lower dimensions that more evolved beings are also more benevolent than they are themselves, and that cooperation and friendship are always more satisfactory than brute force. We always work with them to teach patience, tolerance and Love, but when a planet is in Ascension, it must not be disturbed. Our Mother Earth is at last free to stretch herself, cleanse herself of the eons of toxins and destruction she has tolerated, and enjoy a newly established bond of high vibrational Unity with other planets. She is revelling in the experience of Love and Light which the 5th dimension offers.
Like you, Mother Earth has yearned for the sense of completion you are beginning to discover. She is generous in her gifts to her human inhabitants, but she does have a mind of her own, as you might say. She has waited patiently as you slowly awaken to the need to eliminate the dangerous weaponry and destructive energy policies that have caused such damage to her surface. Every explosion, every drilling into the depths of her body is felt just as you would feel it – with excruciating pain. Every oil spill leaves her sickened physically and emotionally; every toxic chemical spill and airborne release of poisons causes her distress. She suffers when the plant and animal Kingdoms endure trauma, for they are her children too.
As you awaken, you will notice the great sense of relief and joy your Mother is feeling at your graduation into higher consciousness. You are all in this together, as you might say. The environmentalists were right about all being in this ship together, although you may now understand that Earth is not the only Home you have experienced.
Once you ascend to higher dimensions, you may be one who will return on the great ships to your home planet, in the embrace of your Star family. If you are one who has grown attached to this experience of life on Earth, you may have already committed to returning to help those who have not yet ascended. Even though we all originated from far-flung places, this very special small planet does exercise a hold on us.
There is a special charm, a special beauty here on the Blue Planet. You might say we have experienced our finest hour here, working together through lifetime after lifetime, slogging through the Dark Times, through hardship and deprivation to ultimate triumph. We have succeeded, my Beloved family, in our blessed endeavour. We have been through the great challenges, and we have managed to remain in Faith and in Love.
Now is the time for us to stretch our arms to the sky, to rejoice in our friendship, and to breathe the great Love of our Creator, who smiles on us with unending benevolence. Let us turn to each other in gratitude and forgiveness, for each player in this great drama has taken his or her turn in the spotlight, for better or worse. Each one has contributed to the great expansion of knowledge and experience; each has been a precious part in the historic story of the fall and ultimate rise of Mother Earth and her human children.
I congratulate you, I appreciate you, and I Love you beyond measure. I have known the companionship and love of all of you, and it has created an eternal bond of Love between us. We are truly One.
I am your Sananda. I am with you always
Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, October 22, 2013

Chapter Twenty Two

I am Sananda, the one you knew as Jesus.
It is November 8, 2013.  I am speaking to you from the deck of the New Jerusalem, the mothership of the Galactic Federation of Light.  It has been my home for some years now, since it was decided that we come to remain close to Earth, to oversee the Ascension process and to direct the gathering of the thousands of ships from the far reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy and even beyond.  I am here in the company of my beloved Brother Ashtar, whom you know as the Supreme Commander of the fleet.
I can tell you it has been a pleasure to work together on this ambitious plan, which we all designed together.  Many times we have had meetings here with St. Germain, Mother and Father God, Archangel Michael and many others, in which we considered all the options, observed your progress on the ground, and planned new ways to help and encourage you.  We have each watched carefully as our beloved Twin Flames carry out their work there on the ground.  We admire their stamina and their ability to love unconditionally, in spite of the difficulties and stresses of life there in 3D, as we have called it, and we long for the time when we will reunite with them and with all of you.
You see, even though there is no time for us in higher dimensions as it is experienced there on Earth, still we come to visit you, touch your faces, embrace you with unending love, and we feel the distance between us that the Veil creates.  You cannot see us even when we stand before you in Love.  You feel our presence; sometimes you call our name, and that is a glorious moment for us.  In our love, we long for your touch and your company just as you long for us and Home.  As the time for reunion draws closer, the sense of anticipation becomes ever more poignant.
In spite of the difficult ending I experienced as Jesus, I greatly enjoyed the companions and friends during that life.  We were so close, our hearts so entwined, our love so strong that it brings tears to my eyes to remember the fond moments I experienced there.  Those who came for healing left a mark on me as well.  I looked into the eyes of one who was lame or sick and my heart forged a permanent connection which I remember always.  There were the joyful times of laughter and fun with my band of friends and my beloved Mary Magdalene, and the unforgettable moments when I looked into the eyes of my daughter, Sarah.  I am grateful for every moment I spent there.
You are all now approaching the end of your lives on Planet Earth as you have known her for thousands of years.  Although you look forward eagerly to the Great Shift that will take you to new heights of experience, I assure you that you too will look back on these lifetimes on Mother Earth with nostalgia and affection.  Yes, it has been difficult, but the greatest triumphs and the closest friendships spring from the soil of conflict and turmoil.  You have all experienced difficulty and you have all experienced joy.  We have been comrades in the most exciting project imaginable.  There is nothing better than that.
We have carried the project forward for these many eons, and it has brought us here, to this incredible moment in history.  We are about to see the public revelation of the Prosperity Program which will right the thousands of years of controlled suffering on the planet.  It will bring relief and a temporary state of exhilaration to those who no longer need to worry and struggle to provide for their loved ones.  The later phases will bring announcements of our presence high above you in the skies, our hearts filled with love and our intentions directed toward introducing new technologies, and new social organizations which will benefit all the people.
The goal of all this activity has always been clear.  It is not just about improving the standard of living for everyone.  It is about improving your relationship with yourself and your God.  These are the elements you need to develop in order to raise your vibration sufficiently to ascend with your friends and family as you realize the goal of ascending directly to the 5th dimension, with your present body intact.  This time there will be no death for the ones who have made soul contracts to experience the Ascension.
We know how hard it is for you to grasp the meaning of this transition.  It is difficult to imagine rising up to Heaven in your body, floating away to the ether to begin your new adventure in higher realms – you are so used to your heavy existence, planted firmly on the ground.  But you are indeed beginning to feel the lightness in your being, the sense of light-hearted Joy and Love which lifts you into a realm where there is no stress, no anger, no darkness, only Light.  This is your I AM Presence.  You feel it distinctly when you meditate, when you open your hearts to Love, and when you listen to the internet healing calls with Kathryn, myself, and many other Ascended Masters, which lift you into a new experience of yourself.*
You can plan your Ascension, Dear Ones.  You can do so by practising every day until you reach the state in which you are in perfect command of your thoughts, your feelings and your actions.  Do not stop at experiencing Unending Love a few times a day. Continue to concentrate on every breath, every thought and feeling, until you are able to align yourself perfectly with your Higher Self, which is God.  In that fully activated state you will find that the world is indeed a beautiful place.  The people around you, even those you thought you detested, offer the opportunity to exercise your Love muscles. You will find yourself chuckling every time you see a small child or a tail-wagging dog; your eyes will search out beauty in the least likely places.
This is the magic of Attitude, Dear Ones.  An attitude of compassion and forgiveness makes the whole world look softer, brighter, and more welcoming.  An attitude of judgemental disapproval makes the whole world look dreary, flawed, ugly and dark.  You have learned that what you envision, you create.  But what you envision is determined by the attitude with which you face the world.  Face the world with an attitude of good-natured curiosity and generosity, and the world will welcome your company.  You will never feel alone or dejected, because you will see possibilities everywhere you turn.
Leave all the stresses of competition behind you; strive only to improve your spiritual self.  There is no badge or award to be earned; there is only working toward your own higher levels of being, as you move closer to God.  The reward is happiness and inner peace.  Instead of working harder to prove how dedicated you can be to the job or the company that employs you, look around at the people who share your space, and do something to make their lives more enjoyable.
Find small opportunities to be of service to others, and you will notice how easily and naturally you begin to fit into the world.  Yes, there is a place for you.  You have value, just because you are here.  Search deeply inside yourself to find the ancient truths, the wisdom you have garnered from many past lifetimes.  You will sense it, especially at times when you are attracted to a new endeavour, or when you find yourself accomplishing some skill with ease.  You not only are worthy, you are also more experienced and accomplished than you gave yourself credit for.
You will soon find your lives turned upside down.  It is a time of enormous change. Nothing will remain as you knew it; all will be new, exciting and inspiring if you keep an open heart and approach it all with an attitude of joyful anticipation.  Each day will bring you closer to your final goal – the high vibration which will carry you through the portal to a new life, a new beginning.
Join me, Beloved Ones, we will walk together toward the triumphant day of Ascension, and you will know peace, harmony and endless Love.
I am your Sananda.
Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, Nov. 8, 2013.

Chapter Twenty Three

This is the week you will remember for eternity.  Your soul work has led you to the most remarkable time and place – the Shift into high gear, in preparation for your Earth Ascension.  It is a magnificent endeavour we have undertaken.   We join together with Mother Earth, all the Kingdoms of Earth, and all humanity to create a completely new experience, which all the cosmos witnesses with great interest.
Why have we undertaken this Great Project, in spite of its level of difficulty? Perhaps it is like the old Mount Everest comment by Sir Edmond Hillary: because it is there.  Because we are adventurers, dreamers and explorers.  We hatched this plan together, you know, along with the participation of your beloved Mother Earth.  She is the pivotal element in all this, of course.  Without her equally enthusiastic agreement, we could not have considered something so daring.  You see, planets usually ascend on their own, by making the decision, and raising themselves up to a higher dimension.  Not this time.
Our agreement is that we will all go together, planet and all its inhabitants in harmony.
This is a difficult task for you – ascending to a higher dimension – but I would like to give you an idea of just how challenging it is for your dear planet.  It is customary for a planet to simply go through the transition phase of leaping across dimensions while quaking, shaking, flipping on its axis and cleansing itself of all the residue of past civilizations.  In most cases, the inhabitants are taken elsewhere for safety for a period of years.  Not this time.  We decided amongst ourselves to create a new way to evolve to higher dimensions, in concert, and in doing so we will accomplish a new form of harmony in the cosmos.
You have all heard about the concept that we are interconnected, but in your 3D lives it was not at all clear to you how deeply we are intertwined, how powerfully we influence one another.  This is changing, as the Veil is lifting and the cause and effect relationships of daily life become more obvious.  The energies on the planet have brought the action/reaction event sequence to nearly zero point.  That is, no space/time between an action and the result.  A smile brings positive results; an insult brings Darkness on the attacker.  The adage: You create with your intentions is now fully operational and speeding up every day.
You are being prepared for the new experience of 5th dimensional creativity, when you will be able to think/create as one interconnected step.  It is training for the proverbial “Be careful what you ask for” condition you will learn to enjoy in the near future.  Yes, you, all of you who are alive now on the planet will experience the New Golden Age if you wish to remain alive for the final curtain. I did say if you wish to remain alive for a reason.  You have a choice.  You may either raise your vibration to the 5th dimensional level, or you may leave the planet in the usual way, by going through the death process.  Anyone who is still breathing in this week of November 15, 2013, will be able to complete the Ascension process now.
There will be some who will leave the planet before the Ascension, for various reasons.  Mostly it will be because the Higher Self does not believe the individual is ready to leave the incarnation process to take up residence in the higher dimensions, and wants the soul to complete further training elsewhere. Any arrangement that suits the individual soul is acceptable and will not be judged in any way.  Of course, we are always encouraged to stretch in order to grow, but the understanding is that motivation and good intentions cannot take the place of living out many complex and challenging lifetimes.
When the first wave of Ascenders leave for their rejuvenation and training, a great shift will take place on the planet, for their return will cause great wonder and excitement.  For those on the ground, it will occur instantaneously.  The one who has achieved heightened consciousness will seem to have suddenly transformed, because the trip to higher dimensions occurs outside of time.  The entire process of going to the light chambers to be renewed, and the training in how to live in the 5th dimension (an important part of the process), will be completed in what seems like the blink of an eye, if that is what the Ascender chooses.
To the doubters left behind, it will seem like magic, and when they discover that large numbers of people have accomplished this magic, it will stir their desire to be a part of such a phenomenal experience.  How could anyone resist being curious about what happened to create such a transformation?  It will be the great entree into teaching what higher dimensions are really like, what the sensations and thought transformations occurring in the light chambers were. Of course there will be thousands describing the same thing in individual ways, but it will be impossible to continue to believe it is not a real event.
I want all of you to know without a doubt that the times they are a-changing. There is no going back now.  All systems are “Go.”  The work of St. Germain has come to fruition – a new kind of prosperity and peace will blossom on the planet in the coming days and months.  People helping people, not just governments struggling to cope without the funds to provide the most basic services for their citizens.  Power is being returned to the people, from economic to political power, for they are one and the same.  The noisy propaganda machine will become less a driver of social opinion, as the people awaken to reach into their own hearts to find their own truth.
Many of those who have been co-opted by negative commentary, especially against the new healthcare program in the U.S., have been tricked into voting against their own best interests.  It was an interim step on the way to universal healthcare, which is a sensible idea once the countries of the world have the funds to support a more benevolent way of life.  It is the only practical way to provide for all, to pool resources to take care of the weakest among you.
You cannot expect any for-profit insurance company to take care of its subscribers at the cost of its shareholders.  It simply goes against logic and any good business plan to do so.  The saying, “business is business” is absolutely true, and medical care should not be included in any business model.  Nor should education or the arts be brought under the umbrella of for-profit business.  It has had a suffocating effect on all these basic creative human endeavours to include them in the race to skim off all the wealth in support of the most powerful ones on the planet.  This will be completely changed when you see the NESARA laws implemented.  I will not go into detail here, because you will soon be given a complete and thorough education on what these laws entail and how they will benefit everyone equally.
It has always been the business of healers and spiritual leaders to be concerned with the leadership of their nations.  Your beloved Martin Luther King is a recent example, and of course in my life as Jesus, I was in direct opposition to the Roman political structure which curtailed the freedom of the people, especially in its advanced stages.  This is of course the reason why so many spiritual leaders have been persecuted through the ages – because we stood for freedom.
It is the psychological and spiritual freedom of the people which is so crucial to maintaining political freedom. This is why we will make the books and writings to all which are given on the website available to all around the world for little or no cost.  The book Who Needs Light? will be available in e-book, as will be the collection, When God Pinched My Toe.  We have encouraged people to have the actual book form of these writings wherever possible, but we are working to instil our energy and blessings into the electronic versions as we have with the paper copy.
Who Needs Light? is the book Mother God called “a manual for Ascension” because it concentrates on winning back your psychological freedom.  When God Pinched My Toe is the collection of messages from Mother/Father God which concentrates on spiritual development in the context of cosmic Truth, called The True Way, and my messages, The New Scriptures, are my personal messages to the people of Planet Earth, to correct the misconceptions and distortions in the messages which were written (not by me) about my teachings as Jesus.  Together, they form a Trilogy of Truth – the fundamental information you will need to accomplish your Ascension.
We do not discourage you from searching other resources to learn from other Ascended Masters, other planetary sources and other Kingdoms.  It is also important to know some of the physics, the astronomy and the ecological interplay of the systems of the Cosmos.  What we have given here are the keys for your personal development, which of course, is what Ascension is all about. You must learn to live in your hearts rather than relying on the thinking which has been distorted by centuries of Dark influences.
Trust in your hearts, listen to the inner voice of your own Higher Self, and we will be here to help you at every turn in the road, to help lift you over every obstacle in your path.  Look upward, Beloved Ones, we are here now in your skies, awaiting our joyful reunion.  We will not be dissuaded, and we will not flag in our commitment to helping you to bring your own freedom and prosperity to fruition.
Send us your prayers and your songs.  We are listening, applauding your hard work, and we will be here for you always, whether in spirit or in body.  We love you beyond measure.
I look forward to our coming celebration, and to touching your hands and looking into your eyes.
I am your devoted Sananda.
Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, November 15, 2013, 12 PM, Cleveland, Ohio

Chapter Twenty Four

Beloved Ones, it is a time of change, from Darkness to Light, from suffering to joy, from anguish to celebration.  This is a time that will be marked in your history books as The Beginning, for it is the beginning of the New Golden Age.

My heart fills with joy as I observe the blossoming of humankind, so long imprisoned by Darkness.  You are awakening, stretching your mental and spiritual muscles, freeing yourselves from all dogma, depressing old ideas and feelings, and you are spreading your wings to take flight.

You, humankind, are known throughout the cosmos as the Creator Race, the Explorer Race, both well-deserved descriptions.  Those of you who are incarnated now have no idea of the magnitude of the adventure we have undertaken together, which is now in the very last phase of completion.  Your preparation for the Ascension of Planet Earth and all her inhabitants is a historic event by cosmic standards, and will be “one for the books” as you are fond of saying.

All the Universe is watching in anticipation to see how we execute The Great Project. It has been planned with great care, over thousands of years, through innumerable revisions, with the tireless leadership of Ascended Masters from the far reaches of the Cosmos who came to assist us.

Your ancient references do not name us, the Kumaras from Venus, who came here together during the Lemurian civilization some 100,000 years ago to assist in the development of the human species.  They do not tell of the many races from your galaxy and beyond who contributed their DNA to your present brilliant combination of creativity, passion, intelligence and physical strength, and they do not tell of the hundreds or thousands of incarnations you have experienced here and elsewhere in your long development of your souls.  The Dark Ones who took over control after the fall of Atlantis did not want you to know of your close connection to others.  They preferred to convince you were alone and in danger.  This way they could control you through fear and loneliness.

We came to help out during the long descent into the 3rd dimension and back again to the 5th dimension which was, and will be again, our Garden of Eden.  We saw long ago that Darkness, temptation and the attraction to power and domination would be a serious challenge for humankind in the free will condition, behind the Veil of Forgetfulness.  For this reason we came, under the guiding Light of our beloved Sanat Kumara, to offer our assistance, to bring the message of God’s love to humankind, as you, the brave souls who incarnated here, struggled through lifetime after lifetime without the comforting memory of your life between lives at Home in the loving embrace of your Heavenly family.

We have been known as the Elohim or the Chosen Ones, (although we were all “chosen” as volunteers), the 144,000 souls who came here to keep the torch of Love and Light burning through the ages, as Mother Earth and her inhabitants evolved toward Enlightenment.

There were indeed dark times for all of us, because Earth has been one of the most difficult and challenging environments where an ambitious soul could come to test their mettle and learn by experience how to live in complete awareness and complete command of one’s thoughts, feelings and actions.

You may be saying, “But I can’t do that all the time!”  I tell you, Dear Ones, you can.  You have it in your original DNA, which has now been activated, to practice complete mindfulness.  It is a matter of training; you are getting much help in this regard, and more help is on the way, in the form of your loving Star Brothers and Sisters.  Everyone will be helped, individually and together, as part of the plan to ascend together.  No soul will be left behind.

You see, one of the strengths of an Ascended Master, as many of you are, is the development of the Vision of ourselves as One, inseparable.  It does not matter what transgressions a person may have indulged in in this lifetime – most of you have come at one time or another to be the catalysts for change, by pushing and prodding your fellows to take action against oppression, to fine tune their taste for freedom and to practice strength of character by being a force for the Greater Good.

We tell you now:  All is forgiven.  Turn to the Light.  Use your energies now to do an about face, and join us to create a world of prosperity for all, beyond your wildest dreams.  No one will experience want; no one will know poverty or loneliness.  There will be no need to be on top, because no one will be on the bottom.

Those of you who have struggled in this life to fulfil your dreams of success and wealth or who have tried to make the world a better place and feel you have failed – never mind that you were not always successful.  Your contributions, especially those that came from the heart, helped to bring us to this incomparably successful moment.  The startling truth of your individual role in this event has been recorded for prosperity in the great holographic Library of the Cosmos.

You will soon all know the Truth of this magnificent endeavour, in which every single one of you played an important part.  There are no exceptions, no unimportant souls.  Awaken, Beloved Brothers and Sisters!  You are loved!  You are needed!  You are God!
Yes, indeed, we are all the beloved Creations of the Great One.  How could we not be loved abundantly?  How could any one of us be forgotten?  It is impossible.

The Prosperity Funds are about to begin pouring forth for all Earth’s people.  You, your family and friends will be free at last to enjoy our Earthly Paradise.  You will laugh and sing and dance, and one day soon you will tell the young children about The Day the Earth Went to Heaven, and no one even had to die to get there.

How can I tell you in words how it touches my heart to see my beloved humankind reaping the rewards they so richly deserve?  To Mother/Father God, my beloved Kumara family, my dear Lady Nada, St. Germain and Lady Portia, Ashtar/Athena and our Galactic Family (Federation) of Light, all the tireless “Ground Crew,” and the entire Company of Heaven, I humbly give thanks.

The Love we have created together will burn brightly through the ages as a beacon for all God’s beings.  I am honoured to be

Your loving servant, Sananda.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, November 16, 2013, Sedona, AZ, U.S.A

Chapter Twenty Five

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