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Sonic Geometry: The Language of Frequency and Form

Published on Sep 21, 2013 Throughout history, numerous clues and hints regarding geometry and frequency have been staring at us, calling to us, and waiting for us to put them into place like pieces of a giant puzzle. Here at

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Ship Gives Message – Dr Linda Hosalek and Reynolds ~ August 11, 2013

Message came through yesterday regarding a triangular red ship that will be present for the next several days. We were told to look in the northeast – that it will be anywhere from the east to the north. At 4:44

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Sacred Geometry 101C: The Sacred Languages

Charles Gilchrist introduces the three root languages of the universe: Sacred Sound (vibration), Sacred Sequence (time/numbers), and Sacred Geometry (form). Special attention to the static and dynamic aspects of Sacred Geometry. Special thanks to Sandy Stewart for the crystal bowl

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