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Waking Up the Goddess: Why Women Will Change the World – By Manel Blanco

For too many centuries and up to the present moment, women have been like footnotes in history books that no one bothered to read. Confined to a secondary role, they have been cast aside to serve the needs of society

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Welcome to the Solstice Gathering around the Pond, Sunday December 21

Originally posted on aisha north:
Dear family of light! We are approaching a pivotal point of the year, and the CCs have asked us to have a special Solstice Gathering around the Pond this Sunday at 21:00 Oslo time. Here…

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Living in the 5th Dimension and Releasing the Illusions of the 3rd Dimension ~ Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

Dearest Ones, this channel comes to you after requests from Lightworkers to understand the nature of the energy right now, and why you are finding it so difficult to cope with life. Nothing seems to work anymore. You feel unsupported

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Many of us may be forgiven for wondering when we can actually walk fully in these New Earth energies for any “length of time” and as these energies are now expanding rapidly we are having to find balance over and

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2015 – THE AMAZING YEAR AHEAD – Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn – – 12-18-14

Originally posted on Higher Density Blog:
? Channeler:  James Tyberonn   –   ARCHANGEL METATRON CHANNEL: 2015 : THE AMAZING YEAR AHEAD via James Tyberonn   – – Dec. 2014 Copyrights Protected-All Rights of Authorship Reserved ************************************************************************************************* Greetings Masters, I am Metatron,…

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The World at the Crossroads: New Economy is Dawning

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Originally posted on Towards Emancipation:
This is a good comprehensive summary of where we are at this point in the ongoing BRICS lead global reformation. We, the new media, are all enjoined to spread this good news to those who…

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Physical reactions to the higher energetic frequencies

Originally posted on Truth Codes:
We in our human form have been kept out of the “evolutionary” cycle that expands ALL life within the universe in TRUTH, this has seen our human form kept within a vibratory frequency loop that…

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