Pleidian message to all starseeds

collective consciousness grid

Dear fellow brother and sister starseeds currently inhabiting planet Earth,

By this time, you know who you are. Or you at least know in your heart and soul that your light being originated from a star system that is not the one you currently inhabit. Whether you know yourself to be Pleiadian, Andromedan, Sirian, or the like, we call on you now to ascend into your higher self starseed being. It is time to shed the human ego and transcend all that keeps you imprisoned in 3D bondage.

As we told you before, YOU are the ones you have been waiting for. And now is the time for you all to rise and shine your light onto the truth of the power and control you have subjected yourselves to for so very long now. You are there to free humanity from its own debt slavery, human trafficking, poverty, war, environmental destruction, and planet resource stripping. You are there to usher in the new, positive energy and not only witness, but to participate in the “changing of the guards.” For you, dear starseeds, are the new guardians of planet Earth, and it is you who will educate those still slumbering about the new, peaceful way of living, without fear and in full confidence that your lives are meant to be fair, free and enjoyed to the fullest as you nourish your mother, Gaia, back to health while instituting the technology that enables free energy to sustain the entire planet.

You have waited long enough to blossom into your full power and potential, dear ones. Now is the time to believe in yourselves and your personal power. Now is the time to gather together with your fellow starseeds and to begin developing your grand master plan which has been encoded within you since the day you incarnated into physical form. You all have a piece of the puzzle, and it is time to share your piece with the others to create the big picture, which you all have a snapshot of in your mind’s eye. You all know in your hearts how this will play out. It is time to begin using your telepathic and visionary gifts and sharing them with one another. The faster and sooner the better!

You have a communication web that you all created for yourselves to use exactly for this time. It is now time for you to telepathically access that web of unity collective consciousness and begin filling it with your visions and heart knowledge/wisdom. Only starseeds of the proper vibration can begin using this web. If you cannot access it, then you need to work on your personal vibration. I am now sending out a visionary symbol that will give you access to this communication web. Close your eyes now and look to your mind’s eye to see it. This is what you must envision in order to gain secure access to the web. It is already encoded within you, so, if you are meant to see it, you will, and it will give you complete access to the web once you envision it if you are in correct, heart-centered vibration when you do so.

Many of you starseeds are clustered close together within various regions throughout your planet, and you are all encoded with your personal missions. Those you are living close to in proximity are all assigned to the same mission or missions that are linked to one another. Remember, you each hold a key piece to the puzzle, and each of you is needed at this time to contribute your piece. Do not hold back your energy from this project or your mission. The big picture cannot be complete without you. Trust us when we tell you that you KNOW in your HEART what your mission is.

Drop all fears and grievances now for the sake of your planet and all of the people you love so dearly. Become heart-centered, joyful and loving. You are needed. Immediately.

One people, one planet, one love.

Please relax and focus your intentions and connect to the web of unity consciousness. NOW is the time.

All our love and protection to you.

Peter and Pleidian Ring of 500.

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3 comments on “Pleidian message to all starseeds
  1. Reblogged this on NR Wishart Healing and commented:
    Another powerful nudge from all which is supporting us. We must need these pushes right now which is why they all connect and are coming through from different sources at the same time. We are in it together!

  2. hughyonn says:

    I believe in the oneness of all life…the combination of all that has gone before…and will come after…everything within our realm of perception…plants, rocks, people, your dog, my truck, the concrete in my driveway…my fucking keyboard…your fucking canoe…the air that we breathe, rain drops…clouds…smoke…all part of life as we now know it…I believe that EVERYTHING is ‘aware’ and moving toward ‘something’…what that is, I’m clueless…but, we’re not ‘here today, gone tomorrow’… We’re all hauling ass through space on a moist speck of dust…going ‘somewhere’…for some ‘reason’…

    If I’m wrong, so what?

  3. What I want the for the world is peace, compassion, and the freedom to pursue ones’ dreams without worry of survival or judgement. If I had my way, electricity, internet, and education would all be free. And in doing so the planet would be able to free itself. When people can pursue their passions without worries then the world will see a new golden age, not only a renaissance of the hearts and minds of people, but also healing, forgiveness and understanding. We must free this world so it have the happiness it truly deserves. It is when people are fulfilled that they do their best work, and inspire others to live equally authentically. This is my wish for this world.

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