The City of Light and the Hub for ET’s and Then Some!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

city of light

Boy, February opened up with zero bashfulness in the wild and weird, wonderfully weird, but weird none the less!!  Let’s first talk of this thing forming and for some, formed around your body, a thing I once referred to as your bubble of creation.  Spirit has changed the energy field around that to call it now, your new matrix and insist I continue to call it that.  To my viewing eyes, it looks a lot like the double torus:


Now with this image, imagine your body is directly at the center and the emerging inner top is at your crown, the bottom at your feet.  It now engulfs you head to toe.  But, there is an interesting and unexpected twist to this thingie.  In one of the readings the other day, I seen my lovely lady’s completed torus, excuse me, matrix, and all this energy moving around in a network…

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