Elizabeth Peru

CHECK LIST FOR THE NEW HUMAN – EMPATHY : OK, this is a major topic. We are all getting an upgrade so that we can understand one another and live life on an empathic level.
Empathy is what I call “the NEW intelligence”. Being empathic does not make you a victim, as some people believe. It actually turns you into a super human as you will not be able to inflict anything on anyone without feeling it yourself FIRST. Talk about morphing into a responsible planet.

We saw it this week in France (in the mainstream) with “je suis charlie”. I see it on my FB page everyday. 99% of the people who post on my page really CARE. You can feel it. It’s the energy I establish here and it is reciprocated. Same goes for your life. You get what you give out.

When you develop empathy it means you stop and think before you act. You ask yourself, “Would I like this for myself?” You imagine what it is like for the other person and when you do this you bring it back to you. This is what we all need to do in order for war and fighting to ever cease. There’s room for everyone, everyone getting on with their own stuff instead of knocking each other. This is a New Human.

Now for everyone who might say, “I’ve got too much empathy already and it crushes me”. Are you using it on yourself?

Rise up and make a stand in your life for you – then you do it for me too. Be the one who cares. Show us how cool and strong it is to have empathy intelligence. Put your needs on high alert. Give yourself what you need. It’s not a weakness it is a great strength.

So…how does this resonate with you?

MORE TO COME…stand by New Humans smile emoticon

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