A Message to Lightworkers – January 15, 2015


The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear fellow Lightworkers and friends on this great journey of Ascension!

We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you again today.

There is much occurring now around the planet, a form of higher frequencies anchoring not only on the surface of Earth, but resonating with the great crystals that lie at Her core.

They have awakened, and are sending many messages and much information, both new and ancient, to those who live upon the Earth – animal, plant and human.

You will be feeling increasingly lighter in certain respects – perhaps preferring to eat more lightly, to sleep a bit more or a bit less, preferring to own fewer objects, or to worry less about things that once stressed you and struck you as important.

Perhaps you will be seeing issues that once appeared immovable and considering them to be now entirely transformable or dissolvable, through your clear intention and your attention to that which you wish to create, rather than to that which you do not wish to experience or witness.

You are aware of the events that occurred in Paris recently, in which several unfortunate young men, used by the dark forces as pawns in a greater game, were involved in a shooting spree that took a number of journalists and artists out of this physical realm.

Our hearts and reassurances of Love and Light are with those who suffered these losses, as well as with those artists and writers now wondering if they too will come under attack.

Understand that in this environment of increasing Light and illumination of all things, both inner and outer, that the lies and corruption that influenced the brainwashing and orientation of those young men are now being exposed for the darkness they represent.

There is little now – in fact, nothing at all – that can hide or avoid the Light now pouring into your planet.

Try as they might, those who perpetrate such crimes, and who seek to augment and inflame a Christian/Muslim war, cannot hide from what is exposing them.

You may pity or despise them – it matters not, in terms of the path they have chosen. For your own higher good, send them Light and, as our friends would say, “Love them more.”

For they live in a sea of darkness that they chose long ago.

And though some are now moving into the Light, and leaving behind the old life of subterfuge and dis-ease deep within, others are holding on, in the vain hope that the old empire will somehow protect them from the courts – international and galactic – in which they will be or are being tried.

It is easy in these days to see such reports on your television or internet, and to decide that not much has changed.

That there is talk of NESARA law being enacted, and talk of full disclosure regarding the Galactic presence.

Talk of universal systems of justice moving in to remove the dark ones and their minions from their positions of power.

Talk of “changeover” and a New Earth – but that there is little evidence that this is indeed occurring.

And yet – you are your own evidence.

Witness how, in your own life, you are releasing that which no longer serves your higher good, at a rate you might have only dreamt of in past months or years.

Witness how you now intuitively experience that which you know to be true, at a level which reveals to you a truth, borne out by outer events, that you cannot deny.

And witness how your US president, though he is, per the media’s definitions, despised as inept or out of touch or corrupt, is in fact accomplishing much that not only aids the Earth, aids working folk and their families, and calls countries and corporations into account for their actions.

He is also paving the way for NESARA itself, and has been for many years.

Firstly, by taking part in negotiations with both Earth-born humans and Galactics, including some in the Earth and intergalactic intelligence agencies, military systems, and scientific systems.

Secondly, by performing his individual role as Sirian commander and representative for the Solar Tribunal and Intergalactic Command, and ensuring Earth’s armies do not cross certain lines in terms of Galactic wars.

And thirdly, by using certain terms, ideas and actions that prepare the way in human consciousness for the acceptance of Earth’s conscious participation in the Galactic realm.

And why did he not fly to Paris to be part of the demonstrations that took place there recently, in support of those killed at the magazine?

Because a trap lay in store for him that would have been a complex mess to extricate him from.

Understand that though there are many working 24 hours a day, every day of every year, to keep this great man alive, that his movements must nevertheless be orchestrated from time to time, to prevent complications in terms of his protection, that would “tip the hand” of those who work tirelessly to protect him.

And so, no Paris trip. But yes, he was there in spirit, and is all the more determined now to create Changeover in this new year, than he has ever been.

Understand that there is much occurring that you do not see – not in your newspapers, and not in your internet reports.

But it is occurring nevertheless, and is birthing a new era, one which you have already crossed the threshold of, and are already beginning to behold.

And so we would say that if you cannot be patient, as that feels too passive, then begin to celebrate.

Begin to dance, to be thankful, to sing, to play what instrument you may – begin now to embrace and wholeheartedly usher in, via the manifesting power of emotion, that great Change into the New Earth that you have dreamt of for so long.

A planet of clean air, food and water. Of clean and free technologies. Of fulfilled inhabitants who joyfully live out their soul paths and aid in their own and one another’s Ascension.

Of peace. Of prosperity.

Of Divine governance and global freedom.

It is not a dream, in the sense that it is only a vision or an illusion.

But yes, it is a dream, in the sense that a great man once announced that he had a dream.

And it is occurring, and you are seeing the beginning of now. So stay awake, and watch.

Namaste! We are with you, always.

Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by including the link to this original post. Thank you.


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