Please, Do NOT Support Or Attend Shows, Marine Parks Or Aquariums

Wow, this must be the first time I have seen a dolphin that is not happy, smiling or full of joyous energy. Reality sucks some times. This planet needs so much help. So much needs to change. NOW. So much pain and suffering in the world. Humans feel sorry for themselves, but what about nature? What about animals? The majority of humans don’t even think about that. They only think about themselves. As always, it is all about them. When it is not. It is about everyone, all of us, including nature and the planet. We have to work TOGETHER and open our hearts, if we want this planet to move on and to have a future. People do not realize that they are killing the planet. And themselves. And the planet doesn’t even belong to them.

Please do not support of attend shows, marine parks or aquariums. Animals are not created or alive for the purpose of entertaining humans.

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One comment on “Please, Do NOT Support Or Attend Shows, Marine Parks Or Aquariums
  1. enyiah says:

    I wholeheartedly agree! I hope I live long enough to witness a dramatic change in human consciousness and awareness.

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