A Dimensional Shift ~ The Many

dimensional shift

When you have placed something down, and it is no longer there, rather than accepting what you are perceiving, that it is indeed not there, if you are to trust your inner knowing and to take a moment in that given time and to shut your eyes and think that this is where I last left my keys, this is where they are, then without using your 3D senses, because if you look again, they will still not be there for you have already determined they are not there, and yet if you were to come back later, they would be there. So we are saying they do not go away, they are not not there. They simply are not in your perception of there in the moment. So if you were to take that moment and close your eyes and be sure that you know that is where you have left them and reach out to take them, they will be there for it is just a dimensional shift, You exist, remember, on more than one dimension. You exist on more than just the 3D in which you are concentrating your energies.

The Many

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