Humanity Is Being Re-Patterened

New Earth Paradigm

It can appear that chaos rules the world, if you take at face value what is shown to you in the headlines of the mainstream media these days. Wars, Pandemics, Crashing Economies, Magnetic Pole Reversal, Weather Anomalies, Violations of Human Rights, Demonic Religious Legions Claiming Huge Swaths of Countries Overnight — it’s all there to stir terror in the hearts of the MSM audience (which happily is shrinking by the day as folks see through the smoke and mirrors.)

But recently, I have been taking the pulse of my own local area, corroborating it with certain messages that I read and coming to another conclusion about this supposed out-of-control-chaos. iI believe it’s leading up to something — something really huge and positive.

I believe that HUMANITY IS APPROACHING A NEW CYMATIC PATTERN. The chaos is driving this quantum leap for us all.

I went back into my archives to pull…

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