The Road to Q’eros … messages from the Andes ~ May 5, 2014


munaycha  ~ beauty

When you walk your life in munay – unconditional love – by choice, you see and experience munaycha everywhere. 

Living life in munay and experiencing that the world is munaycha is a choice.  Each moment in life we are choosing how to respond.. how to see..  When life becomes difficult.. when obstacles are thrown in our way .. we get to really experience how we make choices… 

This is what saying yes to life means.. to be in love with life and yourself and to choose to respond in munay.. so that all of life is an expression of munaycha no matter the circumstances.. 

I choose this.. I work each moment towards this.. if enough of us do this imagine how we might change the way we live in the world???

With all my love and no fear I greet the day..
May your day be filled with munaycha.

Deepest munay to you all
Good morning, afternoon and evening!!!

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