The Road to Q’eros ~ messages from the Andes….January 28, 2014

Mesa = medicine bundle.. used for healing and ceremony by the Andean people including the Q’ero.  The mesa holds both the masculine and the feminine aspect.  It is a medicine of unity.

The Story of the Mesa…

“now many of you in the United States, and in Europe and other countries, are on the path and are working with your mesa. That is as it should be… I will tell you this story which is also very important for the mesa.
The fire burning in our hearts …. the story of the mesa. 
A long time ago there was the losing of the connection to nature. It was very cold. The fire that used to burn in the heart of each person and also in the community hearth was dying down, little by little, until it almost disappeared. People were always very cold, very frustrated, always fighting with each other, not helping each other. and the elder of this one community knew a prophecy: that one day the fire would be burning again. He knew that a yanantin-masintin, which are like the bother and sister connection or energy, was supposed to go to get the fire from a cave in the mountains to restore it to the people .

Well, there was a bother and sister who lived near the river, and they were so cold. Very cold. They didn’t know what do do and they decided they had to do something. They saw their families, their communities being so cold and they could not live like that anymore. So, they decided they were going to go to the elder for advice on what to do. They went to the elder and were told the prophecy about the heart of the fire, and about the cave where it burned, but about how difficult it was to access this cave. They could very easily be consumed by this fire if they did not approach it carefully, with respect and courage. People had tried before to retrieve this fire, but they had failed. They had always gone alone. This was the first time a bother and sister would go together.

So they went on this journey, through a jungle and mountains, past dangerous animals, and so on, until they came to the cave, which had a tiny, dark opening. Way deep inside was this fire. They approached and went in. There were bats and other things in the dark, scaring them, but they went in little by little, until they came to the fire. The brother said , “let me approach it, and I will take some of it.” but the sister remembered how dangerous it was and was afraid for him. She said she would take the risk. so she approached the fire and took some coals and fire carefully in her hands. The coals were coming very nicely and she was smiling, but then “owwww!” the coals burned her. The brother said, “no let me do it” so he took up some coals and he was smiling, and then “owww!” the coals burned him. They didn’t know what to do. They felt the cold, a cold wind coming down through the cave. They looked at each other, about to leave and then they remembered the yananitin-masintin, which is about not doing things alone, so they both reached down together to get the fire and they were able to. They were not burned, not consumed. they brought the fire to the elder, and he showed it to the community, and the fires in all the hearths were restored once again.

This elder then wrapped the glowing coals in a mesa blanket, and they stayed there, always burning, always ready to warm us, to burn as the fire in our hearts. This is the mesa. the mesa is the fire burning in our hearts.”

~Fredy Puma Quispe as told to Joan Parisi Wilcox.. the masters of the living energy~

This morning as I greet the sun.. with all my love and no fear, I ask that the fire burn brightly in my heart and that this may spread to all beings ..
deepest munay
good morning, afternoon and evening!

Photo~ Jack and Julie being married by Lorenzo with his mesa…

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