Sirian Archangel Hermes 1/15/14

Cosmic Love

 16 January 2014

Greetings fellow beings of light. I come to you now with a brief and clear message of what is very soon to occur within your linear timeline, this timeline is the one that you chose to experience, for it is.

The message has been broadcast by our ground crew members for a long time, however it is now finally making it into and through the broadcast mediums that will finally catapult the consciousness of the planet to the point of manifestation. Acknowledgement if you will. The message is what many have long hoped, worked, strived and prayed for, and that message is disclosure, of the extra terrestrial influences that have long been in place within your governments, particularly the United States.

As more media establishments begin to broadcast this message, and all the details thereof, the consciousness of your planet is quickly going…

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