Many of you are feeling the stress of waiting very intensely.

Jesus through John

We are very rapidly approaching the moment for which you have all been praying while strongly holding the intent to bring it about, and your prayers and intent have been and continue to be extremely powerful.  You will not be disappointed. God has promised and He always delivers.  Many of you are feeling the stress of waiting very intensely, and it is causing you anxiety.  Therefore you need to relax daily into your quiet inner space and allow your guides, mentors, and guardian angels to talk to you, and uplift you and inspire you as they embrace you in a loving hug.

You are the beloved children of God, eternally enfolded in His loving embrace, and that will never change.  The illusion – your present state of experiencing life as humans – is not your natural state, it is unreal, it is a concept that you imagined into existence…

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