The Road to Q’eros messages from the Andes ~ December 12, 2013

Hucha  ~   equals heavy energy.. that which weighs us down…
Sami    ~   equals the refined light…In the northern hemisphere as we move towards the winter solstice…. we are offered an opportunity to really delve within and look at any hucha we carry and work on releasing it.

It seems that if we don’t do this….each one of us…. then our environment may reflect it back to us and so we stay caught in a circle…. but by clearing ourselves we also clear the environment.. our entire life becomes filled with Sami.

This is living in Ayni, sacred reciprocity..

What I do for myself I also do for those around me and my environment..

I shine light into the darkness…. and what I find there I do not fear or judge…. I hold it to the light.   I am gentle with myself…. and then I let it go for good…. to be eaten by the fiery molten core of our earth…. so that I may be filled with light..

This is love with no fear…. this is releasing my hucha…

This morning as I look into my self… I see the shadows and also the Sun…. which is part of who I am.   And as the Hucha drains away I am filled with this refined light…. this Sami and our Mother rejoices.

Deepest munay to you all


©the road to Q’ero: messages from the Andes 2013
artwork- Susan Seddon Boulet

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