Tolec speaks about Comet Ison, Xanterexx biosphere

Published on Sep 7, 2013

Tolec summarizes the origin of what media have named Comet Ison but what they call Xanterrexx) and its purpose: “It is 300 miles in diameter surrounded by two city size ships. Because of their large size they appear to be casting a long glow almost perpendicular to the biosphere (the larger central ship). There is a very specific reason for the travel pattern (organization of these 3 ships) as they head toward Earth’s space.

SACRED GEOMETRY – A glow or sphere inside of a triangle is an orb. If you connect the mythical lines of the escort ships to the back you have a triangle with a sphere inside of it. What meaning does this have? it has two meanings, the first one is that the symbol of a triangle/pyramid with sphere has been known for a long time as a symbol for universal Peace. The second meaning that this layout has is called ‘Homecoming’. What does homecoming mean for us? I believe for habitants of planet earth in the near future we will be meeting our relatives who come from the stars. They are a harbinger of contact and visitation. First contact visitation is not far off and this collection of ships is the harbinger of that new beginning.” Tolec

[please listen to the whole video…there are sentences missing from the above text as I couldn’t type that fast Lol

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