The Road to Q’eros – messages from the Andes ~ November 13, 2013

hucha ~ heavy energy.  The Q’ero don’t refer to energy as bad or good for them it is either heavy or light. The more we release our heavy energy the more we are able to receive the refined energy, the Sami.

Often when we say yes to life, all of the Hucha we’ve buried deep comes up in an alarming way and gives us a unique opportunity to work it through and let it go,and it is then and only then, when we master ourselves, that we become En-lightened.

So what seems like catastrophe is often really the greatest gift of all, the opportunity to remember who we truly are – one breath, one footstep, at a time.

We remember that we are in fact Light beings, the kiss between Tayta Inti, father sun and Pacha Mama, Mother earth.

This morning as I face the sun, I will work on releasing the hucha so that I may be filled with light and that light will shine out into the world.  With all my love and no fear I greet the day and say YES to life!

Deepest munay to you all!


@2013 the road to Q’eros..
artwork helen nelson reed.

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