The Road to Q’eros messages from the Andes – October 28, 2013

Malquis  ~ The Malquis (also called Malquikuna) are the tree spirits. As most of the nutrition absorbed by trees is through the root system, the shaman feeds the Malquis with Earth from sacred ground-powdered minerals and crystal are especially welcomed. When one is feeling disconnected from Spirit, healing can come through work with a Hatun Malqui, or Great tree Spirit. ~ Matthew Magee

When you call on the Malquis and work with the trees you can anchor both heaven and earth in your consciousness. If you feel a need to reconnect today in your ordinary life you can work with the trees.. call in the Malquis and ask them to help you.
Tangle your arms in the sky, your heart with the sun, root your feet in the earth.. the Wind will whisper through you, remember, we are one and we are love. We are Munay, there is nothing more. The Saywa and the Malquis, aided by the royal hummingbird, will come to your aid.

When the heart and the mind fly together in the same sky, equal and balanced, we become like the Malquis,rooted and free all at once.

Dear LIFE, Dear Pacha Mama, Dear Tayta Inti, I thank you for all that is!! I call on the Malquis to guide my way today. with all my love and no fear I greet this day!

Deepest Munay to you all.

From my ever widening and full of wonder heart to yours!

Good morning, afternoon and evening!

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