An equal exchange of energies ~ The Many

Where the ET’s are concerned, there will be more information coming through as it has been, not trickling any longer but pouring. New documentation will be discovered and then disclosed.

There will still be some forces trying to keep this from happening, and they will not just be the forces on your planet. They will also be the forces within your skies, within different organizational groups, for just as the people upon your planet are not one by definition but many, the people who you would call ET’s or aliens are also not one but many. It does not mean we all agree with each other, but of your Seed Guardians there has always been some controversy in directionality of where the planet is to go, and there have been issues about what will be coming from your planet in the next years.

So as more information is understood and disclosed, as more technology is understood coming from a different place than you thought it was coming from, as more people start recognizing that our goal is not to come down and eat your children, there will be more sightings.

So see it as an equal exchange again of energies.

The more you are able to accept, the more you will be given to accept. The more you are able to open to the concepts, the more concepts will be available for you to open to. It is a way of thinking and acting and being, and again, keeping the fear away for as long as there is a great deal of fear, there can be a great deal of damage done, and just as you claim you police your own on your planet there are different organizations that you would consider alien that also police. But that is a whole different topic.

We would say for now if you continue to look to the skies without fear you will see us, if you continue to recognize dimensionality and accept that you’re part of dimension, you will see us, if you continue to understand that when we speak of equal exchange of energy when you are doing something energetic, you will be aware of us, for we are assisting sometimes without your knowledge, and if you wish to have the knowledge with that intention, you will.

~  The Many  ~

Posted in Ascension, Channelled messages, New Earth Consciousness

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