Accessing New Time Lines

The New Divine Humanity


As you Access greater and greater Momentum in your Transformational Process…you may find yourself entering an entirely new timeline or Map line.

You may call this a Reality Shift, but really what it is, is the accessing of Nodal Points throughout the Dimensions through the CHANGE in your frequency which then brings about AN ENTIRE NEW Life…

A New Time Line.

I have seen this take place many times.

Your Frequency resonates MORE with a NEW Reality, which was already taking place simultaneously, this new reality then shows up on Planet Earth.

Planet Earth is the Densest of All Dimensions.

Your Focus ON the FREQUENCY you Truly Desire, creates the Quantum Leap in your Frequency and this frequency ACCESSES for YOU the New Map Line.

Now since there Really is NO TIME…you only flow through it, it doesn’t move.

You can ALSO ACCESS existences that have appeared in the so-called Past…


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