Sanat Kumara – “Go Gently into that Good Light” – via Tazjima, 3 Oct 2013

Blue Dragon Journal


Channeler: Eliza Ayres

Beloved brothers and sisters, I greet you. I AM Sanat Kumara, now planetary logos for Gaia. Myself and my fellow ascended masters, kith and kin, are gathered together here to wish you congratulations for a job well-done. The planet has ascended into the fifth dimension. We bid you to go gently into that good light, the Light that now envelopes your world and each of you. Become conscious of what you are becoming, what you are and have always been in the worlds in which the greater part of you exists in simultaneous time. It’s time to wake up and see and feel the wonder of creation.

“What?” you might say. Looking around and not seeing much that has changed, many would question our words. And yet, if you but pause a moment during your busy days, there is a difference in how you feel. Suddenly, many…

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