Equinox Siriun Cosmic Whale Activation – REBIRTH

Published on Sep 22, 2013


Kyrona offers you this must have language of light tool for your healing collection! Watch the video & then buy the MP3! This intense, strong & potent language of light transmission will support you to journey through the void to rebirth, now and always – not just through the Gateway of the September Equinox (during which it was recorded) which is a truly magical moment each year, a moment where doorways to the mysteries are opened to us. This transmission weaves powerful Siriun Starry & cosmic whale tribe frequencies, keys and codes, while deeply connecting to the earth’s electromagnetic grid, as well as, the Star Sirius, our Sun and the constellation Libra.

It is deeply clearing & activating impacting all multidimensional levels of your DNA to allow reconnection to ancient aspects of your soul self, embodiment of these in the physical, in this life here and now. Whatever you need to support your REBIRTH, or your journey through the void as you prepare for REBIRTH will be accessed as you listen to this powerful transmission!

How to make the most of this language of light healing tool:

If this is you, you are encouraged to journey with this language of light transmission 2 times daily for at least 7 days or until you feel you have really integrated its frequency.  If you are new to Kyrona’s light language, it is best to work with this transmission by itself until it is integrated. After this time, you can listen to the transmission as guided.
You can download the Mp3 now here: http://www.kyrona.com/woo/shop-2/

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