The Harvest Moon, The Equinox and Holy Cow Energy!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

Holy Cow


Phew baby!  From start to finish, every single connection was a super intensity of incoming Light energy in the front yard.  That’s huge really, it says, no matter where you are in your process, things are intensifying within you as this moment transitions fully from old to new… and the winds are blowing, hard!

My first connection of the day yesterday took me by such surprise.  The moment I connected to him there was this ginormous moon hanging out in my front yard.  I could see every crater and shadow on it as it hung fully in my front yard three feet above the ground.  I could also see the light reflecting off of it, I am just grateful spirit toned it down or I would have been blinded by the full moon light!!  Beyond having a low hanging moon at my door, it was pressing on something I…

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