Lightworkers, Let Go of Your Obsession With Predictions and “Special Dates” – Divine Self



The “ascension” you look forward to has always been within you, although most of you haven’t clearly noticed it. The true “Golden Age” has always been the Eternal Now. December 21, 2012 and many other predicted “special” days have always existed to help the masses transcend their obsession with the “future,” which is but a label, a concept. It is all a cosmic joke to help you lighten up and focus more purely and intently on the Divine Presence that exists in you NOW, for Cosmic Awareness is also “Comic Awareness.” Hear this: Time itself is a flight of fancy. It is a dream-dance of the Universal Mind. It is My playground.

Make PEACE, not war. There is no real need to use resistance to have your way. Surrender your distorted messages of fear and disempowerment. You are here to discover the Divine Truth of Who-You-Really-Are. You cannot fight your way into Heaven! That approach merely supports “hell,” and keeps the mind focused on “past” and “future.” The Eternal Now is all there is.

You are all members of the Company of Heaven, each and every one of you. You are ALL Earth Angels. If you think you are a special incarnated angel and that others aren’t, you are delusional and need help, for it is a spiritual fact that ALL beings in creation are, in truth, of the same Divine Essence. Your definition of an “angel” is lacking and very narrow, if this be the case. Surrender the ego’s “special” categories, and realize that no day is more holy than another, just as no human is more holy than another. All beings are EQUAL in My sight, and nothing can change this.

I ask that you catch your mind and question yourself, lovingly putting yourself in check, whenever you play favorites and place the importance of one day over another, for no day is more beautiful than another, and no place is more lovely than another. (Do the same as well whenever you idolize another being over another.) It is funny to Me how many may speak of Unconditional Love in one breath, and then in a very short time may curse their brother or sister in another. You are all brothers and sisters, remember. Your true bloodline flows through all beings in creation, even the Hitler’s and “reptilians” many of you despise. Be very thankful to your “enemies” for ultimately helping you to awaken to more expanded levels of LOVE, and then realize that you actually have no enemies, period. Let go of believing in such egoic illusions.

Be more honest with yourself. Whenever you think/say such things as, “I’ve had a really bad day,” recognize that you are not really telling the truth, even when your own human experience seems to support it as a “fact.” You never experience a day in which you have had no moments of peace, no matter the human circumstances. By “peace,” I am not saying that it was a very deep-seated sense of well-being, but on a daily basis you all at least have *some* thoughts/feelings that are INSPIRED by peace, inspired by your Higher Self. You cannot experience a 100% “awful” day. It is simply not possible in the universe, for even the most depressed mind has *some* glimmer of HOPE for release from its “hell.”

You cannot humanly exist without hope. Try it; it is impossible! Even a very suicidal person HOPES that suicide may be an answer, a solution, to ending his/her suffering. Therefore, nothing and no one is ever “hopeless.” To see this is but acknowledging the obvious, and this realization gives the human mind RELIEF from its obsession with “past” and “future.” This awareness helps center the mind in the NOW, for it is seen that there is no lack of hope. Hope is another word for saying, “desiring a better now-moment experience.” And here, the desire for “better” simply means that you experience more joy, more well-being, more ease and flow with Who-You-Really-Are.

Lightworkers, let go of your obsession with living for the “future,” as the love, peace and joy that you all desire can only be accessed and experienced in the Eternal Now. I am not saying you must have no reference points, for of course you must have time/space reference points when experiencing “linear” human reality. I AM, however, suggesting that you give more ATTENTION to those Higher-Self-inspired thoughts and feelings within each day, and that you embrace ALL your thoughts and feelings with loving recognition, even those emotions that do not feel so great for you. Remember, beloved children, to practice allowing your present-moment awareness of your emotions, your feelings, to be sustained. In other words, practice being more AWARE OF HOW YOU FEEL in more of your moments! 🙂

See the same “specialness” in ALL. “ALL” is where you practice Unconditional Love, and this is known as “practicing the Presence of God,” for you are learning to CLEARLY PERCEIVE the One Love as Being in all. Let go as well your obsessions with “holidays,” even “birthdays,” for nothing is more holy than the birthless, deathless state of I AM, which is the Absolute Reality of GOD IS.

This message is truly intended for those that have ears to hear it, and eyes to perceive its validity. Distortions and contradictions may always be found in words, therefore go beyond them. It is really as simple as that… You may certainly have your celebrations, and yet at the same time you may learn to perceive that the True Celebration is of your Perfect, Eternal-Now Reality.


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