Healing your reality ~ Message from Ashtar 21-09-13

What is on the surface and outside of the self is merely a representation of the inner world. A microcosm of the macrocosm.

As you look at the world around you, there will ultimately be things you do not like, and things you do like. All of these are mere representations of the holographic programs that you are programming. You are programming every second of the day, every nanosecond. Your mind is never still, for there are always thoughts firing off, neurons transmitting to tell your physical vessel when to breathe, when to make you feel hunger, when to feel thirst and so on.

When what you are seeing is fear based drama’s you are contributing at an individual level to something globally, even to something galactic, and universal. This is due to the thought process that is tied in to faith. When you believe something to be true, this manifests before you.

People ask me many times ‘how do I quantumly heal my reality?’ Without realizing that they hold all the answers within the Divine Mind.

God is the divine mind. It is our God Self which is one with Source which is whole perfect and complete. But you would not want to be told this. Of course you want to know specifics and details.

In the mind of the Creator, nothing needs healing. Your reality will shift when you align yourself through the ‘Ascension Process’. This is a personal shift, which will lead to a greater paradigm shift globally.

Many people want peace, and spend a lifetime looking for the things outside of themselves to correct in order to bring peace, but they never find true peace.
Why is this you ask?
Because they are looking in the wrong place. They are looking at the distractions, the mirrors held up to you by your society, by your workplace, by your friends, family and cohorts. The thing with physical living is that you tend to forget your divine connection and the nature of permanence of spirit over matter. Matter does not hold any sway over spirit. Yet all the power stems from the true spirit within you.

Many of you will not hear this, or want to accept this, but you are the ones creating your own suffering.
You can indeed stop all this today, this instant, if you hold the will to do it.

In order to heal the reflection (outside circumstances) you have to concentrate on the inner world. The world you are creating. So if you are seeing fear, where is your fear stemming from? From what karmic lesson are you seeing this reflection?
As you heal the Macrocosm within you, the microcosm will open up to reflect that healing.

Your belief holds a big part in this. As a collective, but equally as an individual.
When others are blaming others, that is their distraction, they are not willing to look at the causes within themselves.
You are not responsible for those, you can only shine your light, by first uncovering your own. You can only work on yourself.
Healing the outside things takes time and patience, others will have to ‘catch up’ or be left behind. Either way the world will change around you as you progress.

War, either you agree with it or you do not. Align your actions to what you believe is right. If you are wanting peace, then do not go to war. If you want to promote relations with your own fellow Earth men, then you make sure your internal relations within yourself, your home life and country are aligned to reflect the type of relations you seek with other earth men.

Only by healing your own psyche, and releasing your own karma, can you then begin to change the world around you.
Change comes from within. Not from anywhere else.

This is why we sent our emissaries within your people, so you can relate to them, and be encouraged to also take the time to learn.
Had we come from outside of you and attempted to help you, it would have been rejected. As it stands the world around you is changing. People are indeed becoming more aware of their own truth, and their Divinity.

Concentrate therefore on healing yourself, on being Unconditional towards yourself and each other, there you will see the greater benefits.
Align your actions to love, peace and joy, these qualities that you must first get from within, and you will see much more of this in the world around you.

Take no notice of fear-mongering stories. The internet and ‘truth movement’ is full of misleading stories to get you worked up and un-centred. Many lies are being spread about to try and stop your progress, to hold you back. You all can be aware of only what you know for a fact, what you experience.
The rest is hearsay.

Healing your reality steps :

1) What is your fear, drama or addiction?

2) Work through it, releasing it with love.

3) What do you want to create?

4) What thoughts are you aware of that are holding it back?

5) Change your thoughts to be more loving, and filled with faith, gratitude and joy, by using positive affirmations.

6) Believe your positive affirmations

7) What belief’s are holding you back? Do you believe you are inadequate? Do you believe that you are not worthy?

 Release these belief patterns by only affirming belief in yourself and the power of God.

9) What do you want to feel? Peace? Love? Joy?

10) Create it with your thoughts and intentions, then align your actions to procure more peace, love and joy into the world.

Happy Healing and Creating.



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