September Equinox, 2013 – Birth of the Christ Consciousness Grid

Legion Before Sept Equinox

Message from the Council of Light

Channeled by Meredith Murphy

Telepathic Transmission – 15 September 2013

Hello Dear Ones,

So many of you are so tuned in. It is so beautiful to us when you sense subtle energy changes, and trust your perceptions, your sense of things. Even if you cannot totally explain it, even if it is mysterious or the implications unclear, so many of you still feel the truth of the currents now in play and know with confidence what you sense. You feel subtle energy reshaping and you get the gist of the qualities of what is taking place, you sense the import of things and in this we find so much to be joyous about, for you are really orienting and trusting your inner clarity. And of course, in these subtle senses of things, you are very much right.

This is powerful — your wisdom and trusting of your innate knowing — and this is a very powerful time. Thank you for being brave and heart felt in your living.

The Equinox is a potent portal of initiation into a higher dimensional expression of the leading edge of human consciousness. It marks a substantial shift in the grid, and the birth of newly established grid — a field populated by the emergence of what is often referred to as the New Human. The New Human as a paradigm of embodied, aware, divine consciousness, is arising. This collective realization of the Christ Consciousness now embodied not just conceptually, but energetically in the full human energy field by those on the leading edge, has created a new system, a group mind in alignment with Divine Will. These New Humans who energetically populate and radiate in resonance with this field of new harmonics, this new matrix of leading edge perspective in form, consciously multidimensional and knowingly divine, is what we are referring to as the Christ Consciousness Grid.

This new framework creates the pathways for these currents of the New Harmonics grounded by these leading edge humans. This energy system will support the further expansion of all individuals on Earth, seed reality with more and more expansive, coherence and order and also begin to transmit and ground the paradigm of the new reality as a collective field. As any of you open to the fullness of your being and to the world, and generate the energetic capacity of this alignment, you move into resonance with this new field.

All-That-Is, is focused upon this shift, because it is the first manifest arrival of the full new human DNA template in form. And activated. Consciously, fully flowing source energy. Able to operate as a whole system as a human energy field. So this is a huge accomplishment to have this arrival approaching and it will position those of you who have worked with your consciousness and your emotions and your expansiveness and your multidimensionality, who have reclaimed your knowing of the true divine nature of your being, in an entirely revolutionary way in form.

The aspiration to liberate more and more consciousness in intelligent life systems, such as human energy systems, has been a shared aspiration by many, and a creative focus in the angelic, ascended master and star family collaborations for Earth for what you would consider a very long time. We are, like you, thrilled by what is coming forth.

How all this will develop is a beautiful adventure!  A mystery even, for it is new and it is up to you and YOU — the fullness of you! It is unknown how humanity will evolve, change, shift, create and develop and progress as the new collective field emerges and begins to discover more capacity and live as and from this endowment from all that you are. The innate awareness of the Unity of life, and alignment with Divine Will impulsing awakened humans will not only have the influence of powerfully high frequencies, but the clarity and sense of timing that comes from being unified with the intelligent, ordering and harmonious field of their own inner connection to Source Creation.

Those of you who comprise this field will be in a new space where you will then begin to discover the new functionality of your abilities. We anticipate that telepathy and knowing will be increased; manifestation enhanced; clarity sustained; a state of joy and fulfillment stabilized; well-being on a physical level expanding; and that you will then begin to act within Creation on Earth as an Emissary of Divine Will. You will be embodied in a capableCosmic Form of Being. This upliftment will enable the Human Template to function in alignment with Cosmic levels of intelligence, elevating participation from a personal, local, global sphere into and eventually beyond a galactic sphere into a cosmic connection of universal love and being.

Where it goes from here we, with you, will be most excited to see. It is up to us together to discover the new means of collaboration this will enable for us all and to use this for the benefit of all beings and all that is. This is an enormous, substantial aspect of fulfillment of the divine plan for Earth and populates with human presence, bands of resonance that open Earth for participation in the Cosmic playing field, and with a proper orientation to wholeness rather then the local paradigm of duality. So this shift in form further empowers the unity paradigm in humanity and is preparation for the Cosmic Participation of Earth as a Global Citizen in an enlarged landscape. How individual humans remember and ground and create from their multidimensionality in form is the territory of these leading edge new humans. How each of them sense divine will expressing through their unique essence and begin to utilize the fullness of their being on Earth, and collaborate with other enlightened beings, creating grounded Earthly presences of Cosmic Councils and Fields and Families of light, is the great anticipation we all share.

As all of this takes place, chaos will not only continue but expand. It is natural that this will be challenging for many. Being a presence of peace and developing your inner composure will serve the whole very beautifully in this time, as well as support you in sustaining your connection with all that you are and opening to a fuller and fuller embodied expression of this wholeness.

Increasingly the multidimensional is in play within the material and realm of form. At the leading edge where material meets pure potential is the consciousness of the New Human — fluid, present, sovereign, clear and open to all that they are, and open to the world. It is the dawn of a new era. A milestone in the nature of awareness and creation and the potential for the material to be an expanded conscious expression of its Source.

For all of you participating consciously in this awakening epoch, may you absorb the magnitude of your accomplishment. It is important as you integrate this realization that you celebrate the amazing feat you have individually and collectively empowered through your focus and leadership —  through the example you are, you will be and you continue to expand into, the way in which you have by virtue simply of your evolving expanding energy field, uplifted others into this new paradigm of being.

We are with you always and we are most excited that you too, are sensing and understanding this great shift into more and more light.

We are the Council of Light

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