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Silent Winds of Change

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No, not like in the Avatar movie, better. Earlier we spoke of Christ Consciousness spreading on the planet. You were all sent with the ability to be an Avatar and it’s your choice of whether it is allowed to develop or not. Here’s more on the process.

There is a period of time where you will experience the energy flowing from above and into your crown chakra. This will typically be a few years. You will feel this and it will be incredible. It will not be constant because I promise you wouldn’t do anything besides just bath in it 24/7. It feels like you are bathing in liquid love.  Generally it is felt when you have delighted your soul by seeing, hearing, feeling beauty in all it’s forms. When this energy flushes through you it is cleansing out your physical body and chakras.

After that unknown period of time the energy descends into you.  That is…

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