LEMURIA RISING…from 1994…very prevalent in the NOW.

April 23, 1994: Opening of the Vortex ~ An Excerpt from Lazaris’ book The Sirius Connection:

The Vortex of Sirius, the Vortex of the Goddess, opened full and wide. And this event was played out in your heavens, there for all to see if you knew how to read the signs, how to read the celestial compasses.
Within your solar system, the opening of the Sirius Vortex was marked, its space held and its time measured, by the movements of one planet: Pluto.
Now when many of you think of this astrologically you think: “OK, Pluto. It gives out a specific kind of energy. Pluto does this or that. It causes …”
Understand: Your planets are vortexes, too. They are celestial gateways to other dimensions and, potentially, to other worlds. As vortexes, they hold space and time. They hold energy in formation — they hold information that can influence. Planets do not “do.” They do not cause. You create your own reality, sometimes by causing and most often by allowing. You “do.” You cause. Planets can influence with the energy that flows through them.
The dance of the planets — the movement of the planets in relationship to each other — can reveal the tracings of energy waxing and waning, ebbing and flowing, within your Solar System and in your Universe. In this way, a planet is like a compass. It can point the way to the flow of energy, but it does not cause that flow.
For example, a standard compass has a needle that is responsive to the flow of energy called magnetic north. The needle will always point north. By understanding the dance – by understanding the movement of this needle in relationship to magnetic north – you can find your way. The needle traces the flow of energy called magnetic north. It is not because the needle points in a certain direction that a location suddenly becomes north. The needle did not cause the direction to be north. It is because the direction is already north that the needle pointed in that direction.

The dance or the movements and relationships of the planets are as compass needles pointing in the directions of particular kinds of energy and, in so doing, abstractly tracing — marking and measuring — the flows of that energy.

The dance of Pluto did not cause the opening of the Vortex of Sirius. Pluto’s dance pointed, marked, measured, and traced. It heralded a grand event. It heralded an event that had not happened in over 90,000 years. Pluto, compass-like, pointed the way. It held the space and marked the time.
The dance of Pluto: Now Pluto is called the Planet of Death. It is called the Planet of Regeneration. It is also called the Planet of New Birth and of New Life. It does not cause or produce these things; it does not “do” these things. Yet, Pluto does point, mark, measure, and trace the energy that allows such things to more readily happen or to more easily be created. It holds the space and marks the times when the possibilities and the potentials for such energies — the energies of death, regeneration, new birth, and new life — are most present and available.
So when one speaks of death and rebirth, of regeneration, or of new life — when one speaks of transmutation, transformation, transcendence — as being Pluto or as being what Pluto represents, what one is really saying is that this physical illusion called a planet is pointing, marking, measuring, and tracing the presence of a specific kind of energy with distinct possibilities and potentials of death, regeneration, rebirth, and new life. What is being said is that this physical illusion called a planet is holding the space and marking the time of possible transmutation and transformation and of potential transcendence.

Orbit of Pluto
Now, Pluto is a phenomenal planet in that it has the capacity, due to the shape of its elliptical orbit, of moving inside the orbit of its neighbor, Neptune. Normally, Neptune is closer to the Sun and thus to the Earth. Pluto, located beyond Neptune, is farther away from both the Sun and the Earth. But because of the shape of its orbit, Pluto does, upon certain cycling, move inside the orbit of Neptune, therefore moving closer to the Sun and to the Earth than Neptune.

In 1978 Pluto entered inside the orbit of Neptune, coming closer to the Earth than it had been in two and a half centuries. In 1978 its orbit moved inside the orbit of Neptune. It was September 23rd, 1979, that we talked of the beginning of a New Age. It was no accident that we talked of it then, for when Pluto moved inside the orbit of Neptune, it pointed, marked, measured, and traced a time of death, of regeneration, of rebirth, of new life. It heralded what, for many, was the beginning of a New Spirituality.
Some people could only see the death aspect of it, but others could see the aspects of regeneration and rebirth, of new life. It is a time for transmutation, a time of transformation and transcendence — not that any other time is not, but this particular time is one of profound possibilities and potentials. Pluto moved within the orbit of Neptune in 1978. We began talking of a New Age and the New Spirituality on September 23, 1979.
Now Pluto stays inside the orbit of Neptune — at the closest point it has been in 250 years — until 1999, the end of this most monumental decade in history, the decade in which you will decide to create a future of dreams, to give birth to a Virgin Future, and to create a New World and a transcendent new life. Two magical decades, capped with the most monumental decade in history.
Now something else happened with Pluto. …
From the vantage point of Earth, there is a huge circle called the Zodiac, 360 degrees of arc, divided into 12 segments of 30 degrees each. In 1984, not only was Pluto within the orbit of Neptune — closer to the Earth than it’s been in 250 years — but also it moved into the arc segment of the Zodiac at 210 degrees, which is the Sign of Scorpio, the Eighth House.
Now Scorpio, for those who are not that familiar with astrology, is the symbol for and the representation of death, regeneration, rebirth, new life. It is the “house” of transformation, transmutation, and potentially of transcendence.
Pluto is now within its rulership in the Eighth House of the Zodiac. Such placement and alignment speaks to increased intensity of an already intense energy. The needle of the compass is not just pointing, it’s quivering and it’s flashing. … {laughter} …
Pluto entered 210 degrees and stayed in that 30 degrees of arc for ten years, moving into the 240-degree mark during 1994. For a decade from 1984 to 1994, it was within that arc, so intense in its energy of transcendence and transformation and transmutation — so intense in its pointing, marking, measuring and tracing of the energy of death, rebirth, regeneration and new life. Holding the space — within the orbit of Neptune and closer to the Earth than it had been in 250 years and within the House of its rulership — it suggested that something big could happen and would happen over those specific 10 years. And it did!

Now we look outside your solar system. Something else happened, and we look to the brightest star in your heavens. We look to Sirius.
Sirius is a star and a star system. As a star system, Sirius is composed of a bright star, called Sirius A, and around it, in an elliptical orbit — not a circular orbit, but an elliptical orbit —moves Sirius B, the dark star, the shadow star.

Now, because the orbit of Sirius B is elliptical, there is a certain time when Sirius A and Sirius B are the most separated from each other; there is a time when they are farthest apart. Likewise, there’s a point when they are the closest together.
Sirius B has an orbit about Sirius A — a star about its star — that is 50.9 years. More easily said: 50+years. The movement of the Sirius system is such that during 1994, Sirius B moved into the position where it was closest to Sirius A. When Sirius A and Sirius B are the closest together — when they are “united” in wholeness, in completeness — it is called the Grand Union. During 1994, there was the Grand Union of Sirius.
So during 1994, there were two incredible astronomical and celestial occurrences. One can only happen every 250 years: Pluto, within the orbit of Neptune, within its rulership in the Eighth House or the House of Scorpio, is as close together with the Earth as it can be. The other can only happen every 50.9 years: the Grand Union of Sirius when Sirius A and Sirius B are as close to each other as they can be. And on April 23, 1994, the Sirius system, 8.5 light years away, entered its Grand Union — and Pluto moved into exact alignment with it.
Such an astronomical and celestial event had not happened in more than 90,000 years; it could not have happened since then. And it will not happen again for another 90,000 years. The dance of Pluto pointed to, marked, measured, and traced a celebration of energy. As a compass, Pluto marked and measured the space and the time of a grand triumph for your Universe. When this rarest of rare alignments occurred, the Vortex of Sirius opened. The Vortex of the Goddess opened wide and full as it has not done in over 90,000 years.
The last time the Vortex opened, from the mists emerged a land, and upon the land a world stood out. There emerged Lemuria and a world of the mysteries and mysticism of the Goddess. In time, once its work was done and the seeds were scattered and planted throughout the world, Lemuria would retreat into its mist and become the Land That Imagination Forgot. Yet it was out of the last Grand Opening of the Sirius Vortex over 90,000 years ago that the world of Lemuria began.
Yes, the Sirius Vortex — the Vortex of the Goddess through which all energy enters and leaves your Universe, through which all the Archetypal energy flows, through which your Higher Self’s energy enters — opened wide and opened full. The Goddess blew a bubble of space and then filled that bubble with the fertile eggs and seeds of all growth.
This astronomical alignment — this celestial dance of planets and stars — can only happen every 90,000 years. It happened before; it happened again on April 23, 1994. The Vortex opened full and wide, and there was a flood of Light — no, not light that you can physically see (light within the range from red to violet) — but with Light from the Imaginal Realm, from beyond the torus of space-time. That Light flooded into your Universe. And Information — the Light Information or information carried on Light — flooded into your Universe.
On April 23rd, that flooding Light, that flooding Information, that flooding Light Information and Information Light, saturated the Earth and was absorbed. More specifically, it saturated you. The hologram of your brain absorbed the Light, absorbed the Information, absorbed the Light Information and the Information Light. And you now have all the information you need to create a new world — all the information you need to make the choices that we all along said you would make. … OK, we cheated. … {laughter} … You will choose a Future of Dreams for you, for those you love, for those you care about, and for your world — for your Earth. You will choose to give birth to a Virgin Future that has never been — that never could have been experienced before.
An analogy: We, and others, have suggested that your brain, in many ways, functions like a computer. Using that example, it is as if to say that on April 23rd, 1994, there was the most magnificent downloading … {laughter} … of the most magnificent program that there has ever been or that could ever be.
The Goddess is returning, and She brings with Her a Light, a Light that once lit cannot be extinguished. And your brain — that hologram that can function as a computer — now holds that program. It is not just within your brain; it is within everyone’s brain. And it is within every cell of your body; it is within your DNA. It is within everyone’s body and within everyone’s DNA. Every human being, regardless of the station they assume they hold, received that downloading, that flood of Light and Information and that flood of Light Information and Information Light. It is within each and every one of you.
But just as with a computer, how you use it, what you do with it, how you learn the program with what you now have within you, is up to you. It is up to you. There are people who have powerful computers, and all they use them for is to play games or as a calculator to balance their checkbooks. There is just so much there that they never, ever use.
On April 23rd, the Vortex of the Goddess, the Sirius Vortex, opened and flooded your Earth, flooded every cell of your body and every neuron of your brain with Light. Portions of your brain that have waited lifetimes — seeming to lie dormant or to function redundantly while waiting — are now filled and overflowing. Portions of your DNA also waited, ready to hold the information, ready to be awakened. DNA that is often called “DNA garbage” (because your scientists could not decipher the meaning) now holds the Light.
You see, you don’t need extra strands of DNA. You’ve got plenty of room in the two you have, and they have absorbed this information.
The Opening of the Vortex was an event that had not happened in 90,000 years. And it was a day that outwardly looked no different than any other. It was not suddenly brighter. There was no great clash or calamity. For many it was to be an ordinary day. You see, it wasn’t some “religious experience” in which the statues turned black or dark green … {laughter} … It was a downloading of information. The Goddess works quietly, gently.
It was a downloading of information that means that inside of you — inside every one of you — you have all that you need to create the New World that you’ve come to create. You have all you need to fulfill your destiny — to make the maps you came here to make, to dream your dreams and to weave them into manifested reality, to make visions, and to create realities. You have all you need to be the metaphysicians and the magicians that you yearn to be and have always been.
You have all you need to create the reality you want for yourself — with the rewarding friendships and intimate relationships — with meaningful and valuable work that celebrates your power, strength, and talent, and that expresses your value and dignity. You have all that you need to be successful and happy, to find triumph and joy.There is help on the way … Seriously and Siriusly. … {laughter} …
This is the time of death and of regeneration; it is a time of new birth and of new life. It is the time of the grandest transmutation, the grandest transformation, and, yes, of the grandest transcendence that has ever occurred. The Vortex of Sirius opened full and wide on one day in April, 1994. And everything is different now.
And you will spend the rest of your lives learning and coming to know, sorting and choosing, and using that Information, that Light, and that loving and healing. This is why we have emphasized so strongly your becoming a receiver — a receptacle for the Light, a receiver. Yes, we talk of it in terms of receiving specific things, receiving for yourself, for those you love and for your world. We do not diminish such receiving. But also, we have always meant it in the sense of the play upon words: Becoming this grand receiver of Her Light, becoming a grand receptacle of Her Love. That is why we have talked of the evolution of your computer-like brain, this hologram that is your brain. The areas of our emphasis with specific work with your temporal lobes, limbic brain, and hypothalamus (the governor of the brain) correspond to the cerebral areas that play a phenomenal role in the absorption, in the use, and in the distribution of this energy that is more than you can conceive, more than you can label.
Let it in: This is the energy that over 90,000 years ago produced an entire continent, a continent that came out of the mists and, in its time, would recede into the mists, becoming a Land That Imagination Forgot. Lemuria was literally there, though, as we have said for so many years, it will never be biologically, chemically, or scientifically proved. Lemuria was literally there; it still is. Even so, it exists beyond the Bridge of Belief and thus will never be captured and contained in the brittle prison of scientific proof.

This was the Vortex that opened and closed, never to be opened again until the Seals could be broken. Now, it has opened again, opening fully and completely. And it was a flood that penetrated to the core of your Earth — every rock, every blade of grass, every tree, every bit of mineral, plant, and animal life. And you, human being that you are, received it all.

Most will not know what they received and will never know in this life. But you can. That doesn’t make you “better than” or special. It just means you are capable. You are capable. You are the Mapmakers, the Dreamers, and the Dream Weavers. You are the Vision Makers. You are the Reality Creators. You are the Receivers. This is what you have been waiting for.
In the myriad of lifetimes that you’ve had, most of them began and ended, in your time-frame, between 80,000 years ago and a few decades ago. You have not had lifetimes where the Vortex of Sirius opened wide and full. In the scattering of lifetimes you call past, none of them landed within the fabric of your being that includes the previous Grand Opening of Sirius. It has now happened; it happened in one of your lifetimes. It happened in this one. It happened, and everything is different now. Practice is over, and everything is different now.
The worlds as we’ve talked of them — the potential worlds of nightmare, mediocrity, and dreams — have always been there. You could have chosen them at any time. Many have. Yet, those worlds have been far apart, seeming so separate from each other. Then they started coming closer, coming closer. Then in 1994, on April 23rd, a bridge: All the Light, all the Information, all the Light Information and Information Light to step into a New World became a part of you and your world.
When we speak of a New World, we are not talking about a New World Order. We are not talking of a political concept tossed about in your current world. The New World Order speaks to finding a new order to the existing or old world. That is not what we are talking about. When we speak of a New World, we mean a world that has never been. We mean a world that has never been.
The Vortex of the Goddess opened, and through it flowed a Light that will change, grow, transmute, and transform you. Through it flowed the Light and Love that can allow you to transcend what has been and to create what will be. And you are witness. You are participant. You are integral in this happening.
You are not alone, and you do not have to do it all by yourself. There is help. There is the Love and Light of the Goddess. You are not alone.”
With Love & Peace

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