~ The Heart Passage from the Old into the New ~

Most lightworkers on Earth now are in their last, or nearing their last incarnation in this density.

They are finishing off their soul growth cycle here on Earth. There is a major liberation in the works. This is what all the light code transmissions and the heightened planetary and cosmic energies are facilitating.

But it is not necessarily easy or fun all the time. There is still much work to be done. There are things to understand, to embody, to release, to integrate.

Particularly for those for whom this is the last “go around”, there can be great challenges. This is not a glorious lifetime with a capital G. This is a lifetime to clean up after all the glorious lifetimes. This is a lifetime to tie up all the loose ends, to release the most stubborn resistances, to face the most difficult truths, to integrate the most fractured polarities…

Who likes to do clean-up? It’s much more fun to be the Queen of Sheba or the High Priest of Giza. Or perhaps a valiant night of the Round Table in pursuit of the Holy Grail, or a great conqueror, a famous writer, a tortured artist, a brilliant scientist, an inspired minstrel, a beautiful princess… oh, the list is so long and the longer it is the more clean up there is to do.

This is your time now to shine in unglorious splendor of your outwardly unremarkable life with the most remarkable task of all; to close the grand cycle of your soul journey here on earth. To do all that is yet undone, to release all that is yet unreleased, to understand the fullness of who you are. For then, it matters not at all how glorious or unglorious your life, what matters solely is the purity of your heart and your willingness to serve the greater purpose of your soul.

You came here with all those left over fragments from other lives. No wonder there has been so much confusion and need to define your purpose, to find the meaning of your presence on this planet, to understand who you are beyond a name, a job, an outward identity. No wonder, you rebelled against false values, wore flowers in your hair and sang for peace. But you did not really know what you were doing then. You were just responding to a feeling in your heart. It took much more, and a fall from grace, and the donning of what you had rejected, to finally begin finding your empowered voice, to finally start coming home to yourself.

You now know so much more, your heart and your mind is opening more each day. And you are finding each other and supporting each other and seeing how you are all connected and how you can help each other complete the cycle.

One of the things to understand is the utmost importance of your heart. Your heart is the portal and there is no other. The Liberation Gateway is even now being built in your Collective Heart, growing in strength with each individual Heart that integrates the Grid of Light now deeply anchored into the planet through numerous activations at sacred sites. This grid is constantly replenished and strengthened by more and more activations at more and more sacred locations, some unknown until now. But your heart is your entry point and it is empowered by linking to the ONE Planetary Heart within which the Liberation Gateway is taking form.

One of the challenges you may be experiencing right now is a re-structuring of your significant relationships. This is important because you need to be empowered in your expression of your true, your authentic Self. Your heart needs to be in utmost coherence, which it is when you are living your truth fully and openly. But there are those relationships in which you have not been able to express your authentic self. Sometimes this is because you lack self-confidence but mostly it is because the other person is not accepting of what your truth is.

These may be extremely significant and long term relationships with family members, close friends and loved ones. However, as you gain more understanding about ascension and go through greater and greater shifts in awareness, those relationships will become more strained. To the extent that you are changing and moving ever further away from consensus reality, if your loved ones are not moving in the same direction, the divide between you will widen. In fact, as you progress they may actually seem to regress and become even more resistant and unaccepting of your truth. Even if at one point it may have been possible to just agree to disagree, now differences may simply have become too great for you to ignore, without having to compromise your authenticity in some way.

This is the time of the Great Realigning. There are choices to be made and most of them are not particularly easy. Your heart will feel very challenged by so much need to be in your truth. The challenge will be to allow people and relationships to drop away. Some won’t let go of you readily or easily. They will try to bring you back to the place the relationship was in earlier, to a place that you no longer resonate with. There may be drama as the only way to finalize the separation. You may feel rejected, in fact, you may be rejected as a response to your unwillingness to compromise your truth. Your heart may suffer, you may have symptoms of nausea, of uneasiness in the solar plexus, of heaviness, of extreme fatigue, of feeling depleted. Know that those are symptoms of not supporting yourself sufficiently in your truth, of perhaps compromising unwittingly or unconsciously.

If you experience this in a love relationship, particularly with a soul mate or a potential twin flame it will be that much harder. But even soul connections are not always synchronized, and they may just not be as ready to advance spiritually, or in a compatible manner with you. That is an explanation. But there is also an opportunity, as there always is in every seemingly unwanted experience. When your heart is broken you have the greatest opportunity for healing. There is always some aspect of the self that feels particularly let down by what happened. This is a time when, if you stay with the pain that that part of you is feeling, you can heal it and re integrate it from the shadow, from its depressed state. This will boost and consolidate your personal energy.

As you find more and more strength within yourself for self-compassion, you will be able to integrate more and more of the most sensitive parts of yourSelf, those parts that were least able to withstand the harshness of the lower vibrations and just withdrew into the unconscious. These sensitive aspects are already attuned to the higher frequencies and, as you integrate them, they will not only help increase your energy level but also raise your overall vibration which, in turn, will accelerate the rate of your soul evolution and ultimate liberation from the matrix.

With Great Love and Blessings.

Message through~ Eyona, originating with ~ Doral of the Sirian Pleiadian Council

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