The Road to Q’eros messages from the Andes ~ August 12, 2013

yanantin/masintin  ~  complementary opposites…

This principle is reflected in all of the textiles woven by the Q’ero; for every female aspect there is a male aspect and vice versa.. there is not one random thread.. all has meaning .. all is in honour of the continual striving for balance.

Because all of life is this striving for balance.

The Q’ero do not talk about negative energy.. they do not place judgement.. there is simply heavy energy and refined energy… there is light and dark.. there is male and female…

For them we have not entered the time of the feminine but entered a time of a return to the balance of the masculine and the feminine… the Taripy Pacha… a time of cooperation and working together.  Rather than a time of dominance… a time of understanding who we are so that each day we can observe and correct and get back to centre… this is the task.. this is the purpose of releasing the heavy energies.. this is stepping into a life of munay…

With all my love and no fear today… I understand that all of my life is about striving to get to the centre… striving to remember who I really am…

deepest munay to you all!!!

good morning afternoon and evening!!!

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