The Road to Q’eros messages from the Andes ~ August 7 2013

The light within us

In my dream there are two wise ones and we sit on a bench high up on the cliffs overlooking the deep ocean.. and they explain to me about this business of clearing our heavy energy.. and why it is so vital to us.

It is so that we actually truly remember that we are light, one of them explains to me. We are all this extraordinary bright light. And the more we realize that no matter the circumstances in our life, that the light is within each of us, not outside of us.. the happier we become…

When we forget this we dwell in the land of shadow and often believe that the light comes from the outside.. from others and that they will feed us.. and this is where the trouble begins… it is impossible to get the light from anywhere or anyone else for you are the light.

We are each a great light being.. when you stand each morning and face the sun.. let that memory fill you as the heavy energy drains away…
With all my love and no fear I greet the day with a great joy in my heart !!!
Deepest munay to you all
Good Morning, afternoon and evening!!!

Photo.. early morning light in the east gate of the medicine wheel at herondale farm, activated by Jorge Luis Delgado…

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