As the energy shifts, absolutes are no longer absolute…. ~ The Many

We talk again about your Core Self, for you are all, you are everything, you are connected. You always have been.

It is the walls and the limited things. It is the belief system, it is the educational system, it is the governmental systems that have built these realities with you cooperatively. So you have agreed as groups that this is this and that is that. Now we are saying as this energy is shifting, this is no longer this and that is no longer that. This may be that, and that may be this, and you do not know for your way of measuring is no longer true. The fun side is on the scales you can be lighter for that is no longer true either.  It has to do with your gravity, and your gravity is being examined in a new and different way. There is finally an admission that it is not a constant. We are not saying you will fly off the planet, but is that not a nice thought?

We are saying that all things you have considered as absolutes are no longer absolute. Think on that for a moment. If it is absolute that you do these things in this way, then when this new energy comes, you will be fighting the new energy insisting that it be done in a certain way. That resistance will meet with physical issues. If instead you recognize when the new energy comes in you would like it to feel in this way, then you are working cooperatively with the new energy and creating on a new and different wavelength, for it is all about energy, it is all about vibration. So keep in mind that this new energy is going to give you a new…

It will not be like your old rules for the rules no longer hold. We do not know how to explain something that is limitless to you with your limited thinking, for we would say it a new set of rules, but it is not really a rule for there is nothing in concrete that says this is the one and only thing, the one and only way, the one and only thinking

~  The  Many

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