Are you resisting the changes? ~ The Many

With the changes of the vibratory information coming to your planet and the changes of your core vibration, the lack of compatibility of one with the other has been creating some of the issues that you have been talking about. It is more now than just allowing the energy to flow. Now you are at the point of your changes where the energy will be creating change with or without your resistance.

With your resistance, the change can be difficult, can be reflected in many physical issues. With your cooperation, the change will be much easier. The question becomes, however, when you are going through this whether you will retain for yourselves a focus of your own emotional desires. If you allow this change to come in and through you when you are in a state of angriness or you are in a state of fearfulness or if you are in a state of worry or if you are in a state of unworthiness, all of these things can be worked into this energy for you must understand it is full spectrum. It is not one piece or another. It is not just about living in Happy-land.

It is about adjusting energy so that they are all compatible one with the other. It is increasing vibration to a point where the colours you were using from your crayon box will not be the same any longer, and all of you, if you can see yourselves as people within the crayon box are all very different, and we are not speaking on the concept of different races, but rather on the concept of the different vibrations.

So you have the vibration of greed, you have the vibration of anger, you have the vibration of control, you have the vibration of manipulation. All of these vibrations are still there. They will not suddenly disappear because there is new energy coming, rather the new energy coming will be amplifying much of what is there, but in a slightly different way. So in some cases, some of the vibrations that are there will be increased, and not necessarily in the way that will make you the happiest.

You have all been complaining that there is no true focus right now, and we can understand why your would say that for you are expecting things to be as they have been in the past, and they cannot for the energy has changed what they once were. We are trying to figure the best way to explain this to you.

You are insisting that you use your old teachings, your old education, and you then insist that the new energy adapt itself to the old education, and it cannot work that way. Rather the new energy coming in will insist that the old education change to be working with and more cooperative with new energy. The old will not change the new. The new will indeed change the old. There is no choice in the matter. There is no chance to be overcome by the old. The new will not allow it. There are reasons of physics, or what you would call physics, involved in this. But we will say it is simply the concept of energy.

The line you have used in the past is when you turn on the light, you see what is in the darker corners, and you are in essence turning on the light. You are turning it up more than it has been turned up in a very long time, if ever upon your planet. You are in a position now to be evolving to what you have been meant to evolve to. You are becoming. When something is becoming, it cannot become in the way that you think it is supposed to. You are talking about lack of focus, and yet your focus has always been with you. You just have been out of touch with what that means.

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