The Road to Q’eros messages from the Andes ~ July 23, 2013

“Some people hear the forest sing…. some people don’t” – Valerie Ann Wormwood

But now, in this Tarypipacha, it is time for US ALL to open our hearts.. open our ears.. to hear the great Song of the universe.. from which we spring… to hear the sound the stars make as they fall through the night… the flap of the bird’s wing across the sky… the deep thrumming of our own hearts and the thrumming of the heart of the ocean and how that is the same thing… and when this can be heard again we will Remember.

We will remember that we are in concert with Pacha Mama and that it is a time for creation and for listening with the heart. for abiding by our intuition… for hearing the forest sing… it is time to wake up! 

This morning as I greet the sun as it shimmers above the singing trees I ask to hear and see it all and to remember that I am part of this. the light in me is the spark of Tayta Inti.. Deepest Gratitude and Deepest Munay to Pacha Mama and Tayta Inti. Deepest Munay to you all! 
Have an extraordinary day no matter the circumstances. 


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