Finding Your Place of Understanding ~ The Many

Spirituality and individuality often are married. Although we say to you your knowledge is within, always within, always there, always available, it cannot come out if you are not able to listen. It cannot come out if you are choosing to allow the old structure to keep it hidden and the old structure is a belief system that you have used collectively to create the planet on which you are now living, and slowly, person-by-person, your reality is beginning to shift.

You are beginning to become more aware of things that people say do not exist. There will be a greater openness and reception to some of these alternative ways of thinking and acting. It need not become a movement, but it need become something within self, and the self we speak of is that Individuality, that understanding of what works for you is what works. How it makes you feel is for you and you alone, not to tell anyone else, not to insist, not to change, not to influence, but simply to be as you are as the individual and then watch how you will come together with the similar people as Self.

When you are preaching, when you are saying you must, you should, you have to, and you are keeping all things within a narrow way of perceiving, then you are in dogma. If instead you are teaching and preaching and saying and sharing and asking people to think on their own and suggesting that they can try, and it may or may not work, when you are sharing information from a life experience, you are then teaching and not dogma. For that is how it worked for you.That is not how it may be for all. So the individual person will be coming away from their sheeple-ness and coming into their understanding of power.

You have already begun. The meditations you have been doing with us have helped you understand that you are indeed powerful, but there are many out there who do not understand that. Your discomfort being around people are the people who do not understand that, the people who are fearful of WHO you are, and that is what you pick up on but do not quite understand for you are still in the place of thinking.

We can leave it there – thinking, and not in place of knowing, not in the place of understanding self yet, working on it, but not quite there. When you are in the place of knowing, when you are acting on another level, when you are picking up on again air, communication, then there will be no need for worry, for worry is something that happens from fear. Fear is something that happens from old ways of thinking, and old ways of thinking are something that happened because of the reality that was collectively created. That reality was collectively created through the understanding of science, the understanding of religion, the understanding of dogma. So all of these things will be influencing where you are going.

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