Visit of the Galactic Federation of Stellar Nations

Published on Mar 31, 2013
Thank you for watching this video from the beginning even if it starts randomly due to the copyrights on some songs.

This is only a short presentation about the Galactic Federation of Stellar Nations, also called « the Galactic Confederation », « the Galactic Federation of Light » or simply the Galactic Federation. Many qualifiers and designations exist, all are referring to the same benevolent alliance of Star Nations.

Some higher dimensional concepts are here addressed from a 3d perspective, therefore the explanations are incomplete by nature ; bear in mind that true answers lies within yourself.

Sharing this video would be a great contribution to the First Contact Mission. All additional remarks are in the generic.

Warm regards,
Arbre Solaire ღ

The captions have been translated from the original French and contain a few minor grammatical errors.

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One comment on “Visit of the Galactic Federation of Stellar Nations
  1. regina tadesse says:

    our inheritance from source creation Creator. We got the goods, it don’t get no better. Thank you Creator with all my heart I love you

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