Guidance as the masses amass in July …. ~ The Many

We also wish to say to you in your month of July, that there will be much government issue happening. You will see extremism, not that you have not also seen it before, but more so now. As we said as the masses amass, there will be new voices arising. And there again is our air element. As these new voices arise, there will be other voices joining them, and as these voices join together, there will be more … we do not like the word upheaval, and yet that is how it will be perceived. Your voices cannot be stopped although many will try.

You will need to be cautious where governments are concerned with your fears in the month of July. There are many now looking at what has come about because of fear and what is being destroyed again because of fear, and what is being shifted and moved because of fear, and it is your governments, and that is all governments across your globe, no one is excluded from this who is using fear to rule their people. That will not be able to go on much past the end of your year. It simply will not be allowed.

So your month of July will be eye opening, and since we speak of the element air, we must also speak of the element of listening. Your governments will need to learn this. They do not do it now. So government in general in your month of July will be up against difficulties that they have not encountered for many, many years, if at all depending upon the country and the issue. And what they are coming against is the vocalness of the people. Again the masses are amassing. They will be heard on a vibratory level.

We advise that you gather as groups, not in a negative way, not to fight negative with negative, but in the positive peaceful way that has been shown by others who have come before you. You do not need to go into anything through anger, but through illumination. This is what your government is more fearful of than your anger for your anger can be fought. Your illumination cannot. So please remember that when the voices are rising.

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