Your Twin Flame and You ~ by Debbie Erasmus

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Twin flame reunionYou exist as one Being, one Soul, that has a female and male polarity, with exactly the same energy and signature, thus your energy is referred to as Twin Flames. You have existed always in divine harmony and bliss together. Your Creator did not create you to be alone. You were created with the perfect Divine counterpart, a Sacred partner or Twin energy that is your female or male Divine complement.

You and your Twin have the ability to take form in separate bodies or stay formless and experience the ecstasy of merging your energies together to experience Divine union by joining and becoming One. You have never been apart, nor shall you ever be. How can you be apart from your Self? The only way you can think yourself apart from each other is if you forgot who You are.

When you incarnated on Planet Earth, not only did…

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