Science and Medicine …. and Your Sun and Moon ~ The Many

Let us talk about your science and medicine.

Your science believes that, through its discovery, that all things are connected to all things. Yet they still consider astrology a fake science. They have not yet understood how the planets that can affect the Earth are affecting the humans upon the Earth. We would say this is narrow thinking, would you not?

So we wish to point out that your Sun will be creating many changes upon the surface of your planet, upon the people on your planet, within the people on your planet. This falls into your science as well as your medicine. As these changes are happening, we will say to you to pay attention to the Sun, for the Sun has a greater influence upon your Earth than you realize. Its influence warms your planet, which is then cooled by your Moon. For your Moon also has influence upon your planet. Even though it has not been measured, what do you call your tides?

So we will say your Sun and your Moon are bringing to your planet through science and medicine information about the physicality and how it is affected by outside things. The magnetic influence of the Sun upon the planet creates again air communication, creates communication to all beings upon the planet in ways they do not comprehend they are receiving. You have your own receptors to the Sun. It is why it feels good to be in the Sun for you receive information every time you allow it in. It is why you miss the Sun when you have too much rain. It is why the Sun has been worshipped through years and years and years for the Sun has great influence upon your physicality.

Your science will be discovering more about this. Part of it will be the communication problems of which we spoke for there will be issues. Part of it will be the physicality things that will be happening upon your planet. There will be mini breakouts of ‘mob mentality’ in places that will not be understood, and some of this can be directly connected to the influence of the Sun’s changes upon the earth place. We feel as if we are telling you a werewolf or vampire story, for as the Sun heats, the Moon cools, and even though you have lunacy connected to your Moon, there can also be lunacy connected to your Sun. So we will say to you when you see these pockets happening, to recognize it is a magnetic issue that will be calmed once the Sun is not influencing any longer.

The Sun does not only Influence while it is in your particular sphere of knowing. It is not always when it is up, we will say, for its influence upon the magnetics of your planet has nothing to do with whether it is in your particular sky at your particular moment. But we will say the Moon’s energy can calm often what the Sun heats up. Science will be understanding this in a new and different way in July. You may or may not see this coming through, but it will be there. It will also be studied by your medicine people for they will start seeing a correlation between certain actions and certain actions.

Again science must talk to all scientists. All scientists must talk to those who deal with science. So your medical profession, your light workers, your healers must be aware of what is being discovered, because often many of you need to have within your brains an explanation before you can allow yourselves to change it. Most scientists, when they say these things to you, that they have noticed when your Sun does this, that people do that, you can then recognize that as a healer you have within you the tools to change it, and not to think that you are stuck by your science any more. That is an old way of thinking – the old dogma.

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