The shifting concept of money ~ The Many

Where your Economy is concerned, once again there will be many shifts and turns and changes. Those people who have gone unpunished for creating some of the things they have created will suddenly be in the air again, we will say, going over the airwaves with reports being said of what has been happening. Some money has been hidden in ways that cannot stay hidden any longer, and when this information comes to the surface, and the people once again are hearing what is going on, what will happen in the financial community will be record breaking and earth shattering.We do love phrases that are dramatic, for that is how it will be reported. You will find within your financial sphere a sense that money can no longer be counted on, distributed to, understood by in the same way it has been in the past. A restructuring will be right on the precipice in your month of July. It will not yet happen, but the need, the understanding, the shifting will have its base in your month of July.

We say these things, again, not to frighten people, but you are all stuck in your thinking process that money is the root of all your thoughts. Even though you will not admit to that, it is true. For you think about getting the house when you have enough money to buy it. Getting the right kind of job that will pay you enough money to buy the house, getting the car that you can afford, when you are better financially to establish something else. Most of your thoughts revolve around the concept of finance. We are saying with this shift in the finance, you will also find a shift in your thinking. It will be difficult for your thinking is so truly embedded into your culture that it will be difficult to start seeing money in a new and different light.

Once again, since this is the element of air and what travels and what communicates, you will find that the concept of money will be debated many, many different ways, but its power is diminishing. Its power for the sake of having power because it is indeed money is diminishing. It will no longer be able to be worshipped as it has been worshipped in the past for again its power is diminishing. As its power diminishes, the financial sector of the world will be coming together in new and different ways, and seeing people as equals, seeing the population as equals. While others are claiming they have greater rights, it will not be true.

So once again your air, your communication will come into a great deal of use for your month of July.

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