Your hearts are vast spaces into which endless joy is about to flow

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The continual outpouring of Love now in progress on your planet is having a most powerful effect, an effect that has not yet been fully recognized even by some of the Light-bearers and wayshowers who chose to be here to engage with It and assist in bringing humanity to the point of awakening.  There is a lightness in the air, in the atmosphere, that is raising spirits even as the mainstream news media continues to focus on the dramas of conflict, political and economic instability, and accidents and catastrophes all across the world.  But there truly are signs – signs very visible to those who choose to see – of the rising frequency of humanity’s energy field as it moves inexorably away from the dark and into the Light, disclosing and undoing the secrecy and corruption that has for so long been endemic.

The Light is your Home; It is…

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