July Predictions concerning Air ~ The Many

JULY Predictions: 
We have been informing you of the elemental changes Gaia has been doing. In her elemental changes, she has been working with each of them in their own way, at their own speed. You had fire and water to deal with, and now wind will be upon you. Understand something when we speak of this, when we speak of air, it is not just the wind. It is the pollution. When we speak of air, it is not just the concept of smoke for it is all things that travel through air. It is your bird population. It is your satellites. It is your planes. It is all things that travel through air. It is your communication.

July will be the month of air issues, and understand that fire and water are not yet done, and by the end of your August, we will have all elementals working together. You are building up to the concept of what will be happening with Gaia in August, but in July what we will caution you about is air.  We wish to speak to you about air for many, many reasons. The first being that air is used as a communicator upon your planet. You transmit through air. In the transmission process, you will find there will be blockages.

You will find that not just from your computers and your phones and your televisions and your radios, but you will find also from person to person. It will increase the need to be with people versus the need to be away from people. You will have more difficulty getting your information … ‘disembodied’   than you will in getting your communication in body. This does not mean communication will go down, for you still need your communication tools for places like your Brazil, for places like your China for places like your Turkey. You still need these communications for places like your Oregon, which has chosen to burn the fields, but your general media is not reporting this. So you will still have communication, but it will be used for different things. It won’t be used as much for ‘hi, how are you,’ as it will be for ‘did you know this was happening.’  The ‘hi, how are you aspect’ will become more important one on one, and even though you have stated and many have stated that they do not want to be out in a crowd, one of the reasons you do not like being out in a crowd is because people have disconnected, and you have connected, and there is a disharmony when you are with those who are not connected.

These changes, these air changes, will start creating a connection in a different way. It will make it easier for those of you, who have had difficulty to be in touch again with actual human beings, but it does not have to be the human, it can also be of other species. You can also be connecting with the birds and animals and plants for they still live upon the planet and are part of your community.

We will also say as these air issues are happening, that you will see military issues happen as well. Things will fall from your skies. They need not create the havoc nor do they need to create the panic that some will like to put behind them.

There will be no explanations from a scientific level for some things that will be happening. We will tell you it need not be scientific, it need only be from a perspective of vibration.

The more you will understand vibration, frequency, resonance, sound, light, the more you will understand the happenings of your month of July. This is not a warning. This is not about making people freak out. This is about making them aware.

How foolish you have become as a species that it is more comfortable to be texting each other than to be speaking vibrationally to each other. This is part of the disconnection we speak of. You have reduced the vibration from community in such a way that it has fragmented connections. Speech will be important. Sound will be important. Listening to the birds, listening to music, listening to voice, listening to various sounds will be important in the connection again of community. It is not just about gathering around, although that is also good. It is about communicating, and even though you can do these things on your electronic equipment, and even though there is vibration connected to that as well, the greater vibration is through sound. The greater connection is through sound. The greater understanding therefore also will come from sound. Your voices will be more important than they have ever been before. You need to rediscover as a species how your vocalization is important to your survival. To speak passionately moves many. To write will also move but not to the same degree, so become more conscious in your month of July of the words that you use, of the words that you speak, of the sounds that you allow in for July will be about the element air. Understand also that air works with both fire and water, does it not? Air pushes fire along. It assists water as well. Your air element is something that is much larger than you have ever really thought about. So the air element in the month of July will be most prominent, and yet many will not understand that it is the air element that is indeed speaking, and as we said, your fire and water will not stop, but they will not be quite as prevalent as they have been.

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