Embrace the Shift from DOing to BEing ~ Archangel Gabriel

As you have travelled along your enlightenment journey, most human beings have gone through stages where they were absolutely thirsty for knowledge. They have read and studied, voraciously, educating themselves on all areas of spirituality. For many of you, this phase has lasted many, many years.

Dear Ones, know that you will come to a point where this learning phase will wane. This does notĀ mean you are lazy, or that you are “in ego” thinking you know everything! The learning phase is just that, a phase, and eventually it draws to a close.

Let us be clear, this does not mean that learning and evolving ends. What it does mean is the intensity, the driven energy of it, abates. The enlightening human being then enters a phase of applying the lessons that resonated and BEing.

When you are in the phase of BEingness, your life is navigated by flow. You rest assured that if there are teachings you require, you will be led to them seamlessly or the information will come from within. If you have entered this phase, see it for what it is – the next natural phase of your mastery. It is very calm, very balanced, very grounded and centred, in a place of acceptance. It embraces the Now moment, and understands that the universe will always provide exactly what is needed. Human beings in this phase often find themselves drawn to life’s simple pleasures.

So if you find yourself not finding anything to read that interests you, not being drawn to take any more classes, know that there is nothing wrong. You are simply shifting from the role of initiate to actuate, which is the next natural and honoured phase of your soul’s progression. ~Archangel Gabriel

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2 comments on “Embrace the Shift from DOing to BEing ~ Archangel Gabriel
  1. Sheena Ritchie says:

    I get tastes of this phase from time to time when I sink into my being and live almost as I did as a child for periods of days, weeks and even months, being very present in the moment and taking life as it comes like Winnie The Pooh. Then my voracity for “acquiring” spiritual understanding resurges and I find myself treading new and exciting territories as the answers I’ve already received take on new meaning and lead me to the next level of perception.

    The evolutionary curve is a spiral in my experience. Just when I think I’ve figured something out and I can leave it alone, I’m made aware that I’ve barely scratched the surface. I can’t seem to conjure the same satisfaction out of life until I’ve gotten to the bottom of whatever existential quandary I happen to find myself in. It’s that feeling of “not this shit again. I thought I released that programming or that manifestation.”

    But when I come back to my center, which I find is nestled in my heart center, I am able to embrace these contradictions within myself and enjoy the mystery of it all as new and deeper truths unfold in their own time. In this sense, I can never seem to find any solid ground to stand on with certainty, but I do not require any degree of certainty about how the universe works in order to have peace of mind. All I need is to come back to the stillness of my BEing, knowing that all is in divine order and trusting the universal flow.

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