The Road to Q’eros messages from the Andes ~ June 7 2013

munay  ~  unconditional love.. the love of creation.. expressed through humans it is the love accompanied by free will.

We have to decide to live in Munay.  We have to decide to keep moving through the painful stories that can keep us in the hucha, the heavy energy, feelings of anger and betrayal, sadness , grief etc…

It is possible to live this practice; to feel the feelings, identify them, see what serves you and then let it all go and all the while keep opening your heart. Opening your heart in the face of anger and betrayal and deep hurt for instance, now this is a practice, this is munay, and when we can do it so much more light enters the world.  So much more sami can flow through us. This does not mean allowing yourself to be stepped on and mistreated.. this is simply letting the feelings flow so that you can really observe the facts of a situation and take steps accordingly. and you begin to see that although one story maybe causing you pain in the present moment there are often other stories that are giving you joy.  Living a life of munay also includes deeply loving yourself.. rising up above drama and refusing to participate where it is created.. this is making a choice for munay.  It is a powerful, powerful practice.

This morning through the rain I am turning my face to the east, and remembering the feeling of the light of the sun filling my veins.. I am really allowing my heavy energy to flow through my feet into Pacha Mama, I am so deeply grateful for this life!!!!!

and with all my love and no fear and the deepest munay
I greet this day.

GOOD MORNING!!!!!! Good Morning, afternoon and evening!! no matter the circumstances. 


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