Major Choice Points, Collapsing Realities and the Movement Towards Shambhala.

The Shift of Time and Energy!


I use several words to pretty much describe the same thing, multiple times lines, multiple frequencies of earth, and sometimes just multiple earths itself.  Every version of earth emits a very distinct frequency coinciding with a energy collective from vast past, present and future timelines, and with that frequency comes the available lessons thru that version of earth.  Many are still clearing old karma, old energy, some however, have cleared all the karma and is becoming more and more imbued with the new energy.

To keep the understanding simple, lets just say there are 100 different versions of earth, each vibrating at a different frequency, each with learning lessons of their own… which is why we hop from earth to earth, to clear whatever we hold in that vibration, but we equally begin to clear that earth’s frequency as well.

Each version of earth has embedded in it, high vibrational…

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