Stressed? Tips To Keep Your Ego In Check!

worry distress.jpg 250x166 Stressed?  Tips To Keep Your Ego In Check!

You have been doing really well lately (if you do say so yourself), riding the waves of heart centred living and feeling on top of the world!  Then suddenly someone, or some situation bursts your bubble of joy *pop* – just like that!!!

 You are left with your head spinning, your ego has unleashed it’s wrath, and taken this glorious opportunity to push your heart aside in order to take over, “Yeeehaawww!!”

Your ego is back on the front burner, and it’s stirring up all kinds of scary emotions inside of you!

You thought you had it together!  Why is this happening?

First thing you have to do is not panic.  Step *away* from the ego nice and slow.  Take a good look at the situation as though you are the silent watcher over every thought, and every emotion, then breathe.  You do not have to lose your heart centre – EVER – even when your left sided brain is having a tantrum.
Especially when your left sided brain is having a tantrum!
I’ll share with you some tips to dealing with situations like this.   We have all been there, and it’s easy to lose control if we are not mindful.
 1. Take a closer look at the situation:
Step back and ask yourself -What is REALLY going on here?
Does this even have anything to do with me, or is it because I allowed another person’s lower energy into my field and called it my own?  Sometimes, that’s all you need to understand in order return to your heart centre.  This person’s energy has NOTHING to do with YOU.  Ask silently for protection from the Divine so their energy can’t touch you.  Send them your love, even if you feel they don’t deserve it, for you must realizes that they are Divine beings beneath all their human “issues”.  Doing so will also lift you up FAR above their negative energy.  You do NOT want to be there, it’s toxic to every part of your Being.  Then simply walk away.  If you can’t walk away from the person or situation yet, give yourself time.  There will come a day when your inner peace and happiness will come far above anything or anyone else.
 2. Fix the mistakes:
Sometimes there IS something more going on, something that YOU created and is now eating at you inside causing panic and distress.  You can’t concentrate and you need emotional support NOW!  Alright, again deep breathing is the key to keeping composure – breathe in Divine love, breathe out anger, anxiety, fear.  Then get to work at fixing the problem A.S.A.P!  If it’s something YOU did, make it better.  Come to terms with the fact that no one is perfect, that you made a mistake, or you handled a situation badly.  Then do what ever you need to do to let it go.  Doing so will release the dark energy that’s sitting in the pit of your stomach like a fifty pound weight, the root of your distress.  You will be happy you did sooner than later, because life’s lessons tend to repeat  themselves over and over.  Dealing with issues as soon as they come up is imperative to moving forward, otherwise you have one foot glued in the past and you wont get very far.
 3. Give it up to the Universe:
What if it’s something out of your control?  Then that’s just it, it IS out of your control.  All you can do is keep your heart open, send love to the situation for a positive outcome, and give all fears and worries up to God/source energy/the universe.  Time is a great healer in these situations but you can speed the process up by remaining in your heart centre, fully aware of your life purpose as a Divine Being.  You came to experience all the in’s and out’s this earth walk has to offer, it is what you signed up for (believe it or not).  Hold yourself in the highest regard and believe in the power of Divine love to get you through, but always remain in your heart centre!  This is the key to healing from any stressful situation in order to move through it.  You will not hear clearly the intuitive answers you seek when following the ego instead of the heart.
*Final Tip*
I have one last simple tip for releasing stress that has worked for me, and countless others I have suggested it too.  Mantra music.  Play mantra music throughout the day, or whenever you can as the words carry a very high vibrational frequency that automatically lifts the spirits and pulls you out of darkness.  The best part and the key to mantra is that it tricks our left sided brain into higher frequency thought pattens.  When the music has stopped you will continue to hear the words of the mantra in your head for days and days!  It’s literally replaces any negative thoughts or monkey *mind* business that can lead to all sorts of trouble.
This is my favourite mantra, feel free to give it a try ~ but I’m warning you, if you listen very often it may cause extreme bliss!
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